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Hey, guys! Today we have a bit “unusual” training. A battle just filled in the training… A battle between two “testosterone” athletes. They will perform the very “stregth” exercises. It’s 1 RM squat. And the second exercise where they will see who is the strongest is 150 kg×high reps One guy…Yaroslav…is a…crossfiter… …from the american football… Yaroslav Dopirchuk, 26 years old, 100 kg, 183 sm Crossfit and American football player. We’ll have a battle with Maksym in one exercise…two modes. Best achievements: “Best RB of 2014-2015 in Ukraine”, “American football bronze medalist 2012-2013”. Ah! And… Crossfit champion of Ukraine (cat. “AMATEUR”) And another guy is an ex-Olympic weightlifter But as there are no -ex among the Olympic weightlifters…A weightlifter. So, today they will have a battle. Strength vs Endurance And we’ll see who is stronger. And, of course, we’ll have an interview about how do they feel after today’s battle. Maksym Alekseev, MS in Olympic weightlifting. PR: 160 kg/190 kg PR in back squat: 230 kg*2 Deadlift 220 kg Height/weight/age Weight – 94 kg Height – 178 sm 25 years old I think I won’t concede in “high reps”. Regarding “1 RM” – it’s gonna be a hard battle. I will win in “1 RM”. I’ll have to show my character in “high reps”. Now about the rules in detail. Exercise #1: Olympic weightlifting squats the full squat 1 RM Exercise #2: high reps Rest in the highest point not more than 5 seconds. Yaroslav promised to do 150 kg×35 reps and after that… We’re about to start and guys don’t know that one more exercise is prepared for them. Exercise #3 You don’t know what is the exercise…exactly. You’ll have #1, #2, and #3. Because one winner in the first one, one winner in the second one, and we’ll know the winner after the third one. snatch… If one person wins twice – than we don’t really need the third exercise. I’ve just changed winter tires to summer… and I see now who I should have asked to do that. 190 kg – normal weight? …normal… …regarding the fact he’s American football player They’re…they’re…”dead’;-D Here…here’s a guy who will show the school;-D Once my coach said a man is considered to be a man after 100 kg we have 200 kg they are man…twice as much… A bit unusual sport for him… because he got used to play in a team when he can relax a bit when others work)) And now he understands that he’s responsible for himself. Well…okay..we’ll help him)) …I am just..shocked… This man…just jokes… ..I just don’t understand that… Well…220…not now) Okay…ROUND II I remind you the rules: barbell – 150 kg / 330lbs each Athletes should do as many reps as they can. And now…the FINAL ROUND! Well…wait…we have to decide who is the strongest)) Do you know what is it gonna be? Everything’s fine) Just fine) Maybe one day I can…but not now) According to the results in 3 rounds and…just now…a counterquestion… The tasks were adequate and right? Fair? I think yes. I didn’t expect the last one. I thinl he didn’t expect that too)). Any way it’s exercise for Olympic weightlifters,but..It’s fair any way. Is that an Olympic weightlifter jumping?)) …a “horizontalbarman”…somewhat… Ok, according to the results in 3 rounds Maksym won, 2:1 His squat max – 220*1 And jumped…? Thanks for a fair battle, guys. And please..let’s go there..for the doping control… Doping? What..?;-D Are you ready to compete in future? Sure. In what competition? In any! The same movement… With a ball;-D ..high reps bench press.. …and 1 RM bench press… Ready to bench press? ….ah….no;-D Olympic weightlifters don’t do bench press) It’s an excuse. I will compete (y)

64 thoughts on “BATTLE: Weightlifter VS American football player / A.TOROKHTIY

  1. Во втором управлении недоседал футболист – вот и выиграл.

  2. Очень интересный выпуск. Все честно, все упражнения. В американском футболе, как и в тяжелой атлетике, очень важна взрывная сила.
    Смотря такие видео понимаю – в чем разница между просто хорошими спортсменами и олимпийским чемпионом. =)

  3. Алексей,вы замечательный спортсмен и обаятельнейший человек! Спасибо за ваш канал, успехов и здоровья.

  4. Aleksey Torokhtiy very good vid we want MORE =) best vids.. But i gotta say that Amercian footballer didn`t even go down half the length of the OLY lifter i mean imagine if the OLY lifter did half squat like that..

    When you do ATG Squats they`re between 60-70% heavier vs half squat shit LOL =)

    Next time find 2 objects with identical heights then place the object behinde them and let them sit down until they hit the same depth =) just sayin

  5. футболист лучше дышал между повторами, если бы штангист не торопился присел бы больше. а прыжки в высоту штангисты всегда у всех выигрывают, они бы еще в толчке и рывке зарубились)))

  6. Жаль, нельзя поставить два лайка) Парни очень круты, форма отличная! Алексей, спасибо за видео, мегапонравилось

  7. Американский футболист халтурил во втором раунде.))) Явно недосед был. Вообщем жульничал.) Тяжелая атлетика рулит. Если разобраться, то во всех трех раундах выиграл Макс.))

  8. Really impressed with the football player's output on the high rep squats. He gave his nut for the last couple of 1rm attempts. The weightlifter was clearly stronger, but they both showed great sportsmanship.

  9. Это типа норм, что в кросфите нихрена не страхуют на максималку и штанги через голову скидывают?

  10. Ребята молодцы и виден труд над собой что бы соперничать) НО тяжело атлеты поглумились над футболистом.. как Торохтий подкалывал)) Конечно все любя) Но упражнения не сильно справедливы) И парень футболист в силу уважения банально не мог протестовать. А так все перцы)

  11. Во 2 раунде я бы поспорил, тяжелоатлет приседал намного глубже и соответственно тратил намного больше сил.

  12. so yaroslov plays football in ukraine? they have professional league there? what position does he play? TE, WR?

  13. "Синие шортики" в приседаниях постоянно сачковал, не полностью садился

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