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Hey, what’s up Nation? Today We’re going to be comparing the hex bar deadlift versus the barbell deadlift and if you missed my last video in the VS. Series where we compared the close grip bench press versus weighted dips I’ll put a link down to that video in the info section below Now aside from wanting to be a straight beast in the gym lifting loads of weight on your deadlift Pulling power is also greatly related to sprinting and jumping ability and no lift builds this kind of raw power Better than deadlifts, but if your goal is purely overall power Traditional Barbell deadlifts may actually be holding you back This is because unless your technique is 100% perfect You could be bringing more of your back muscles into the movement if you’re extending your knees, too Early when this happens not only are you at our major risk of a back injury But you also greatly underutilized your hip extensors as well, remember guys if you’re dead lifting And you’re not feeling your glutes and hamstrings activate chances are your form is off and you’re missing out on all kinds of gains that could be happening So to fix this and focus on the raw power that the deadlift can bring to your gains You should try using the hexagonal bar or the hex bar for short when using the hex bar You’ll instantly be able to put yourself into a position that places less stress on your spinal Extensors and brings the load of the way closer to the midline of your body which will give you more power right from the start of the movement Remember when you perform a Conventional or sumo deadlift the Barbell is in front of your body at the beginning of the movement This means that when you pull the weight off the floor you have to not only pull it up But you also have to pull it back at the same time in fact This is usually why most people end up hurting their lower back it’s because to perform the Conventional deadlift or sumo deadlift you’re already beginning the movement with your centre of gravity being thrown off a bit and pulled forward But with the hex bar from start to finish your body is exactly where it needs to be to apply as much Force as possible to lift as much weight as you can so if you’re not competing power lifter where you have to lift conventional or sumo and you’re looking for a way to vastly increase your overall power and strength with deadlifts then you should definitely switch it up and try hex bar deadlifts And I will also recommend that if you’re a beginner and have access to a hex bar that you start with this Variation as well to ensure that you’re engaging the correct muscles to perform the lift I’d also like to mention that if you have back pain when deadlifting But really love dead lifting then you should definitely switch to the hex by because it will greatly minimize the stress Placed on your lower back now go get those deadlift gains nation and be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you learned something new Hit that like and subscribe button for more great content and if you’re looking for a new full 12 week program To build muscle and strength check out my 12-week transformation challenge The link is in the info section below and the entire program can be viewed on my new phone app as well And it’s pretty sweet. So make sure you check it out and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

14 thoughts on “Barbell VS. Hex Bar Deadlift- Which Builds More Power & Strength? | SHOULD YOU SWITCH?

  1. Thank you so much for this video!!!!! It gave me some seriously positive validation that I needed to keep progressing.
    I've been cycling through RDL's, Traditional & Sumo Deadlift, Rack Pulls, and Hex Bar Deadlifts for the past few years. I'm good to go on all, UNTIL I hit about 255lbs. There I find my lower back takes the brunt of the lift and I end up with a sever strain. Only the Hex deadlift allows me to go past 255…way past 255 with no issues, and I feel full posterior chain activation with it as well. Also with the Hex bar, if I approach a weight or rep that I can't handle, I know it right away and stop, whereas on the others I can grind through despite compromised form. I love how the hex bar instantly puts and keeps me into the correct form for the lift.

  2. old video but I'll give my two cents.

    when I was 20ish I was stronger and I recovered from injuries faster. Less was at stake if I did.

    now I'm 34. despite lifting weights for years and knowing the theory of proper form, I don't lift enough to do it well. my form probably always sucked, but now if I do it shitty I pay for it.

    it's a bitch to get the hex bar, load it up and put it away ( unpopular exercise at a small gym ) but you know what?

    being injury-free is a priority now.

  3. I can confirm. I've loved deadlifts for over a decade, but 10 months ago, even with many many years of safe deadlifting, I hurt my back severely. Herniated disc and sciatic pain for over 10 straight months. Its not worth the risk. We all hit the gym hard, and we all get away with "poor" form when we get tired a million times….until we don't.

  4. I tried both out of curiosity right now i can put out 235 on the barbell, but with the hex i can jump right up to 270 and my goal is to hit 300

  5. Great video i did injure my back on Deadlift, my bad form did it,🤬 now its fixed im on the Hex bar and lovin it.👍🏻💪🏼

  6. You’re using high handles which makes the exercise less effective because of the reduced range of motion. This is exactly why I believe telling people to use a hex bar for deadlifts is irresponsible because they will probably use high handles.

  7. I have short arms. I got tired of swinging the bar away from my body to avoid ripping my dick and balls off. I switched to hex bar.

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