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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

MICHAEL: Being at the gym is like a birthday present, I’m at my happiest when I’m in the
gym. COMM: Think you sweat it out at the gym? This 40-year-old from London will put your workout
to shame. COMM: Michael Tavernier can do one hundred press ups in a minute and a half, and he’s
mastered one of fitness’ toughest feats, the human flag. MAN: Give me a peace up. COMM: Michael has been a fitness fanatic for almost a quarter of a century, and incredibly
he’s self taught. MICHAEL: I first started exercising when I was fourteen to fifteen years of age, and
since that time the journey has never stopped. Initially when I first started it was very
much about heavy weights, who could lift the most. So I started to play around – in the
last three years I’ve started to play around with bodyweight training. MICHAEL: It’s come from the genre of calisthenics, all I’ve done, I’ve just added my own twist
on it. ROBSTER LE MONSTER: I wish I could do it, it’s actually very, very impressive indeed.
I mean to be honest I won’t lie, I don’t think I could do that. COMM: As well as turning heads at the gym and in the local park, his workouts have attracted
tens of millions of views on social media. MICHAEL: On so many exercises I do, like the variations of the human flag exercise for
example. I’d be called Spiderman, Superman. Hercules. Certainly when I do my one hand
pull ups, and I find that very flattering. COMM: Outside the gym Michael has been a full time carer for his parents for the last eleven
years. MICHAEL: My dad, he suffers from dementia, stage three, the worst type. It’s very demanding
and also personally it can flatten you, so gym has been so important for me to keep me
going, gym is like a counsellor to me. Medicine. It’s really kept me mentally strong, physically
strong, and happy. COMM: Now Michael is determined to push his limits even further. MICHAEL: The next level is where I’m trying to be at in terms of mastering these moves
and then performing them one handed which will gain a lot of respect because most people
out there who know how difficult these exercises are already but then do it with one hand is
– amazing may not cover it. It’s what we call Beast Mode. There’s a Beast Mode in Michael
Tavernier and he comes out when he’s in the gym.

100 thoughts on “Beast Mode – Is This The World’s Toughest Workout?

  1. before you go thinking you can do this too.. and its all just practice.. well.. there is a ton of genetic predisposition too. but hey.. gym is good for ya.. so go there

  2. That’s real dedication, must be fantastic to be so fit, flexible and strong, good for you also it’s nice to see that your not “muscle bound” I’m happy to hear that you care for your mum and dad…bless you.

  3. Great video, 99.9 % sure seeing his workout and his muscles that he's not taking any " Juice" ,also he should be commended for caring for his parents!

  4. Why when he does the human flag it looks so easy bit I reality its so hard and requires a lot of strength 😂

  5. #Respect! "beast mode" is something we hear from artists, thinking they are one- since they on drugs and raining cash @dem strip clubs. You on the other hand have thorn every muscle with what I can only imagine took immense hard work, pushing you body's limit. I salute you! Beast Mode fo sure!!!

  6. i have so much admiration for those who can have perfect will control , discipline and pain endurance… seriously so cool

  7. Damn! wish i was that addicted to workouts.
    Glad he isn't extremely buff and weird looking.
    The guy knows what he's doing…seems like a humble person.

  8. you don need to be super muscular like this dude to do that. it's nothing special really. put him next to a pole dancer, gymnist, etc and they can do the same. he's "amazing" because he shows off at the gym where people pump iron. those are just regular people

  9. Funny how the dudes around him stare at him… You can tell that they feel uncomfortable with the crazy things he does

  10. i have seen this exercise it is calisnetics impressive he does the human flag muscle up wish i could do these exercise congrats

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