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Park Sung Jung people call him Asian
Ronnie Coleman because he’s also managed to combine bodybuilding and a job of a
police officer great physique of a police officer attracts a lot of
attention of people in South Korea but we also live in the era of social
networks popularity of parks young quickly grows around the world recently
bodybuilding has been gaining momentum in Asian countries now they even have
bodybuilding competitions for police officers or parks young is holding
leadership some years in a row in addition he has participated in local
and international tournaments of IFBB Pro League among the best athletes of
Korea parks young is not thinking of having a career of a professional
bodybuilder now his main goal is to make bodybuilding more popular in his
homeland and a huge public attention to his person in social networks shows that
he’s doing everything right Parks Young says that the job of a police officer is
much more difficult than daily workouts in a gym and proper nutrition every time
going to a crime sites we never know what to expect my life is not a
Hollywood movie and the job of a police officer is not romantic at all I would
have a calmer job but many of my relatives were to police so this is in
my blood and I can’t imagine myself on another place said Park zone as the most
famous Korean policeman parts Jung is very popular among local TV stations and
the press he takes part in various shows and photo shoots so he has enough money
to live Bodybuilding requires significant
investments in great knowledge parks Jung advises to pay attention to the
Jim as well as to the intelligence development in general the job of a
police officer gives Parks young all sorts of benefits and insurance rather
than earnings in addition he works as a fitness and fitness bikini trainer for
women and also offers online consultations in Instagram Parks Young
is a very pious man he considers his success as a God gift he also thanks God
for his failures which cannot be avoided because they are necessary for us to
become strong if the dreams of each person came true there would be only
athlete singers and actors in the world from the beginning it is necessary to be
ready to leave parks Young has been ready for this and considered his
failures for granted he has spent 12 years working hard in the gym and
experimenting in his body to find what works best for him rise of Asian cuisine
combined with high-quality meat has a beneficial effect on the growing body of
the Korean super top he has already been noticed by muscle and fitness and muscle
mag magazines and parts young appeared on their covers he says he does not see
anything wrong if the man strives to be big and strong but he believes it is bad
if a man wants to be glamorous and sexy people often ask parks young about the
steroids and he answers that everybody decides themselves whether to do
steroids or not and they should not wait for his advice launching parks Young’s
videos you may think that the only thing he does in a police station is eating
instead of fighting against criminals in fact it is not so after doing his
routine job of a police officer marks young continues to live the life of a
bodybuilder he explains he has a cooler bag with him and he needs six time today
strictly according to the schedule he sleeps seven hours and trains five
times a week Park sung Young never looks for exotic
training system he sticks to a classical but everything is up to genetics parks
young is proud of having no injury during all these years of training to
prevent sprain to the muscles and Desmet as he regularly has massage and sauna
especially in the case of shredding when the body is dehydrated and weak this was
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  1. 4:00 what u mean with genetics u stupid asshole genetics doesnt mean he can be big easy

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