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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Sean Nalewanyj at and in today’s
video here I just want to share a quick piece of beginner bodybuilding advice for the newer
lifters out there. And that advice is to try to not over analyze
your physique in the beginning stages in terms of which muscles you think need more or less
work, and instead just focus on developing your entire body equally and on building overall
foundation of muscle and strength before you start worrying about any potential lagging
muscle groups or weak points. I get these kind of quesions all the time
from people saying that their arms aren’t growing, or that their chest is weak, or that
they can’t get their traps to grow and then when I ask further it turns out they’ve
only been lifting for six week and are pretty much just getting started in the gym and there
are a few issues with this. First off, as a beginning lifter there’s
a pretty good chance that you probably don’t even truly know what your actual weak points
are yet. You might have inaccurate expectations about
what a properly proportion physique actually looks like, or you might think that certain
muscles are supposed to be growing faster than they currently are. And you also don’t have enough training
under your belt to know how well or how poorly each muscle group on your body is going to
respond because every lifter has certain muscles that grow faster or slower than others, depending
on their genetics. And this is especially true if you’re starting
out on the more over weight side and you’re cutting down first, in that case it’s going
to be really hard to know what your potential weak points are because they’re going to
be hidden by a layer of body fat and because body fat distribution isn’t perfectly proportional
throughout the entire body. The second issue with this is that trying
to work on weak points early on in your training is likely going to take your focus away from
other muscle groups that are just as important to build. And you’ll end up with uneven development
and your overall physique won’t progress as quickly as it could. A lot of bodybuilding beginners will tend
to focus on what they considered to be the showy muscles like the chests or the arms. When the truth is that every muscle plays
an important role in bringing your physique together. And if you’re trying to build a strong and
muscular upper body, the chest and arms actually aren’t as important as most people think. I’d actually say that the delts and the
upper back play a bigger role in that. So over emphasizing chest and arms doesn’t
really make sense anyway. And then there’s also, of course the issue
of upper body training versus lower body training, where beginners and just a lot of lifters
in general will tend to put more effort into their upper body as opposed to their lower
body even if they don’t really realize that they’re doing it. And that’s another big mistake to avoid
for obvious reasons because having a jacked upper body with minimal leg development is
never going to be a good look. And then the third issue here is that by not
focusing on developing your entire physique evenly you actually end up increasing you
risk for injury as well. That’s because if you’re constantly favoring
certain movement patterns over others, for example let say you’re doing a lot of compound
upper body pressing and not enough puling, or you’re performing more work for your
quads without also developing your hamstrings, these things can eventually throw your body
out of balance and they can increase the chances of joint issues catching up with you later
on. So bottom line here, as a bodybuilding beginner
in the initial stages your focus should be on building your overall physique evenly as
a whole and on getting the fundamentals down first. So, things like learning proper lifting technique,
developing a good mind-muscle connection, applying basic progressive overload and getting
stronger on all the major key lifts, gaining an understanding of nutrition and how to eat
for your goals in terms of calories and food choices, just getting in to an overall rhythm
with your plan and staying consistent. And then later on once you’ve added some
decent muscle and some decent strength to your frame, I’d say about six months of
consistent proper training is a reasonable time frame for with average genetics. If you do build muscle faster then you might
be able to spot weak points earlier on, but about six months is a good minimum for most
lifters. And then after that you can optionally start
looking at prioritizing certain parts of your training to address weaker muscle groups. So if it’s six months in, it’s blatantly
obvious that your chest just isn’t responding that well even though you’re using proper
technique and enough total training volume and intensity, or your quads are growing but
your glutes aren’t then it might be fine to increase the volume or the frequency for
a certain muscle, or increased the exercise variety for it. And the topic of how to train aligning muscle
group is something that I’ll cover in the future video. But again, just focus on the fundamentals
on those beginning stages because building muscle is a slow and gradual process. It takes times and patience and so it doesn’t
really make sense to put more emphasis on a certain muscle group right out of the gate,
because again you probably don’t even know what true weak points are yet, you don’t
know how each muscle is going to respond to training over time, and it will likely just
take your focus away from building a balanced overall proportional physique. So, I hope this was helpful. If you do want to grab a fully structured
plan that covers everything you need to know to maximize your gains in those initial beginning
stages and up to the intermediate stage and further, the workouts, the meal plans, the
supplement guides along with one-on-one coaching so you can just put in the work and know that
you’re doing everything properly with no guess work involved, then you can download
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40 thoughts on “Beginner Bodybuilding Tip: Build Your Foundation FIRST

