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And… Action Ben, Welcome to the Manchester Giants Live Tour, How were your preparations? Errr, I had 2 weeks notice! Luckily i was in the middle of prep for another comp so you caught me at a good time! I done Britain’s twice now, and I’ve improved dramatically Tomorrow for me is gonna be seeing where I am up against the best in the world ‘cos that’s where I’m looking at going, I’m looking at going to world’s. Make some noise for Mr Ben Buuuuuuuning! On the whistle… And away we go! Brunning fighting that bar up and Manchester reacts to the Welshman! How do you feel about that start here in Manchester? I feel actually amazing, the crowd’s awesome! Ladies and gentlemen, he’s started well, done Wales proud, Mr Ben Brunning. Ben Brunning came in here with a really quiet, methodical approach but I can tell you this, he is making the hair stand up on the backs of some of tonight’s favourites. He really is! Very very strong competitor. Great start from Bishop, but I’ll tell you what Ben is right there with him and this is nip and tuck as the Welshman is starting to fight back! Brunning could have something special as he goes over 40 you can hear the Manchester Arena start to react now because they can see that The Badger is closing in on the leader and he’s closing in fast! I was nodding like, ‘I might have the world record here’ as soon as that thought came into my head, it just slipped out of my hands! Was it the power of The Badger or the power of The Welsh Dragon? Oh definitely The Welsh Dragon! There it is! Ben Brunning! He enjoyed that and so did we! What a performance from Ben Brunning! So ladies and gentlemen as per World’s Strongest Man rules if there’s a draw is done on the fastest stones In third place… With 45 points… Representing Ukraine, Oleksii Novikov! The next of our athletes came in with no hype, no reputation and no expectation and yet he is the runner up in the World’s Strongest Man Tour Finals 2019 representing Wales, raise it up for The Badger Ben Bruuuuuuuuuuuuning! I almost never invited him, he won the Official Strongman Championships I didn’t want him to come and be put off because the lineup was so good And here he is getting 2nd place! Brilliant, what a story! I was going in to fight for third place and then stones went really well so then I thought I was third and then I got called out to be 2nd and I was just like ‘What’s going on? This is unreal!’ It’s just a surreal feeling and I haven’t stopped smiling since!

19 thoughts on “Badger bites back! Welsh Strongman’s shock result in Manchester against World’s Strongest Men

  1. I love this kind of guys, humble as fuck and get the job done. This is why i love strongman, you never know whats going to happen

  2. I'd only heard of Brunning once before on the UK scene. Incredible how he came to Manchester with a line up like that and came second. Really made his mark

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