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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’m a sponsored
athlete for Adidas. I’m a celebrity trainer. My clients include people like
Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson, P. Diddy and some of the world’s
biggest professional athletes. I’m the CEO and
founder of Clutch Bodyshop. My mission is to change the way
you think about your body and what is possible. I’m Ashley Conrad. The belief behind the Clutch
System is really just to–well, there’s a few different things. One is, is that
clients are never resting. They’re just never resting. So as opposed to programs where
you go in, you do a set, you rest 45 seconds, that,
for me, is out the window. Whether I’m having to shred
somebody down or build muscle, so I’ve had clients come to me
and they need to get ready to play an action star in a movie,
my methodology is completely counter to what
most people would do. They’re moving the whole time
which is the only way I’m able to get their body to
build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. It’s also, for me, a situation
where I want to get the most out of them in the
shortest period of time. So whereas a lot of programs
will take an hour and a half at the gym, a lot of times clients
for me are only working out 30 minutes. Because for those 30 minutes,
their body is at maximal VO2 levels. After 30 minutes, they’re done. And they can’t do anymore. So really it’s about time
management and it’s about the way that I structure
different exercises together. When I was training to be
an athlete, I didn’t use any equipment and they were the
hardest workouts I ever did was just with my own body weight. When I became a trainer I
thought, you know what, I want to train people like athletes
and with that being said, I can use anything. I can use a boxing bag, I can
use a medicine ball, I can use one set of dumbbells. Anything that has any sort
of weight to it and a body is enough equipment to complete any
workout that I’ve ever created for a client. My theory behind that is if you
can’t move your own body, you’ve no business trying
to move weights. If you watch any person, most
people if you have them just hold their hands above their
head, they can’t even hold their hands above their head
for more than 2 minutes. So for me, then, having somebody
go into a gym and doing crazy shoulder presses which is just
gonna continue to shorten the muscles that are prohibiting
them from being able to hold their hands straight above their
head, doesn’t make any sort of sense. So I like to build. I think of it as almost
like building a house. And I think many times people go
into a gym setting, they have no idea where the
imbalances of their body are. They have no idea
where the weak parts are. Weak points, rather. And then they go in and they
start throwing around all these heavy weights. Well, they’re just
perpetuating the problem. So for me it’s really about
identifying those weak spots and then using your own body
to correct those spots. And for me, I can build muscle
on somebody without equipment or I can go into a gym and use
heavy weights if necessary but I can honestly say, in almost all
cases, every client I’ve ever transformed for a movie, I’ve
never had to set foot in a gym. Every program I build for
somebody is actually completely custom. But it follows a
certain protocol. The first thing I look at is
actually not somebody’s body. The first thing I look at
is what their lifestyle is. And the reason I look at that is
because if I need to take them from point A to point B in a
short period of time, I want to know immediately what their
hormonal balance is of their body. So if they tell me, for example,
“I just came off of a movie. We were shooting nights. I have been really exhausted. I’ve been feeling exhausted all
day and I’ve been working out 2 hours a day trying to get my
body in shape,” to me that says–that screams, “Okay,
this person probably has adrenal fatigue. Their cortisol levels are
probably all over the map which is then gonna suppress their
growth hormone and testosterone levels which is gonna make
my job much more difficult.” So the first thing I want to
look at is what’s going on inside this person’s body
because if I can fix that first, then the physicality of what
we’re about to do is going to be accelerated. The results are gonna come a
lot faster rather than saying, “Okay, I need to build out your
shoulders and I need to take your waist down. Okay, let’s do this.” Our bodies are
designed to survive. So if you’ve been putting it
under an immense amount of stress and then you go in
and throw in these exhausting workouts on top of that, a lot
of times it’ll work against you. That’s why a lot of times I’ll
have clients that will come to me and they’ll say, “I’m
working out 2 hours a day. This is my diet,” and most of
the time they’re not eating enough, “and I
literally can’t lose weight. I’m gaining weight.” Well, that’s because your
body is–you’re actually working against your own body right now. So the first thing I do is
look at what their lifestyle is. Then I go in and I
design a nutrition plan. And a supplement plan because
without the nutrition and the supplement plan, the exercise
doesn’t really matter, right? And then based on that, how long
we have, I’ll go in and design the workout
portion of the program. The first thing that has to
happen any time you want to dramatically transform
somebody’s body in a short period of time safely is you
have to remove the stumbling blocks. And what the stumbling blocks
are, are the toxins that are slowing the metabolism down. So this is something that
I think is one of the most overlooked areas of fitness. If you look at how the body
actually works and the liver being kind of the garbage man
of the body, processed food, stress, sugar, coffee, alcohol,
prescription medication, all those things have to be
processed by the liver. Now you throw all these things
at the liver at one time, it actually slows it down. Your liver is responsible
for controlling metabolism. So for me, the first thing I
have to do is purify the body. That is step one, regardless
of the person I’m working with. I want to get rid of the toxins. So the first thing I do is
put them on just a couple of detoxifying supplements and
along with a, like, mandatory gallon of water a day which, you
know, most people would say in a program is extremely important
because water is gonna help flush everything out. But the other things I do are
having them add about two lemons to their water a day which is a
natural diuretic and a natural cleanser. So instead of having somebody
take a diuretic that’s gonna dry everything out, I’m gonna use
something that’s gonna naturally cleanse out the organs
of the body as well. And then, the next step of that
is dealing with their lifestyle. So I think that whether you’re a
celebrity or a business person, professional athlete, everybody
today is just pulled all over the place, like, we never
actually take time to just sit and be still. After the initial detox and
cleansing, things are moving faster. Your metabolism
is moving faster. You’ve gotten rid of a lot
of the initial water weight. Now a lot of times, people
say, “It’s impossible to lose 10 pounds in 10 days.” That’s true. Ten pounds of fat in ten days
can be impossible to lose, but what I have found in my
experience is when people are eliminating toxins, things
that are, like, stuck in your stomach, things that your body
has just held on to, when you release all of that from the
body, the weight that people lose, it doesn’t come back
because that weight was being held for a reason. The cleansing is step one. Step two then is then you
get into the intensive part of working out. [music] Back when I was at USC, we
started doing all this really heavy powerlifting, right? Which they said was gonna
help us with sport, whatever. So there I am, like, hang
cleaning and squatting, like, 285 pounds and bench pressing
190 and I remember going through this whole 4-week training
program and then we had to go out to the track. And going into USC, I was–I
mean, I was like a freak of nature athlete. Like, you put me out on a track,
I was fast, I was agile, I could run for 2 hours at a time,
like, you could not exhaust me. So I’d go through this whole
camp of all this heavy lifting and we’d go out to the track and
we had to run 400 yards and I remember about being about 200
yards in and thinking, “I can’t move and I’m out of breath.” Like, I had put on so much
muscle and my body looked so strong and if you took me in the
weight room I was strong but I couldn’t even run
around the track. And so knowing that feeling,
then going into training clients, the most important
thing for me is not just to make them look a certain way,
but to actually make them be legitimately–almost feel
like a deadly weapon, you know? Because that’s a
psychological aspect that’s so important. It’s one thing to look, you
know, ripped and big and all of that but if you can’t actually
use it, if you could get your butt kicked by somebody like me
with one, like, ninja kick to the leg ’cause you can’t
actually move, it doesn’t make
any sense to me. And so, you know, in my training
I train people who are fitness models or they’re bodybuilding
athletes and I’ll go through some of my training workouts
with them and, like, 3 minutes in, they can’t even lift a pair
of, you know, 3-pound dumbbells. And to me that says, okay, we
have to kind of evolve things in a way that makes sense
for the body, you know? Because in that,
there’s so much power. There is so much power in not
just looking a certain way but knowing that you’re powerful and
that you can move and that you can run and that you can jump
and you can punch and so often I see these overbuilt bodies and
they can’t even get their arm all the way out to
there, you know? So it’s like, okay, you’re gonna
have all this muscle but if you get into a bar fight, what are
you gonna do, nothing, you know? So, you know, when I’m working
with somebody like Bradley Cooper for A-Team, the most
important thing to me wasn’t just to build his body out,
but–and I with all my clients is to also take them through a
psychological transformation where they are the strongest
that they have ever been. And that comes with being able
to move and being connected to your own body and
being able to move. [music] So keep going
to We’re gonna get you the tools,
the weapons, the content, the truth that you need
to make that change. And we’re gonna do
everything together. And it’s gonna be fun.

