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43 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Motivation Training – GOD OF IRON

  1. Some awesome photos in there of Arnold at his peak. That's the body that inspired so many ppl to start training in the '80s

  2. great shape I dont care how big the bodybuilders get today Arnold looked awesome hell even when he was at the height of movie career in 80s early 90s he looked better just had the good shape.

  3. His best look was when he was late 30s early 40s. Commando, Predator, True Lies, Twins and that sci fi came out in 1990. 

  4. THE BEST BODYBUILDER EVE !!!! steroids doesnt mean shitt he trained he s ass 5 6 hours a day try it then comment 🙂

  5. This is a proof in reality that there are idiots around the world having no brain or sense! You can see them "disliking" this video!

  6. Arnold had the genetics,and a mental power second to none in bodybuilding.I think Joe Weider and Arnold were the true ambassadores of professional bodybuilding.

  7. The blonde in the yellow bikini was fine as hell. She could compete and then some with the "hot girls" of today. I'm sure that was a wig but at least she was slim and her breasts were natural too!

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