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Alright, good position or bad position? Good or bad? It’s perfect. Here’s why: Alright, so CL Smooth is down here at the bottom, he is ass to grass—how hard are you working right now? Not very. Not very, take your hands off that stone. Beautiful, OK. So here’s what I’m interested in, we don’t have to go ass to grass, but if you are—you can drop it now, relax. You don’t have to go ass to grass, but if you fnd yourself in a workout where you need to take that extra breath, getting ass to grass is a good comfortable position for you to take five breaths, relax, take your hands off the stone, you’ve done the work, now, the interesting thing is what is his only option from that position? Ass up, what does that do? Loads the hamstrings. OK, it loads the hamstrings. it drives the whole system. So he’s down here, the butt comes up, and then he powers through the middle. So you don’t have to get that low, but it’s really not a bad position either. OK? We’ll get one more rep in.

2 thoughts on “Ass To Grass – CrossFit Strongman

  1. That is not a good position. You arms should be over the stone and ready for loading stone. second being that low will cause you to not explode the stone as high and cause you to work harder to load. If you are not a pro or trained and made pros don't teach how to load stones.

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