Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

For information on medications that I want
to take my ultimate port of call is the ASADA website
for checking my substances. I will also probably consult my dietician, my strength and conditioning trainer, my doctor, just for general
advice,but the ultimate cut off comes at the ASADA website. Supplements is one of those really risky things
and I actually tried calling up ASADA and saying
“hey guys can I take this” and they are never going to guarantee anything
because once again because although that product may be fine
they can’t guarantee that what might have been made on that same track
previously isn’t contaminated You can’t really take anything
unless you have checked it in case it has been made
even if the actual supplement is ok and it has been made in the wrong factory
or something. Any substances or any supplements that you
take are at your own risk
even if there is things saying on it that it is 100%
or even ASADA or even Netball Australia will say it is 100% our own responsibility
for what we put into our mouth so try and steer clear of anything like that Sometimes it is a little bit difficult
because you have vitamins that your doctor may recommend
like fish oil tablets but a lot of supplements don’t accurately
list everything that is in their product
so it is hard sometimes. I guess if you just use common sense. I reckon the number one thing that
I think is important is that supplements are not going to win you a gold medal.
It is so much better to learn how to train well, train better, train harder learn more about your sport, be a student of your sport; that’s your priority. If you are investing all your time
in the best supplements to take you don’t have your priorities in the right
area. Not all athletes need to take supplements
even at the very top level of Australian Sports not all athletes take supplements.
Some of our greatest athletes get by on good nutrition,
good training and good sleep patterns You can get the best advice possible,
you can look a product, you can try and make some decision about the company,
how reputable they are, whether they have good manufacturing practices,
you can read the label, you can talk to a sport nutritionist or sport physician
who can give you some more insight but at the end of the day it is the athletes own
decision But I still don’t think you can rely on
anyone because if someone tells you something
then they could just not be worried so much as you
and then they just said the wrong thing and then you take the wrong supplement
and the next thing you know is you tested positive. When it comes to if you do decide you are
going to use a supplement be so careful. There are so few things that
I would even consider looking at. Something off the shelf I wouldn’t even
think about it. I am in the fortunate position of being an
Australian Institute of Sport athlete, I have access to dieticians there, there is
no way I would take anything that wasn’t approved by the dieticians
and the sports med department and even then I’d have serious question marks
over whether I would then take it or not, it’s too big an issue. But at the end of the day you are responsible
for what you put in your mouths so there is no pointing the finger, no innuendo
of someone else or blaming any one, you know what you put into your mouth so if
there any second guessing or thought processes maybe it’s a bit wrong
at the point in time don’t do it. Don’t, don’t get scared when you are taking
that pee test because you know you may have done something
wrong accidently. ENDS

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