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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, guys! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX
for Women and today we’re doing a back and arms workout. So we’re going to grab a little bit heavier
weight, a little bit harder, and reduce those reps down, and take breaks in between. So
our first one, we’re going to get triceps, kind of warm up our arms, upper body. You’re
going to grab a BOSU, or even a long step. You’re going to go narrow hands position,
plank, I’m going to go elbows in, and drive it up for eight. So each one of these exercises
we’re going to keep at eight just for the fact that we want them to be harder, and heavier.
More tension on the muscle group. Two more. Last one. Good. Okay, so our next one we’re going to
use one dumbbell. I’m going to flip this guy over and I’m going to be in a plank position.
I’m going to do eight rows on one arm, then I’ll switch. Okay, so nice, tight plank, row
it, I barely tap. You don’t have to. You can keep it up off the ground. Seven and eight. You’re going to really feel
that one in the abs, too. Switch sides and row. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three,
two, last one. Nice. Okay, next one. We need both dumbbells for eight of these. I’m going
to go bent over rows into a rear delt. You’re going to go row, come all the way down,
rear delt. Row, squeeze the back, rear delt, triceps and upper delt, row. Nice. You’ve
got four left. It’s a combo so this one’s a little more challenging. Two more. Up and
row, squeeze your back. Last one. Row rear delt. Excellent. All right. So our third exercise. I’m going
to give myself a little more room. All right. Use these dumbbells. Widen the feet, we’re
going to kind of combo it here. Palms in, palms up, arms in, throw the weights over
your shoulder. Row it. Kind of like you’re chucking a big bale of hay right over your
shoulder. Row it. Four each side. Almost there. Two
more. Chuck it. Last one, chuck it over the head. Okay. Next one here, hands are super
narrow inside the blue hole as we go to presses here. Almost kind of like diamond pushups.
Eight. Pump it. Seven, six, five, four, get those triceps,
squeeze hard, three, and squeeze hard, two, flex, and all the way up at the top. There
you have it. An awesome back, bicep, and tricep workout that will give you the back and arms
that you’ve been looking for, especially when summer’s coming. If you want to see more programs just like
this one go to ATHLEANXX for Women to see more awesome workouts that you can do at home
with home equipment and get you the body you’ve always wanted. Give me a thumbs up here, comment
below, and join me next time. See you!

27 thoughts on “Back and Arms Workout for Women (TONED & SCULPTED!!)

  1. your arms are goals, your body is goals, your personality is so nice and controlled like the moves
    new year's resolution and fitspo in one
    I'll be back for more ;^)

  2. Don't you like working your butt?
    Almost perfect body… you're just missing the most important part!

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