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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

BCAAs. What are they? Should you be taking
them? BCAAs are actually amino acids, branched chain
amino acids. They’re also “essential” amino acids, which means your body can’t make them
and you have to eat them. And there are three of them.
Isoleucine, which helps with energy uptake and preserves protein breakdown.
Valine, which isn’t all that special. It does what the other two do but it’s not really
good at it, kind of more of a tagalong. Then there’s leucine, which is THE main BCAA.
It helps preserve lean mass, increase insulin levels, and most importantly, it activates
mTOR, which promotes muscle growth. Leucine is so important that studies even found it’s
better when taken alone than BCAAs mixed together. Kind of like the Beyonce of the group.
So BCAAs are pretty important stuff and is usually recommended to take between 5-20 grams
a day. Thing is, you’re already taking it. Proteins, such as chicken, beef, eggs, and
peanuts, all contain loads of BCAAs. If you consume enough protein in general, supplementation
is simply unnecessary. They’re even in the protein shake that some of you drink! Unless
you’re eating very little protein or on an extreme weight loss plan, skip the supplement
and fry up the pan instead! Ask your questions in the comments. Thanks
for watching!

100 thoughts on “BCAAs Explained in 60 seconds – Should You Supplement With BCAAs?

  1. Dont really understand the difference between BCAA and Creatine?
    And when is best to use these? BCAA short before training or after? And for Creatine?

  2. I’m taking bcaa,protein powder and creatine micronize in the same time? Is it safe in my body?please let me know…

  3. i heard that when you are dieting and stuff you should take bcaa's to stop your body eating away the muscle and only eat away the fat is this true?

  4. It's good that you actually provide sources, i dont really see too many people providing those. Makes the video lot more trustworthy.

  5. I use to take BCAA at the gym, but now I take MDMA instead. And I feel so much better, f-in awsome actually!

  6. Does Isolucien affect insulin levels? Background info: thinking about taking it while IF in order to prevent muscle breakdown.

  7. If my cholesterol is high I guess it's better to take bcaa from a protein shake than eating steaks and eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  8. If i take protein after the workout and a few minutes later, bcaa, is that fine? Or should i take it durinf workout.

  9. seems like this video skipped a LOT of information… maybe make a video explaining why you think Leucine is better taken by itself than with the BCAA combo? because a lot of supplement experts, including jerry brainum, say leucine is useless unless the other two are present.
    side note, i do agree taking bcaa's is superfluous if you have adequate protein intake.

  10. I heard that bcaa's are good to use when cutting because they preserve the muscle. I've been told that I shouldn't do cardio because I lose all my gains. It's rather hard for me to gain muscle. Could bcaa's improve my gains?

  11. Well, I'm a vegetarian who weightlifts and has stomach issues that often make it hard to eat much and sometimes make me sick, but I'm trying to build muscle… Yeah, I think I'll keep using my BCAAs.

  12. Nope. BCAAs won't make the difference between making 3 pounds of muscle a year VS making 4 pounds of muscle a year as a natty

  13. So im i good to just drop bcaa sups if i consume 150g-185g of protien a day? I mostly eat chicken and turkey 93% lean.

  14. food doesnt contain bcaa in free form, and doesnt come even close to effects of free form bcaas…
    so you cant just say you eat them in food.

  15. I usually eat bacon n eggs and am 80% of the time now on a keto high fat low carb diet, do I need this shit? I don't eat eggs everyday ect. I like the muscle talk anything to get ahead besides roids and other gross shit. I heard a guy at gym talk bout this and I'm like in my head sounds cool, in reality it's shit in ur fuckin food haha I dunno I'll look into it but if u know let me know I gotta rebuy omega 3 for sho

  16. so if you put this video up you are basically stating it as a fact that you decided on.

    so lets see your extremely fit body… oh wait probably just a nerd making videos with "Facts" he found on google.

  17. hey picturefit, great explanation. I'm just wondering if you can explain as to why it is great to "increase insulin levels". Thanks.

  18. Supplementing with BCAA’s is actually very beneficial. We DO NOT get enough from the foods we eat. If you train or do anything physical you WILL notice benefits from taking bcaa’s regularly. If you don’t train than it’s completely unnecessary.

  19. You can't build muscle only with BCAAs. The body requires all 8 of The essential aminos in order to build a complete protein. With BCAAs you only have 3/8 of the aminos and thats not enough to make protein and therefore build muscle. Dont waste your money on them.

  20. Vegetables. Just eat Vegetables. All food has Amino acids it's just fruit that doesn't have enough.
    Don't buy BCAA supplements just eat a fucking salad

  21. BCAA supplements are a complete joke. Dont believe me, buy a tub of it yourself and get it tested YOURSELF!
    Eat real food or be a pussy and drink a powder and keep looking like shit.

  22. its much easier to drink bcaa while you train that eat egg whites. and also who the fuck eats egg whites while working out ?

  23. I get that leucine supplementation is useless in most situations but could it be good if I was for whatever reason not getting enough protein?

  24. sunflower seeds, lentils, chickpeas LOADED with AAs, and you don't have to cook seeds, eat them raw and you're getting pure raw AAs. Start cooking and what not and you denature the AA. Lentils and chickpeas have to be boiled, but the minute you fry anything, it's pointless. Walnuts are loaded with tryptophan (another essential AA), a small handful a day will do the trick.

  25. I laughed harder than i should have cause I did not expect "the Beyonce of the group" to be inside a 1 minute educational video 😂

  26. The best quality bcaa’s comes in the form of organic veggies not GMO and supplementation of a trusted source.

  27. I just recently started BCAAs. I drink one before the gym, at the gym, and after. I don't get tired like I did. Idgaf what your video says.

  28. I'll explain them in a couple words. If you're eating enough protein then dont waste your money

  29. You won't be able to eat as much as you need during the day so I would take a BCAA or EAA power for recovery.

  30. This channel has saved me a lot of money. Thank you and just subscribed. Now I'm binge watching all this great content.

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  32. Protine isolate
    Creatine monohydrate
    Ride the Lightning (pre workout)
    Fish oils Turmeric with Black pepper, Vitamin B12 1000mg
    Magnesium 325mg
    Strong Black coffee 9am
    Works for me lovely jubbly.

  33. They work, had a personal trainer tell me they didn't….yet his bitch ass was adding some to his shaker out in his car

  34. -Creatine Pill form
    -BCAA Pill form
    -Test Booster (iron Brothers)
    -Protein Shake usually Muscle milk
    -Multi Vitamin
    That’s it Makin All Kinds Of Gains

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