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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s going on guys? We are at Ironclad Fitness Studio in Roselle
and today we’re hitting back and biceps. So we are hitting five serious exercises with
four that focus on back, one on biceps, and just like chest day, we’re focusing first
on building with strength, so lower rep ranges longer, rest times, and we’re going to gravitate
more towards hypertrophy and then a nice burnout set at the end. So I’m ready to jump into this guys and
yeah, let’s get in there. Alright guys, so first off back and biceps,
we‘re doing power sets, four sets of seven to nine, wide grip lap pull-downs, really
focusing on that contraction, keeping it tight and once again it’s going to be power. So we actually going to have longer rest times,
anywhere from two minutes to two minutes and fifteen seconds. Alright guys, so next up we are doing one
arm alternating lat pulldown machine – very good exercise for really growing out the outer
portion of your lat. So I’m alternating one arm at a time going
for four sets of nine to twelve – so a little higher volume here, keeping rest times at
anywhere from a minute and a half to two minute. So really aiming for that slow contraction
– like I said guys we’re going for a bit more hypertrophy. Alright guys, so
exercise number three is iso-lat row machine. Once again we are going to isolate and do
one arm at a time, going for nine to twelve reps, really focusing on that contraction. So make sure you don’t just pull the weight
up and then just drop it. You want to control it on the negative portion
of the movement, so we’re really, really building out the rear portion and center portion of
your lap. So a great exercise, and rest times are going
to be anywhere from a minute forty five seconds to two minutes. All right guys so exercise number four we’re
doing T-bar rows, right over here. So we’re going for higher volume this time,
twelve to fifteen reps with a minute and half rest between sets. And you’re going to drop set the last set. So we’re going to do four sets, drop set on
the fourth set, and we’re really focusing on higher volume and a bit more hypertrophy
so you’re definitely going to get that pump. So last but not least, I like to round things
off with a bicep exercise. Recently I’ve actually been suffering from
a forearm injury so I shifted over to band movements. But normally I would either do an EZ-barbell
movement or just a regular dumbbell movement where I’m alternating left and right bicep
holds. So for this, you’re focusing on higher volume
so I’m going anywhere from 12 to 15 reps per set, aiming for four sets and going for a
rest time of anywhere for a minute thirty to a minute and 45 seconds. So at this point your biceps are going to
be pretty pumped because we’ve been hitting our back pretty hard, and this is just really
to finish off the pump with some high volume exercises. Alright guys back and biceps done. Absolutely gassed right now, definitely feeling
a pump and for days like this I normally carb up hard the night before because you’re
definitely going to be burning when you come into the gym. So just to recap, we did five exercises where
we start with power and we slowly gravitate to more volume, and we build up the pump and
focus the hypertrophy. So hope you guys like that and tune in next
week where I’m covering I think it’s going to be traps and delts.

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