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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[music] Our numbers have grown beyond
wildest expectation, yet winter is nearly upon us. Only a city could hold us now. Let us honor the fallen
with future victories, and the blood
of Marcus Crassus. We’ll make final
stand against Rome. Many of us will fall, so
that all may live free. Whatever happens to my people, it happens because
we choose for it. We decide our fate. Hey,,
it’s Liam McIntyre from “Spartacus:
War of the Damned,” here to tell you about the
guy that changed my life, changed my training,
changed my shape. This is Tyrone Bell. Tell ’em a little
bit about yourself. I am the official “Spartacus”
trainer and I’m the man responsible for
what you see here. [music] When Liam got picked for the
lead role, he was what they considered absolute, super
talent in front of the camera. They weren’t 100% happy where
his body was, and neither was he. So they brought me in early,
what we call preproduction, and we started training with him
probably about 6 weeks out. And that was a mass
building phase. I didn’t care about cutting
up, anything like that. We had to pack mass on him
as much as possible in that 6 weeks. Because after that 6 weeks, he
had to go through what we call boot camp. It’s fighting, it’s gymnastics,
it’s getting him up to fight speed, and that basically cut
him up, and then we had to start the hypertrophy phase again
throughout the season. We fit workouts in where we can. Production tries to schedule as
much as possible, but it may be thrown. You know, they might finish a
scene early, and then it’s like, “Tyrone, you got half an hour,”
and that’s where I guess we had to develop efficient workouts
that would fit into time slots, and that’s where I came
up with a specific thing. The average workout we had was
20 minutes long, so I developed these 19-minute workouts, and
heavily hypertrophy-based, ’cause the guys had to look big. [music] We’re gonna blow up arms today. This arm workout comprises
of a number of supersets. We’re gonna be working these
supersets are compound and isolation detailing exercises. We’re gonna have our
mass-builders in there, like the easy bar curl, accompanied with
some detailing extensions, and you’re gonna find that format
the whole way through this workout. Finishing off with two exercises
that are gonna take you to absolute failure. But the most important piece
of equipment to this workout is this, the stopwatch. Every second is accounted for. One thousand, one hundred forty
seconds start as soon as you walk in that gym. So grab a stopwatch, let’s
get ready, here we go. First exercise, easy bar curls,
triceps extension with a chain. First superset is gonna be 10
reps, 10 reps, and what you’re gonna find is this easy bar, our
reps are gonna drop, while our reps on the extensions climb. [music] I actually came on in season
one, “Blood and Sand.” I came on as the
Crixus stunt double. Jumped on, starting learning
the fights, and it wasn’t long before I actually ended helping
the cast with their nutrition, their training. Next thing, I was in charge and
enforcing everyone’s nutrition and training. Immediately, no rest. Jump on here. Gotta hit 10 on this as well… [music] I just spent so long training
with Al Poppleton, who probably at the time very rightly
was like, “More is more. Just work till you can’t work
anymore,” and for where I was at, it was a really good mind
state to get myself into, but Ty’s like, “All right, if you
want to grow some muscle mass, we’re gonna have
to change this.” I’m like, “but no, no, no,
I’ve got this worked out. I know what to do. I’m just gonna lift more.” “No, no, dude. You don’t know what to do.” [music] Okay, set one done. We’ve got 45 seconds rest. What you’re gonna be finding in
this superset is the weight is gonna increase on the easy bar
curl, but your reps are gonna drop. On this one here, the
extensions, the weight is gonna go down and your reps
are gonna be coming up. We’re gonna move apart from each
other, but they’re working back to back, so you’re gonna get
a mean pump through the arms. All right. Let’s load this weight, ’cause
I’ve only got 25 seconds left. All right, this one here
I’m gonna hit eight. This one here, I’m gonna hit 12. [music] The reason we’re doing this
is so we’re getting that heavy hypertrophy on our biceps, this
one, and working a hypertrophy range with our triceps
a little higher on this. [music] Okay, my 45 seconds starts now. Remember, tempo is
extremely important. With all these exercises back to
back, every second’s accounted for. We still want that 2
seconds up, 1 second down. On this one here, 1
