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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

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  1. I did a 5 minute warmup. But that warmup I did was no joke! Jumping jacks, running in place, running with high knees and a hop. Then the circuit. Tried stretching my legs after it. Then I tried a second circuit. I burned out when I got to the squats at about 10 reps. At least I tried though. I usually workout at a gym twice a week. Weights first and then cardio and it's about a 45 minute workout.

  2. Got a few question…

    1. Squats and lunges are for the glutes right? I try my best to do the exercises with the form that I see in this vid but it's either my knees or the part of the thigh above it that hurts. I reduced the lunges to just 10 because of this. I find it hard to go downstairs afterwards.

    2. When should I start taking protein shakes or would I get enough from my diet? I usually eat a serving of fruit or a few slices of bread (max 3) with peanut butter 5-10 mins before exercising. I usually have my dinner immediately after, 1-2 cups of rice, some veggies (more veggies = less rice) and some fish or meat (usually chicken).

  3. This is amazing. I am a beginner and I got here from the website. Due to time constraints(I leave home at 7 am for college and return at 7 pm), I can't go for the jogging that you described on the rest days. Is there a way to simulate the same effect by doing stuff at home?

  4. thanks, this is just what I was looking for. I like how it's short but intense, and you only do it 3 times a week. It took me three tries to do all 3 circuits, and now I can do all 3 pretty easy (21 year old male, 135lb)

  5. Just wanted to say that this video helped me get into shape. I'd do it every other day for 4 months, helping me lose 40 pounds in that time. It was a great way to get me comfortable with doing a routine and getting my body used to exercise.

    And anyone who's having difficulty with this, just remember to go at your own pace, it'll get easier the more you do it, trust me.

  6. Excited to get going! Steve, I saw your interview with Chase on Fizzle and looked up your website. I just had surgery yesterday on both my legs due to having poor circulation. My doctor reported that my legs will feel younger again, so after recovering I should be able to do the leg exercises I have not been ever able to do. I am a desktop jockey, working 12 hours per day at the computer for my full time job, then spend 3-4 hours working at my laptop starting my new business. This all means alot of sitting on my butt, which along with my gut has gotten larger for the three years I worked this full tie computer job. I am glad I have come to see your website and exercises. I will now add exercise routines to my work breaks and get my heart pumping so I can lose fat and build muscle. Thanks Man!

  7. not bad, not bad at all… though 10 minutes warming up is far too long for this routine, it would likely turn into the routine itself as i'd be too exhausted to continue

  8. Thank you so much for posting this! I want to join nerd fitness, but I don't have the money for it yet.

    I graduate from university this Spring and I can't fit in to their largest graduation gown. I need to go down two shirt sizes between now and the end of May. I hope this along with my diet and my 3 mile walk to and from classes every day will help me lose some gut before my ceremony!

  9. Hi, I have a few Qs I hope you dont mind:
    1/ If I want to alternate this with HIIT, can I just run up and down the stairs 20-30 times and count that as HIIT? It takes me 8 minutes to do it 20 times, and I've read that is all you should be doing, 8 minutes.
    2/ I'm really really out of shape, and even 10 minutes of any exercise flattens me. Can I just do this workout until I feel stronger, and then add the cardio later, like maybe in two weeks or three?
    3/ Do any of these exercises target the abs and butt? Those are my problem areas, but these seem to be focusing on thighs and arms.

  10. I know the blog post suggests what sort of warm ups to do, but how long would be practical for a warm up? Just a few minutes of jumping jacks or jump rope? Maybe not even a few minutes, but just like one minute?

  11. Had to take a lot of breaks but eventually I got through it. Got way too light headed and too much heavy breathing to push through it all. Eventually I'll get to the point I can do it in one go.

  12. I'd like to start with those circuit and but I don't how often I must do It, every day? each one day? how may times a week?

  13. For anyone still viewing this video, I would suggest replacing the jumping jacks with something like a burpee or a star jump. It's weird to have jumping jacks in a circuit workout, especially when they only really serve to get your heart rate elevated.