  1. This is perfect timing. I've been trying to decide if I should do a standard upper/lower or ppl, OR if I should specialize on shoulders and traps for 6 weeks, then chest and biceps for 6 weeks, then back for 6 weeks (while still working everything- I was considering Lyle McDonald's specialization strategy), because I know building up the traps and shoulders first would probably give me the illusion of size quicker than a non specialized routine. Which still might be true, but your reasons to avoid specialization as a beginner outweigh that

  2. Great content Sean i like it that finally someone tells things simple and how it is without fancy b.s. There are two questions i wonna make, i saw in an old video of yours saying that the body works as a whole so if we didnt train our lower body properly and now we do we will expect also better gains for the upper body is that the case or things change from that time of the video, also i would like to ask something completely different and this is that when we say for example that someone can gain a certain amount of muscle we talk only about myofibrillar hypertrophy or also the liquid that comes from sarcoplasmic hypertrophy?

  3. I just recently went back to the basics with the 5-3-1 workout. Doing mostly compound movements like bench, squat, deadlift, overhead press. I also do bent over rows on bench day and standing rows on OHP day. Everything is responding very well, except my bench. I know I'm getting enough volume when I bench, so maybe I need to add in a second bench day?

  4. Long story short, don't over complicate things, do compound lifts and hit EVERY muscle group. Learn how to do exercises with the right form. BANG!

  5. this is so true. for the first 2 years i lifted i was doing a bro split – made some great gains but really my weights werent going up too much. i was overthinking everything – now just focusing on strength

  6. Great advice as always from you Sean! New lifters be like, oh I have small arms, I will perform 20 sets of arm curls to get big arms! LOL

  7. the other mistake I made was I just kept putting more weight on the bar without mastering the movements. a football injury (knee surgery ) forced me to start again light and now I take my form very seriously.

  8. Hey Sean,
    i don't do Conventional deadlift but i do Romanian instead, Do i get injury in my lower back if if my Weights in Free Barbell rowing movements gets Heavier or there is no Correlation between both? Some folks says you have to get your Weights in Deadlift Double the weights in Rows or you will get injured,
    By the way i feel my lower back is weaker and get pain from my workload in back day, is this a sign to injury?
    How i delevop my lower back without deadlift and hyper extensions?
    i can't lift more than 110 pounds on my hand on hyperextensions,
    Any Alternatives?
    @Sean Nalewanji

  9. i see new and small guys going straight to biceps every day at my gym, they are making no gains at all. they do zero compound lifts besides benchpress once in a while.

  10. Great video Sean.

    My beginner question- I'm nine months in and developing well, however I'm missing some key lifts. In particular, deadlifts.

    What's the best way to learn to do these big compound exercises safely? I've heard horror stories, and my worry is I'll get this wrong and put myself out for weeks.

    I don't really want to pay for a PT, trial and error seems too high risk and video instruction doesn't seem practical in the gym! How do people learn???

  11. Hey man, I just found out that i have thoracic kyphosis. , what
    exercises can i do instead of ab cable crunches and sit ups? Thanx

  12. hello Sean !

    Thank you for an amazing video as always.

    I was just wondering if you can make a video about cheating curl and cheating side leather raise. (I have noticed when people talk about cheating form, they usually talk about these two movements.)

    I noticed you haven't made a video about the topic.

    I highly value your opinion.
    I am wondering how you think about them. if they are necessary or effective ?

    thanks !

    have a wonderful day.

  13. I was at the gym today, doing side lateral raises just how you taught and he said it's completely wrong and changed the form drastically. I hate him.

  14. Hey Sean, I am a guy with banged up shoulders who would like to keep benching. What are your thoughts on the Floor Press? I have read alot about it and it looks interesting.

  15. hands down the best fitness channel I have found so far and I am comparing this to many of the top ones (who have millions of subscribers )

  16. What if someone is the reverse? Like I really want a strong posterior chain (back, glutes, hams) + quads and I frankly care more about this than the "show" muscles.

    Like I've been told it's incredibly difficult to overtrain the back, and that you can't overtrain the glutes. By that logic – if it holds true – is it fine to throw in an added back movement to a routine or some glute targeted movements (glute hip thrusts, cable pull throughs, whatever).

  17. Hi Bro. I have just started the gym. I have a one biggest confusion of doing what after what. For example if today i am doing chest so which exercise should i do first, second, third so on and so forth? How to figure that out. Please help, i know you are very responsive.


  18. I just found your channel and love your videos! They are so informative and I love the way you explain things! Not sure what your viewer demographic is but could you make a video geared towards beginner female lifters? Thanks!

  19. Great advice Sean. One question though. Could a beginner work lower body two times per week and upper body one time per week? I hate my skinny legs and while I do want a big upper body, I want my lower body to be very developed.

  20. what could be the workout routine for starter except full body routine?
    how many times each body part should be trained in a week in the initial stage?

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