second up, 2 seconds down. Let’s load it up. I’m gonna have 6
reps on this now. I’m gonna lighten this,
and I’m gonna hit 14 reps. [music] The hard part for me every day
was looking at you training huge weights that I was always trying
to, like, match, you know, even though I had this
not-experienced body. That’s great as well. And normal people as
well, you have that goal. Somebody, you know, you’re
following might not be your training partner, but you watch
training videos, these guys, and “That’s what I want to be. That’s what I want to be
lifting,” and stuff like that. But, you know, you had that
in your corner every day. [music] This exercise one,
superset done. My biceps just went through a
heavy mass phase, which means we’re working in the
low hypertrophy range. While the triceps, we’re working
in the higher hypertrophy range. We’re now gonna swap that up. Next exercise is gonna be our
triceps gonna be working the low range, our biceps are
in the high range. The reason for that is we’ve
only got one workout a week that we hit our arms, 1,140seconds. This all comes from working
with the cast of “Spartacus,” in particular Liam, and when you’re
given 19 minutes to train him, you’ve got to be on par, so I
want the same from you guys. Count every second, follow this
to a T, and you’ll get the same results. [music] Welcome to exercise two. It’s our second superset. What we’re gonna find here is
our bi’s and tri’s, the roles are now reversed. Our triceps will be working
in the lower rep range of hypertrophy, and our biceps
are in the higher rep range of hypertrophy. Ten reps here, ten reps here,
and then we’re gonna work away from each other. So let’s get this under way. We’re gonna be doing some
skullcrushers with the tri’s, and be doing some cable
curls for the biceps. The common misconception
when you say, “We’re gonna be training 19 minutes and we’re
gonna put muscle on,” is, “Nah, it can’t be done. It’s not enough,” but it is. The proof is in the pudding. You look at these guys and
they’ve packed lean muscle mass over time, especially under
the workload that they’ve got. [music] It’s a long-term game. When we were, like, near the
end of “War of the Damned,” I started to go, “You know what? I do see what you’re seeing. I do see the change.” You know, it had been happening
for a long time, but I didn’t want to believe it, because I
was used to being the other guy. Have I thanked you for that yet? Use that 45 seconds rest
to load your weights up. Use some common sense. Make sure all your exercises are
close within each other in the same area, so you don’t have to
be running from one side of the gym to the other. This is what I’m looking
at, 8 repetitions here. My biceps, we’re going
to be going up to 12. [music] This also works for
the everyday folk. There’s people out there that
are super busy, family life, careers. If they follow this, they’re
gonna get the same benefits that these people who are shooting on
“Spartacus” with workloads that are crazier than theirs. [music] Okay, one more set to go. This is the failure
one, so let’s get to it. Last set. This entire arm workout used to
be Liam, his favorite workout. One of his body parts that
he lacked was the triceps. This exercise was our main
mass-builder for the triceps. [music] Ty’s the master of hypertrophy
training, I suppose, the hard taskmaster of
hypertrophy training. And I’m sitting there going,
“Oh, he’s massive, so this is actually gonna work out great.” You actually changed the way I
look at training and changed the way I diet and changed
the way I live my life. Straight away on to
your 14 to failure. We had to be training entire
time throughout the seasons, and the time frames we were given
for training, the workouts really had to be effective. They had to be very,
very time-conscious. [music] You’re gonna find you’re the
failure feeling different on each component of the superset. Here, you’re failing
at the heavy load. Here, you’re failing when the
lactic acid buildup is so great. So it is quite a
different feeling. You may feel sick, especially
with the high rep ranges, but this is where you cowboy
up and keep going through. Let’s move on to
our final superset. [music] This superset is doing two
exercises that are more focused in detail on the
tri’s and the bi’s. We’re gonna be doing reverse
grip here for our triceps, and we’re gonna be doing cable
curls for our biceps. Here, instead of working in a
pyramid, we’re gonna be working 10, 10, 10, the
whole way through. [music] The “Spartacus” world is these
gladiators that have to be aesthetically pleasing. They have to have the right
combination of lean mass and, you know, size as well. [music] Again, with the same format