48 thoughts on “Ashley Conrad’s 21-Day Clutch Cut Training Program – Training Overview –

  1. Didn't even know about her till today @ I'll be sure to look her stuff up (as you say). She makes alot of sense and and seems to get to the root of many things. :-).

  2. Some of the girls in this video have better body than her. She's saying all these fitness things as they are so complicated. Lifting heavy weights making ur slower and non-flexible? There's a lot of other athletes/bodybuilders who train with heavy weight and still have the pace and flexibility. Make it simple. Eat clean. Train like athlete.

    The fitness thing should be your lifestyle, consistency and dedication for entire life not just 21-day program.

  3. She made the 21 day program to help people reach SOME goals un 21 days like she said on the other video herself and other celebrities/ATHLETES use her program to make sudden changes in their bodies. She never said become healthy for 21 days. LISTEN PAY ATTENTION THEN SPEAK.

  4. Athletes workout all the time but they come to her to get a new exercise regimen and change their bodies.

  5. oh but i can run for two hours, not at full speed, and not without some heavy breathing but my weekly run used to be two hours, all running is replaced by mountain bike rides now for the moment

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  7. starting week 2!!! upping my weights. such an awesome hardcore kickbutt workout . love the sprints 

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  9. if u get into a bar fight … nija kick… u don't train to beat people ….if u want to , go train some martial art ..getting in shape have nothing to do with 40 % of what you say , you are just trying to convince people to get the mothefucking program .. fking pathetic

  10. Truly amazed to see any haters on Ashley. She obviously practices what she preaches. I'm using her program- and I've NEVER seen results come faster. For those who say she isn't saying anything new- all I can say is "TRY HER PROGRAM" and then we'll see how aloof you are about what she says.

    And saying this is all "common sense?"

    Kinda like saying, all you have to do is go to medical school, do 8 years of residency, and you'll be rich.

    At least LISTEN to what she's saying before dismissing her. She goes to a level most personal trainers don't. I've been working out 20 plus years- so I actually do know what I'm talking about.

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