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legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Calum Von Moger legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Calum Von Moger is a dedicated young bodybuilder whose goal is to look like the golden era bodybuilders by his looks he looks very similar to the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Chest Calum Von Moger Back workout on gym Calum Von Moger Back workout Arnold Schwarzenegger ABS, thy, lages Calum Von Moger Chest legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Chest & byshape & strong arms Calum Von Moger back Calum Von Moger arms and byshape workout on gym Great Actors Arnold Schwarzenegger Byshape and arms work out on gym Calum Von Moger arms and byshape workout on gym Great Actors Arnold Schwarzenegger soulder workout on gym Calum Von Moger arms and byshape workout on gym Arnold Schwarzenegger back and chest work out on gym Calum Von Moger fitness model Great Actors Arnold was nice back like cobra Calum Von Moger has aesthetic body Arnold Schwarzenegger was a aesthetic bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger has beautiful body Arnold Schwarzenegger is great actor in this world. Arnold Schwarzenegger is, was , will legend Calum Von Moger is fitness model 2016 Calum Von Moger is arnold 2 Calum Von Moger Arnold Schwarzenegger was mr olympia

99 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Calum Von Moger●Fitness and Bodybuilding Motivation 2016●Aesthetic

  1. von mogen you are my favorite bodybuild and I want to know what i do and what i eat to a perfect body like you please give me types

  2. looks like he can be Arnold's son they look a like he would be the casting role for an Arnold bio pic.

  3. la gente que tiene buen gusto siempre preferirá a arnold que no a esas moles con barriga … cuestión de buen gusto.

  4. 2 cosas a rescatar, primero como la cintura de Arnold no existe, Calum es mucho mas ancho, segundo, se nota a legua que Calum usa insulina y deforma la zona abdominal, dando un aspecto de embarazado, perdón es lo que veo y soy libre de dar mi opinión, Arnold numer one and the best!! 💪

  5. Não nos tratou segundo os nossos pecados, nem nos recompensou segundo as nossas iniqüidades. Pois assim como o céu está elevado acima da terra, assim é grande a sua misericórdia para com os que o temem. Assim como um pai se compadece de seus filhos, assim o SENHOR se compadece daqueles que o temem. Pois ele conhece a nossa estrutura; lembra-se de que somos pó. – Salmo 103:10-11,13-14

  6. after seeing this bb I think he's got something in his pocket when compared to other bb when they are compared with Arnold I liked this one

  7. goddamn, this vid gives a perspective on ow great arnold was. just seeing calum, he looks phenominal! but in contrast with arnold, as this video shows, he is nowhere near him… legend

  8. even as it is if you compare those guys is clear that arnold is far superior on the uper body big time chests Arnold destroy him big time, arms Arnold is far better to but maybe only the legs he could be better but the rest he is amateu compare with Arnold

  9. calum is much more arm and shoulder dominant. arnold dominates from his chest and back. i personally prefer arnolds physique without the usual "how could you caompare this guy to the god of bodybuilding" type of comment

  10. Calum is such an Arnold wannabe that he even copies his bad grimaces when lifting weights. its all fake pumped up steroid abuse. they risk an early grave from heart disease. bad role models to young kids out there who see this.

  11. I think Arnold is the most awesome bodybuilder but Calum has worked very hard to get his goals by himself so why not i believe he will become a legend too

  12. A lot of you guys fail to realize that the comparison isn't just because of their muscularity. They also look alike, and have similar accents.

  13. Crappy music, but nice editing. 70s-era Arnold was the best he ever was (bodybuilding-wise) and Calum is incredibly similar to his physique!

  14. Even Calum uses more drug than Arnord Arnorld still get bigger arms, shoulder, a 2× chest compare to Calum

  15. Bodybuilding today has taken things far. Bloated, unsymmetrical, not proportioned. Classic physique is what resembles bodybuilding back in the days of arnold but they are not even close to him

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