  14. This looks easy at first but I just tried it for the first time being an ex smoker and pretty unfit in general, i'm literally rekt at the end of 3 circuits. very rewarding though, i'll be keeping it up for sure

  15. Great work out, I was curious if anyone had any suggestions on what I could replace the jumping jacks with? I live in an apartment and I don't want to bother my neighbors.

  16. A backpack or sports bag filled with books, rocks or water bottles works pretty well as a substitute for the milk jug and it's much heavier too because you can fill it up with 5 times more stuff than a milk jug.

  17. About how many calories does this full workout burn? I'm trying to make lifestyle changes and count my calories in both excersize and food but I'm not sure how much this cancels out!

  18. So, should I jut keep doing this every day? To keep it as a routine? And by the way , awesome video man! 🙂

  19. so let me know if I should change something or add anything but I plan on doing this every other day. i am thinking I can do 45-60 mins of cardio (stationary bike) in-between those days. please let me know if this is a good routine for losing weight and gaining some muscle.

  20. Damn, i tried it yesterday… My legs still hurt, man 🙁 i did only two sets. About two years ago i was 115kg weight and i took a long hard look in the mirror then. Two years later, i'm 78 kg, no muscles whatsoever. It's time to put them to work >:) You never realize in how bad of a shape you actually are before doing this workout. After only two sets (and a warmup ofc) my heart was beating and i was dizzy. I walked it off. I'm not stopping here! HUZZAAAAH! 😀

  21. About 200lbs, I've trained MMA and BJJ but have never been in peak shape, due to a fondness for beer and pizza. After a few months with no real exercise, I did one set on Tuesday and was still sore today (Thursday) when I did 3 sets. Had to pause on the 2nd lunges and a few times during the 3rd set, but I feel great afterwards. Thanks for showing beginners a realistic way to reach their goals. No equipment = no excuses!

  22. I was at 120kg in january and lost 30kg just by eating less/better. I decided to finally get some fucking workout going. I admit I only managed to do 1 cycle today (and really felt how fucking out of shape I am) but I'm definitely going to do this regularly now.

  23. Is it cool if I add like 10-15 sit ups to this or will it fuck up the routine? I'm mostly trying to get off drugs and working out helps

  24. Im 17 Years old with over 17k followers on Instagram, I have quality videos on workout techniques and flexible dieting. Look into my channel Its perfect if your trying to attain your dream body wether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or get shredded. Give it a look and let me know what you think.

  25. @nerd fitness, quick question what can i replace lunges with? as i have strange knees and 20 lunges are ding more harm

  26. is this more for losing weight or getting muscles??
    because I'm a really skinny mofo and if I lose more weight I'll be nothing more but a spooky skeleton

  27. I had a baby 7 months ago and have been on my ass since. I used to be in great shape and didn't think getting started would be a challenge but this workout made me break a sweat and I realized just how out of shape I am.

  28. are some of these exercises be too much for a knee injury? i have some early on arthritis from a sports injury a while back and don't want to cause too much stress on it.

  29. i did the 3 cycles my legs are killing me , my arms not so much i think i should add more weight to the dumbell rows

  30. In January, I weighed 288 lbs (I'm 5'7, so that's extremely over weight) and I started working out. I tried this circuit then when I was fat as hell, but I couldn't get through the squats. I started doing simple cardio, elliptical and swimming alongside eating really clean. I now weigh 230 lbs. I tried this circuit today and I finished it! tired as hell! I'm definitely going to add this to my routine! Thanks Steve!

  31. Recently just stumbled across your video, this is exactly what I was looking for. A simple at home workout routine. After trying your regime for a day I've really worked out a sweat and realized how out of shape I really was. I only made it through one circuit. haha.

