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(work out music) Barbie: Oh good, I’m done with the bike. Now for some weights. (work out music continues) Now for a refreshing shower, after a healthy start to my day. Hi guys! Other Barbie: Hi! Did you just get here, or are you leaving? Barbie: Oh no, I’m leaving. You’ll get the gym all to yourselves. OB: Have a nice day! Barbie: You too! OB: I call the bike haha! Ken: Okay, I’ll lift some weights. Storieswithdolls: Hi boys and girls!! Today I have these two Barbie toys! I have the Barbie workout center, and this
workout Barbie! These are classic toys. This Barbie is from 1983, and the gym is from 1984, so they were released a long time ago. And this is a very special Barbie, because
this is the one they used in Toy Story 3. Here and on the back it shows us all the workouts she can do. Friends, this Barbie came out 33 years ago! So 33 years ago, this was considered very
flexible for a toy, now the new workout Barbie is a lot more flexible than this one. So let’s open the gym and the workout Barbie! We’re going to compare it to this one and
take a look at the differences! (music) Let’s look at the flyer to take a look at
the Barbies they sold during this time. And I’ll show you if my mom had any when she was a little girl! Here we have all the dolls in the workout
collection. More Barbies. This is the one my mom dreamed of having. It was called Crystal Barbie. My mom said looking at it now she thinks it’s really simple, but back in the day she thought it was extremely elegant. My mom had this one. (music) Let’s see what else. She had this one. Okay let’s see… no, none over here. She didn’t have any of those. She also didn’t have any of these. (music continues) Oh, Haha! This used to be Skipper! Now she has dark hair, but before she was blonde. And that’s all for the flyer. And now let’s take the Barbie out of the
box. She comes with this gym bag for when she goes to workout. Ooh she comes with these ballet slippers. And she comes with this flyer with all the
moves she needs to practice. And she comes with this gym bag. She comes with a ponytail, but after more
than 30 years the hair tie broke! So I’m going to have to put a new one on. I’m going to put her ballet slippers on. And now, let’s open the gym! Here are the lockers. And on the back there’s a full length mirror. And it comes with a bar so Barbie can practice her ballet moves. And we can put these shelves in the lockers. And here they can put their shoes, their bags, their jackets, and anything they bring. And it comes with stickers to decorate the locker! Friends I’m surprised these stickers are
in such good shape! And over here I’m going to put a poster
that says “Get into Shape!” Now we’re going to build this exercise
machine. And now we’re going to put this to hold the weights. And now let’s build the bicycle. And then we have this bed to lift weights. It also comes with this towel, that I’m
going to put here for now. And it has two weights that we can put here. And now let’s remove this protective film
from the mirror. And Barbie’s gym is done! Here on the back it tells us everything she can do, so we’re going to go in order. First we’re going to ride the bike. Let’s put on the seatbelt. We turn this, and Barbie is riding the bike! And here on the screen we can even see her progress! And now we’re going to try this one! Which is lifting weights with her feet. In order to do that, we have to make a small change here. We have to take this one off, and put this
one on instead. We attach it to her feet. And here’s Barbie lifting weights. The next one is Barbie with the locker. She’s very tired, and Barbie has begun to
sweat so she’s going to take out her towel. (music) And now that she’s wiped off, she’s going
to work out again! And now she’s going to do exercises that
strengthen her arm muscles. (music continues) And now, let’s take a look at the next exercise. She straps into this seat, and she tries to
lift all her body off the ground while only being supported by her arms. And the last exercise we have is lifting weights. To use the weights we take them out of here. And here we have Barbie lifting weights. And now, how about we make her do all these exercises that come on the box? And we can compare her to the 2016 Barbie and look at the difference. The first move is tendon stretches. It’s easier to position the other one, because this one bends. But once they’re done, both look similar! The next move is sit ups! And for this move, this one wins because we can’t make her arms go behind her head. She can only do sit ups with her arms in front of her, and this one can do sit ups with her arms behind her head. Let’s go Barbie! Work those ab muscles! Now scissor lifts. Let’s position her. Okay, now let’s see how this one does. The legs on this one look straighter than
her legs. But this one looks more realistic with her
arms on the ground. (music) And now we’re going to put the more realistic one. Haha for this move I like the more realistic one because you can put her leg against the floor. And for this one it stays above ground,
you can’t put it all the way to the floor. Boys and girls, if you’d like me to use
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