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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello guys My name is Dawid Geler Trec Team Athletes and I’m former Irish bodbuilding overall champion What would be the best supplement stack for the beginner? Well guys, keep It simple. Definitely the protein shake would be help a lot. The protein is the main source to build your muscles To loose weight. So that will be probably the best first choice to go. Then It’s all depends. How is Your diet look like? You know because We supposed to pick the right supplements for Your own needs. If You basically trying to loose weight and If You struggling to have regular break between meals to the day If You not eat enough, If You don’t have enough time The Whey Protien shake will help You. To have like a extra meal replacement also after the training You can use and helping You to recovery If You trying to gain weight maybe the whey protein shake wouldn’t be the best choice, because is very low calories Something what would be lot better for You. It will be kind of bulk product which is 50-50 carbs and protein. or even mass gainer If You are typical ectomorph with the fast metabolism. What else guys would You be looking for? Definitely I would be highly reccomended some good multi vitamin stack for me vitaminium C, B complex, magnesium Those are crucial vitamins and minerals. Around Your training You can thinking about some good amino acid stack. The BCAA powder or capsules form I prefer to have a powder form and drinking during the training. The leucine which is the one of those 3 BCAA’s amino acids. is crucial. It helps to synthesis protein so basically whatever You will be drinking after training whatever You’re gonna eat after the training will be absorbed lot,lot better So You can get more benefits for Your workout. You’re not wasting Your time in the gym. So 3 supplements guys. Remember about that. Whe protein shake or whey gainer, multi vitamin stack and some amino acids. Guys If You would have any more question leave comments down below and stay tuned for the next time.

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