  32. I'm 17, and weigh about 190 pounds. I decided to give this a shot today, and nearly made it through the first set, but began to get nauseas after I finished the plank. I'm sweating quite heavily. I'm 5'7, and really out of shape. I plan to do this every other day until I can get at least one set, and so on. I'm starting fresh today, and I'm not sure how to really go about eating healthily since I'm quite the picky eater, and my mom doesn't often cook dinner. Either way, it's a start. If anyone has any tips for eating more healthily, please do let me know. Also, most of my house is carpeted; I had a hard time balancing on the carpet. Is there a way to make things easier? There's no wood flooring in my house and the tile isn't flat, so that's sort out out of the question. Anyways, I'll be doing this for the rest of the summer, and then in the fall when things start to cool down (it's about 95 degrees this time of year where I live, and feels like 100) Ill probably do some cardio if I'm still having difficulties with these reps by then. I'm not aiming for a 6 pack, rather just to get back to a healthy weight and have a decent amount of muscle tone.

  33. Just tried this for the first time and my legs gave up after the first circuit.
    Hopefully I'll come back and edit this comment saying how much better i'm doing soon.

  34. I can't do regular push ups due to weak wrists/joints. The pain becomes unbearable after doing five of them. Should I do them holding onto a table to lessen the pressure? Because that seems to work almost without pain.

  35. Great video!
    I'm not in the best shape but at first I thought it would be easyish, at least the first set…it wasn't
    I can do each of them individually or two together…but add them all up and they were really difficult.
    Well I plan to continue this the best I can and Ill try to add more each day.

  36. Just came across this video. I'm about 30 pounds over weight and am going to start this today as soon as I'm off work and do it 5 or 6 times a week. Hopefully in a month or two I can drop this weight. Wish me luck

  37. Bookmarked this video as a reminder to do it every day, just did 1 circuit and im sweating like hell, I'll do 1 circuit a day for now and up the ante as I get used to it. Really easy to follow video.

  38. I've tried this workout today and damn I was sweating alot after the first round haha. After the 2nd round i felt like throwing up so I couldn't continue to finish all 3 rounds. I'll try to finish all 3 next time.

  39. What to do on the alternate days? Please reply as I am desperate to know this. I want to lose my body fat. Thanks for making such an amazing video. Really appreciate the concern shown in guiding. Have a nice day… Waiting for your reply mate.

  40. I tried doing this workout two nights ago and man that was rough! I was able to do all three sets, but was sweating up a storm and my heart was beating a million miles a minute midway through the first set. I had to drink a lot of water in between sets and rest for a few minutes in between. I'd say I'm about 35 lbs. overweight and hope to do this exercise every 2-3 days to get a start on my goal to lose it. The push-ups were easily the most difficult for me to do. By the second set, I was struggling to do more than two in a row without stopping. Hope it gets easier as I continue this as a routine.

    Does anyone have any tips on what they do on the days in between for cardio? I have an elliptical machine at home and try to use that for 30-60 minutes, but maybe someone else has a better suggestion?

  41. Holy hell… I don't know how far off the deep end I fell, but I ran out of breath just practicing the forms! Not even doing the excersize hardly!

    I got a long way to go, but if I am honest with myself, its either this or meet the grim reaper… Hahahaha

  42. I saw it and thought it was gonna be easy.

    after the first circuit, I'm DEAD.

    here's to the first of many, or so I hope.

  43. Thank you Nerd Fitness for an easy, but effective way to do a body weight circuit workout!
    Granted, I still can't even do one proper pushup, but I hope one day I can and many more!

  44. These types of rote exercises where you perform a certain amount of repetitions is not ideal. You should do how many repetitions you can before it becomes too strenuous. Every body is different and will need a different amount of repetitions.

  45. Just tried this doing my first real workout besides lifting some dumbbells and working 40 hours and I gotta say i'm sweating like a pig.
    Gonna try to keep this up 4 days a week and we'll see where my manboobs go in a few months..

    The plank is hard as fuck though. I think my back isn't very straight. Doing 3 rounds is gonna take some time, I'm amazed with myself I didnt die after the first cycle..

  46. Not gonna lie, I only did one circuit because I honestly couldn't do anymore. I can feel the burn in my legs. I'm not obese but I don't like looking at myself and just being disappointed and sorry for myself. But now I'm done feeling like a little bitch and I'm gonna prove to all of them that I gots the swagger. One day at a time.

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