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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

My name is Albert Dervishaj, otherwise known as Kosso. I am 21 years old. Besides bodybuilding I make music. I started training at 14 years old. Ever since then I’m always at the gym. Today I’m four weeks out for the Dutch championships. I’m in the bodybuilding junior and minus 100 class. Today I will show you how I train my back. I always start with pull ups to get loose and warmed up. There are two ways to do this exercise, you can stretch your arms all the way, or not, to keep more tension on the muscles. I do them both, but today I chose to keep more tension on my back. The next exercise is this one. I start with the back of my neck. Mostly for thickness and a bit for your lats. I try to stretch my arms as far as I can to make sure my lats stretch out as well When I pull it down behind my neck, I try to hold it for one or two seconds. This is the third exercise. Don’t ask me what all the exercises are called After training for seven years I just know them. Names are not important. It’s about how you do them and how you look. This exercise is for the thickness of your back I like to switch bars every so often. The exercise just now was more of a wide bar. For behind the neck there is a thinner one. I pull it to my chest. With some exercises I like to end with a drop set. That means starting with a heavy weight and immediately after you keep on going with less heavy weights until you reach your limit. Moving on to the next exercise. With this exercise I focus on the lats to shape my back. I did the first few exercises with a cable. That is why I chose to do this one with loose weights. It is not important to look how heavy you are lifting. We aren’t power lifters. The point is to that you do it well and feel it in your muscles. Iike I said, I have been doing body building for seven years now. I train five to six times a week. During my prep, even seven times a week. It’s something I like to do and it keeps me happy. Next to that I do competitions, because I like doing them and hopefully to become the Dutch champion. Eventually to even go international. This next exercise I do below hands. This is mainly in order for your lats to come up from under to get a nice v-taper I do a lot of exercises for my back as you can see because the back is very large. You have got the upper part of the back, the lats, the inside, and lower back. Four exercises simply aren’t enough. Usually I go for six or seven exercises to cover every part of the back. I like to take a lighter weight at the end to really get it going one final time. This next exercise is carried out with an upperhand to really build mass in your back. You cover a large part of your back. I like doing this one every time I train my back. Like I said before, I’m four weeks out for the Dutch championships. That means I’m on a diet and have to be in competition shape in four weeks. It is going in the right direction. Today is a low day. Which means almost no carbohydrates, but a lot of protein. Because of the small amount of carbohydrates, you have less energy and strength. So today I’m less strong. What I’m trying to say is that nutrition is the most important of all in bodybuilding. If you want to build muscles and get bigger your nutrition has to be on point. That also means that you have to sleep well, have your training in order and take the right supplements. Most important of all, make sure you are eating right. The second to last exercise is the dumbbell row of which I happen to know the name this time. Usually I do one or two exercises where I train my back with only one of my arms. Today it is this exercise. It can be done in two ways. Pull it straight upwards or with a curve. I decided on the curve for today. To train the back from below. In other words, work you way up from below. I’m often asked how I combine bodybuilding with music. It’s actually very simple. My meals have to be ready in the morning and go to my mother. I have to schedule three to four hours a day to train. The rest of the day I have time to be in the studio and make music. That is what my day looks like. We have arrived at the last exercise which is the deadlift. I do this one last because if you would do it at the start, you would lose a lot of energy. And the other exercises would not be performed at 100% It is important to hold the bar with one hand below it and one above to get a good grip and perform it well. Make sure to keep your back straight during this exercise. Because it is a low day I’m not taking too much weight. But that is not important, it is all about the performance. Because of experience, I react best to the advanced post work-out from XXL I take it because it contains everything you need after a heavy work-out. You don’t have to add or mix anything, it simply contains everything you need. I hope you enjoyed this video. There are more to come. Subscribe to the XXL nutrition channel to keep posted. See you next time.

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  1. De mensen die op kosso haten kunnen niet praten want kosso is breed en jij wordt bang door een sheet ha S.O naar albert.

  2. Begin met deadlift met normale grip ( dus 2 handen zelfde kant op, niet reverse zoals kosso) is beter voor je onderarmen, als je zwaarder gaat kan je reverse gooien

  3. Hilarisch hoe sommige kids commenten alsof ze mr olympia zijn. Hij is on juice maar so what? De dude moet even hard werken voor de gains💯

  4. Hij is sowizo heel gespierd en sterk, maar naar alle jonge boys je gaat nooit zo als Kosso eruit zien op een natuurlijke manier. Hou daar rekening mee hij neemt steroids dus kan hij sneller spiermassa bijkregen. Wie zegt dat hij niets neemt weet duidelijk niets van bodybuilding lol

  5. In ze raps praat ie helemaal anders in het echt is het een rustig type maar in zn tracks kan ie je onthoofde😂

    Keep up da good work kosso❤🇲🇦🇦🇱

  6. “Nu doe ik deze oefeningen, en dan gaan we deze oefening doen” leer ze aub uit je hoofd ofzoiets, klinkt totaal niet professioneel.

  7. Wat gek is dat ik pas sinds gisteren weet wie Kosso is. Ik zit niet in de rap scene. Houdt er wel van hoor. Ik ken H-Flava persoonlijk die woont ook in de buurt. Kosso blijkbaar nog geen 10min van mij vandaan. Woon echt onder een steen man. Haha. Ik wil wel les van hem krijgen. Ik train al een tijdje maar zit vast in progress.

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