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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s going on nation? I have a real special treat for you guys today We’re going to be doing a full body at home barbell workout designed to boost your metabolism And keep your heart rate spiked throughout the entire day now for this routine you’re going to be doing five exercises [you’re] not going to need much Weight for this routine so even though it’s a barbell workout the max are going to need is probably 45 s on each side The way this routine is going to work is you’re going to perform each exercise For one minute and do as many reps as possible then you’re only going to take a 30 second break in between Exercises and I’m going to do the whole first round with you guys I want you doing a total of five rounds, so let’s take a quick look at the exercises and get started [alright] guys, we get started with the circuit I got my timer on remember you can do as many reps as you can in one minute Take a 30 second rest in between each exercise And just do as many reps as you can if you have a hard time And you struggle don’t worry the more you do this routine the better you’ll get at it 26 not a bad first start got to push through guys gonna burn gon’t watch the clock either focus on your reps barbell bench up next get your position 30 reps Guys bend over as far as you can Don’t stand up straight. Especially when you get fatigued keep the form Yeah, belly button every time I think I did 36 Now the upright row you guys gonna be wondering it’s pretty random exercise tossed into the circuit I just want to work on my traps That’s pretty much the reason behind it traps need some gains Shoulder width grip on the bar. You [don’t] mess up your shoulders 25 reps Then plus 20 on every single exercise Then I go for my deficit You guys can do Just straight off the floor if you [want] you’ll have to do a deficit deadlift I just been doing a lot of conventional and rack pulls this week, so on to deficits 25 Got [+20] All right, so that’s one round You guys want to take your results for the next level. I want you to do four more rounds as many reps as you can Always trying to beat your score. So make sure you keep track of it. I’m going to go throw up, so Make sure you do Keep those natty gains coming and as always More good stuff coming soon See you guys If you’re looking for our website that lets you build your own profile interact with other community members Log your daily meal plan and add your own custom foods Find the exact Routines you’re looking for to reach your goals on a weekly basis New recipe ideas to help improve your meal plan and you enjoy learning new things to take your workouts to the next level Join, what’s your maximum output?

100 thoughts on “At Home FULL BODY Barbell Workout! (INSANE METABOLISM BOOSTER!)

  1. Hey, Scott your videos are awesome , i was wondering could you make a playlist of workout music from what you use in your videos , thanks:)

  2. My fav 5 are 1 min each as well but more muscle grips hit. This is not a bulking workout so why not hit more areas in the same crazy workout lol
    Squat to military press thrusters
    Push-ups while bringing an alternate knee to elbow
    Dead lift to arm curlBent over rows (same)
    Round done
    Proceeding to puke lol

  3. I'd like to see you do the whole five rounds instead of just talking about it personally you looked fairly fucked up after the first round

  4. I'm a woman and I did this workout.I obviously can'tlift as much as Scott but I got through this with a 40 pound barbell. #scottrocks

  5. Damn this Scott is a beast, sweet Boston accent, and has a physique that I am envious of. If I was gay he may be my type, unfortunately I'm as straight as my spine is throughout my deadlift.

  6. When u say "AT HOME", u should not use these benches and barbell holders. no one has them at home.

  7. When he said "and you're not gonna need much weight for this retinue" then said 45 on each side and you're a beginning lifter that has 25 on each side ( ._.)

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  10. so vocal, my room mate actually thought i was watching discovery channel of the mating habits of the silverback gorilla while listening to rock and roll.

  11. Hey Scott Herman. For 1 that is just starting out trying this Barbell Squat, Barbell Bench Press, Barbell Bent-over Row, Barbell Up-right Row, Barbell Dead lift. Like you said 1 minute to do all 5 exercises and have 30 seconds of rest between them. How much weight should 1 use if 1 is just trying this out for the 1st time?

  12. at home I only have one barbell so I have to set up the barbell for the next change, unless I use the time of rest setting up

  13. Can I do bicep curls instead of deadlift because I live in an apartment and the neighbours won't be too happy about that

  14. My mom threw away my protein and pre work out away because of a stupid CNN article about bodybuilding. Stupid fake news man. Now I’m spending way more money on packets because they’re easy to dispose after use

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