of everything, you’ve got 45 seconds rest in between. The nature of these exercises,
you can’t lift that much. You’ve blown your arms out from
the previous heavy exercises. These ones we’re just
going for detail. Keep in mind, guys, tempo. Every repetition is about 3
seconds long, 2 seconds up, 1 second down. Explode through the hard part. One second, one, two. Every second is accounted for
in the duration of the actual repetitions. If you take too long or too
short, your 1,140 seconds is gonna be out of whack. You’re not gonna get this
workout done in 19 minutes. [music] I’m gonna enjoy that 45 seconds
rest, ’cause it’s over real quick. By the end of it, everyone
was just lining up. Like, I started off there,
and they’re like, “Oh, you’re training with Ty. Okay, sure, go have a good time. I’m going down to my gym.” By the end of “War of the
Damned,” everyone’s like, “Take a number, take a number.” That’s right. It’s funny, I was like,
“Stay away from my dude.” [music] Good news, supersets are over. Bad news, we’ve got two
stand-alone exercises that we’re gonna go to failure on each one,
but it’s max, so we’re looking super high reps. [music] Okay, guys, we’re approaching
the end of our workout. All the supersets are done. We’re now concentrating on
two exercises, two stand-alone exercises, one for the
tri’s, one for the bi’s. The little difference
here, there’s no rep range. You go to maximum failure. The first one we’re gonna
do is tricep bench dips. We do this one first because the
reps that we hit, you set the mark for your biceps. Because then we’re gonna pick
a weight that we’re gonna fail around the same rep range. I want to at least hit over 20. I want to blow my rep range out. Same tempo, though. It’s the only one, in 19
minutes, that there’s a little bit of leeway, ’cause I don’t
know how many reps you’re gonna do here. I don’t know how many reps I’m
gonna do here, so it can be a little bit under, a little
bit over the 19 minutes. Nutrition is hugely important. They have to have the right
amount of proteins in. They gotta have the right amount
of carbs at the right time to peak for the workout is
trigger recovery as well. Supplementation is
really, really big. I’m a firm believer in
supplementing with glutamine and BCAAs. We’re feeling the muscle. Lactic acid is building up. This is where tempo goes. Just get it out
and start pumping. [music] Make that one count, uses
that gladiator mentality. This is the one I used to push
Liam really, really hard on. In fact, this is the one I made
him throw up on himself and still made him keep going. [music] Bench dips, I’ve got
about 35 reps out there. Now, I need to take that number,
that 35, and transition that over into my biceps curls. I need to select a weight that
I can know that I’m gonna get around about that 30 mark. So you’re gonna be lifting
lighter than what you normally do, so check your ego. We’re going for maximum
failure in a high rep range. It’s what I call pump curls. One, two. To train these guys has
been absolutely epic. We’ve become a family. We’ve been 4 years together
training to put these guys through their paces every
day, and we build a bond. Now, this is the only one from
the start that tempo has gone out the window. It’s your last exercise. Time doesn’t matter now. I’m excited for you to be able
to do this workout with some of these people for Oh, I can’t wait to show it. These are the actual
workouts that I made you do. Yeah, just it takes discipline,
but it’s a realistic life change, and that’s what you
brought me, and I appreciate it so much. Go out and knock ’em dead, man. And that is the end of the
19-minute gladiator arm workout. Remember, this is only one of
the 19-minute workouts in this program format, but the key
principles that transfer over to all of them is time management. Each workout is 1,140 seconds
long, and every second is accounted for. For the full “Spartacus”
program, check out the page below. There’s also a chest workout,
back workout, shoulders, and legs, as well as the arm
workout that we just did. Training is only
one part of this. Supplementation and nutrition
are the key factors to making this work. Now, if you’ve got those in
check, you’re gonna get the results. A living testimony
to that is Liam. Over two seasons following this
exact workout, exact nutrition, he gained over 20
pounds of muscle. Now, if you’ve got any
questions, check out my personal website, For more “Spartacus” content,
check out We’ll make final stand against
Rome so that all may live free. Prepare the men for march, and
we’ll press towards Spartacus. [music] Whatever happens to my
people, we decide our fate. [music]

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