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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

We’re at Golds Gym Venice Beach with
the legend Charles Glass the Godfather we’re gonna hit back today so let’s see what
he throws at us when you start throwing weight around what happens you end up
getting an injury what you want to have control control the muscles contract the
muscles squeezing right here it’s going through the upper lat down into the
lower part of the lat end up squeezing through here correct way of doing it it’s always to
try to pull your elbows toward the front so that you go through the lats most
people pull back so they only use took the upper part of the back which means
the upper traps the rear delt and the mid trap that’s it they never get into
the lat even when they pull to the front is the same thing they always pull
the elbows back which they’re only working the upper lat they never worked the full
lat for bodybuilding they say most shows are won from behind and legs obviously so but
obviously keeps like overall thickness and then having a small waist it creates
like a wider illusion so definitely really important all right here we go
elbows going through the front there we go
turn it thats it dip the head pull squeeze right there that’s
it come on yeah and one more perfect now we gonna work the upper back upper lat here we go chest out there you go if it’s rear delt
you’re gonna be up here towards the top now are you pulling rear delt mostly but
the minute you start to drop the elbows you take it off the rear delt
we’re not up here where we’re gonna hit rear delt we drop it down about here so
that we engage most of the lat and mid back last one last one perfect it’s called a low
row hammer machine and but we don’t sit we’re gonna just drop the seat down
feet all the way out grabbing towards at the bottom pulling so it becomes a rowing
machine for us but we hit the lower lat really well because they’re gonna
stretch us out now arch your back see now we get more of the lat and more the
back cover see there you go come on good perfect there you go compound movement don’t
mean you throw a lot of weight around we’re just doing compound movement
that’s all so you can do compound movements and still go a little lighter
and get strict form and get the same thing out of it see the stretch now there you go stretch
now pull good stretch really contracted the scap come on there you go good throw that chest out good that’s it stretch a little better
stretch more stretch that’s it good that’s it really pop it back come on pop
it back there you go now you’re doing it come on good – one big one perfect when
you start throwing weight around what happens you end up getting an injury
what you want to have control control the muscles contract the muscle
squeezing you know but if you just throwing heavier weight it doesn’t mean
a lot to me I like to have control of the weight contract the muscle working
all the fibers through the lat come on do it hold it down there
for a second there you go yeah we gotta learn how to feel that muscle
what I normally do I’ll touch what I want you to feel it that way it’s
triggers in your mind where you gotta try to feel it every single time stop good stand up face that way
do a double bicep see now you know why we work it see we’re targeting on that
back hey Muscle & Strength that was my back
workout we focused mostly on contractions covered every single part
of the back make sure we’re hitting every single angle I said Charles is big
on form and big on mind muscle connection when we train the back please be sure to
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98 thoughts on “Back Workout | Charles Glass Trains Errol Moore at the Mecca

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  2. Muscle & Strength is the best creator for bodybuilding, if you like videos with FEMALE BODYBUILDERS please visit my channel

  3. All this guys can be beaten by mariusz pudzinowski. Do a video on pudzinowski please
    5 time world strongest man

  4. Behind the neck pull downs, sind doch super schlecht für die Gelenke und die Schulter, hat man mir gesagt?!?

  5. i bet his back wasn't even sore the next day from all the "strict form" and "squeezing". this bullshit is why paul dillet had a shit back.

  6. I do behind the neck lat pulldowns a different way. I don’t put my legs under the pad, I actually have them behind me and I’m basically laying on the pad almost to get a strong arch in the back.

    It gives a really good contraction

  7. Very awsome back workout i had my back and biceps work out yesterday. Today i am resting. I am feeling so much pain on my back. But no pain no gain. And lol i ate chocolate flavour ice cream again today at my friends place.

  8. I don’t know about Glass, but you don’t build a back without heavy tbar, heavy dumbbell rows, heavy seated rows, heavy bent over rows, and heavy deadlifts. All of these sissy exercises takes away from the hardcore old school training.

  9. Why is there no swinging + yelling? I get the image that pros need to so that everything else is to natural

  10. Awesome video As I said this trainer knows how to make them work!
    Do alot of these athletes swim afterwards or relax in the pool?!

  11. CHARLES GLASS IS A LEGEND! Not only as a BODYBUILDER, but now as a TRAINER!!! 👏👏👍👍💪💪💪

  12. As soon as I saw the behind the neck pull down, I cringed. A bunch of those cable machines even have a warning on them now to not do that.

  13. American Equipment is amazing. In Australia most of the guys just use barbell and dumbbell movements because our machines are useless or just as good with tension feeling.

  14. Charles Glass is a legend no doubt! I'm about to study this video and use what I learned to progress on my fitness journey! Thanks for sharing your wisdom 🙏🏾💪🏾

  15. Glass is the Coolest Trainer Nowadays at The Mecca is going to Help The Blade to Win the Big O …this Year!!!Keep the Good Work!!!

  16. Is Charles Glass still training Shawn Rhoden ? He hasn’t been in any of Stanimal’s recent
    videos since Shawn Returned back to the gym.

  17. Well, "Charles Glass is the best Trainer in the world! Period!! " – Dexter Jackson. My 2 favorites ever !! BTW, Killer sound tracks. 😀

  18. I want Charles glass to be my teacher… So that I can become a world class trainer like him…. What to do

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