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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys what’s going on in this video we’re going to compare weightlifting working out in the gym and calisthenics which also goes by the name of street workout we are not going to compare them by strength mobility flexibility or anything else we are only comparing them when it comes to building muscle mass hypertrophy training I’m also going to give you some tips on how to make the most out of calisthenics before we begin please keep an open mind while watching this video it’s not meant to disrespect any sports or any person and I know there are people who workout outdoors and don’t like gym goers or vice versa so please no arguing in the comment section on which is better who’s more flexible who’s stronger or anything like that this video is for educational purposes only so without further ado let’s dive into the topic let’s start off with the fact that I did calisthenics Street workout before I started going to the gym and I still sometimes do also in my opinion everyone should be able to do a few pull-ups push-ups dips before even thinking of starting going to the gym now let’s mention hypertrophy training which is basically training with a goal of gaining muscle mass and the perfect rep range for gaining muscle mass is between 6 to 12 reps now this doesn’t mean that if you do less or more that you’re not going to gain muscle of course not it just means that the rep range I mentioned is the most optimal for a person whose main goal is gaining muscle mass just like someone whose main goal is to gain strength and is training within the rep range of 1 to 5 reps or for someone whose main goal is endurance and perform higher reps having that said let’s first talk about bodyweight fitness it’s extremely beneficial at first when you’re still weak and you can do all bodyweight exercises keeping it between the rep ranges of six to twelve reps and going almost or completely to failure within that rep range but as you work out longer it just gets easier and easier so the problem is that you’re going to be able to perform way more reps than twelve with your own bodyweight so when you go from being able to perform fifty push-ups in one set to sixty you are not going to get a bigger chest you’re just going to get better at doing push-ups and you’ll have better endurance but as I mentioned we’re only focusing on hypertrophy training in this video so these things don’t interest us now how can you stay between the rep ranges of six to twelve reps while still doing only bodyweight exercises you can do tougher variations of an exercise to make it harder for you the only problem with this is that although there are tougher variations of an exercise that does not mean that it’s going to be more beneficial for muscle growth like it stuff is helped to do a back flip but it doesn’t mean that if it’s tougher than doing a set of eight reps on the bench press that it’s more beneficial for muscle growth two completely different things that’s why it’s a very good idea and I’ve seen it a lot recently to start adding additional weight to all of your bodyweight exercises when you get strong enough that’s a great way of producing constant muscle growth while still staying loyal to the pull-up bar now we’ve determined that it’s far more beneficial for your chest growth to add ten pounds to your benchpress and perform the same amount of reps you did before with ten pounds less staying between the rep range of six to twelve reps then going from being able to perform 90 bodyweight push-ups to a hundred per set now why is it still better or at least more convenient to go to the gym than to add weight to exercises like push-ups pull-ups and dips simply because you are not able to target every single muscle or at least to focus on it more by isolating it for example when it comes to care statics not much work is done by the lower back traps lateral head of the shoulders and more those are the first that pop in my mind but when you go to the gym you can target each muscle for different parts of the muscle with a variety of exercises that’s why a fitness competitor mr. Olympia competitor could never prepare for a competition with calisthenics in conclusion Street workout and bodybuilding are two different activities when it comes to many things but when it comes to gaining muscle and size weightlifting is much better or at least more convenient I’m not picking sides I’m just stating the facts we should all train according to our goals and if your main goal is gaining muscle mass then weightlifting is a better choice just like gymnastics are better for flexibility and functional strength but anyways that is it for this video guys I really hope it was helpful thank you all for watching and if you’re new to the channel make sure you join the team by clicking the subscribe button for consistent weekly content with all that being said I hope you all have an amazing day and I’ll be seeing you all in the next video

17 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BARS | Why Weightlifting (BODYBUILDING) Is Superior To Street Workout (CALISTHENICS)

  1. I believe it's best to do both. Weight lifting tops body weight for building muscle, especially at an advanced level. However they should still be done and incorporated into a strength building program to ensure the body and CNS can continue to perform movement patterns correctly and in some instances better when additional body weight exercise variations are added. Great video.

  2. just came across your channel. really like what i see man keep it up! you are so young i can see you going far!

  3. Nice vid bro I left a like! If you've got a minute please check out my transformation video on my channel! Would mean a lot

  4. I also starter To do streetworkout before I was going To THE gym but I gott THE problem in THE gym THE explosiveness with you get by streetworkout

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