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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello my name is Dr. Jeff Golini and
welcome to another episode of Ask the Scientits. This show is about
busting myths and bringing the truth. Anyway I get lots of questions about
Kre Alkalyn and the one that seems to be kind of a common denominator is how
does buffered creatin Kre Alkalyn, actually improve stability and overall
results. Sometimes out there you know all the different creatine hype is very
confusing now let me get something straight a product that has 35
ingredients in it and one of them is creatin my have beta-alanine, glycerol,
you-name-it, caffeine, Argentine, tyrene that’s not a creatine product that’s a
pre-workout that might be a post-workout could be a weight gainer. A creatine
product is creatin by itself my philosophy is if you are going to mix your creatine with anything else that means it doesn’t work. Kre Alkalyn is sold as a stand alone
so you gotta remember that creatin mono hydrate is the granddaddy of all
creatin the most researched over the years everyone knows it has a flaw it is
not stable once it hits solution instantaneously it starts to convert to
creatinine.Creatinine is a bio waste it is toxic is not good for you so you
don’t want to be ingesting creatinine when you’re taking the creatin product.
Kre Alkalyn fixed that flaw. nothing more it’s simple yet very
complex so by alkalizing buffering that creatin during the manufacturing process
I was actually able to get that conversion to creatinine to stop. Therefor, when you are
taking Kre Alkalyn you are ingesting a stable form of creatin so that just
makes sense that if you’re starting with something stable you’ve got more that
will be delivered if you’re taking something that is starting to converting
creatinine have less that is delivered. Because its stability I also found that you don’t
need to load you don’t need to take these massive doses of a creatin
product Kre Alkalyn 1.5 grams two capsules is a great dose.
Now we’ve also learned over the years since I introduced this back in 2001
that every three hours three and half hours you can replenish that 1.5 grams
so for people who are more professional in their athletic or their their
training or your potential athlete you can take a couple of 2-3 doses a day
spaced out. The whole idea that you’re consistent to use it everyday but for
most of us who are just looking to feel good get in the gym 1.5 grams. Anyway
hope that answers a lot of your questions about you know what makes Kre Alkalyn buffered creatin stable and what makes it different. Anyway you know what I like to
say you should never buy a horse you until you’ve rode it. So do not go buy Kre Alkalyn until you’ve tried it you heard me right. I’m telling you don’t by it until you try it. Send me an email, I love to send you some
free samples to try out I don’t care where you’re at the world I will get
those samples to you and you can always find Kre Alkalyn almost anywhere in the world and
if you can’t you can always email me direct and Ill find you a store. Anyway thanks for watching I will catch you later.

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