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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys Kris over
here Complete Nutrition Grand Forks I just want to talk about some more
phenomenal new products in our Ignite line first and foremost our branch chain
amino acids have been reformulated now as far as BCAA’s go it seems to become an
overlooked something like the supplement world as far as getting to your goals this is a great thing to have during your
workouts it’s really going to help out with endurance there’s a nice
electrolyte blend in there it’s gonna have that 2:1:1 ratio which is really
essential for building muscle and retaining muscles that are not wasting
muscle during your liftss and during your endurance workouts great product for
the weight lifter or should you a lot of endurance exercises or even crossfit can
help a without with the recovery side so phenomenal product we have
watermelon and blue raspberry flavor also i’m going to talk to you about our Fortify
now Fortify is unflavored so this is not just for people trying to put on size
for more calories Fortify is great because it’s actually going to be kind
of a multi-phase carb complex is going to ensure that you continuous energy
throughout your workout you can actually mix it with your pre-workout Blitzz or Taze
or whatever workout for pre workout you might be using just to make sure that
your powering through that work out for getting that that quick quick energy with those
carbs you’re also getting a hundred fifty calories just google Foritfy so you
can mix it with your V-Core protein or even our Immense or Annex whatever it may be when you’re trying to bulk or even lean out
when you need those additional calories just starting out reaching for something you
know you’re not going to go grab a double cheeseburgers 180 calories you’re
going to get clean source of calories i know i talked last week about the
improved V-Core less sugar edition of MCT oil we actually have less net carbs
in there so really good stuff on that also i want to talk a little bit about
our body comp scan now I know alot of you guys have been here before and check out the
body scans really cool tool now everybody has goals whether
you’re trying to lose weight bulk up or even just trying to have general health the great thing about the body comp scan
can tell you how many calories your body burns at rest otherwise known as
your basal metabolic rate it’s also going to tell us how many pounds of muscle
you have so it gives us a better idea as far as what your goals are what can we
do as success coaches to help you succeed it takes two minutes if your
club member you can track your progress on there for free it’s a phenomenal tool
you guys i highly suggest coming in and trying it out one more thing back to
ignite series we are still running a promotion right now guys where if you
spend a hundred dollars on the night series through the end of the month in
August you will receive a twenty dollar gift card good towards your next
purchase stop we got all the stuff on sample we got an open bar policy we’ve
got every powder imaginable you can try out and we hope to see you soon all
right stop on in, Thanks!

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