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100 thoughts on “Beginner Workout Guide for Gymnastic Rings

  1. great guide, thanks so much
    I just bought myself some of these for xmas and this is exactly the sort of info i was after…cheers!!!

  2. That girl is so sexy. All your bodies looks like SSJ. I recently subscribed to your channel and i'm enjoying have done that.

  3. so what does skin-the-cat strengthen?.. lats? on the reversing motion?.. and rear delts when rotating back to the start?

  4. Gestern kamen meine Ringe an und es ist unglaublich ernüchternd humbling & challenging. Freue mich aber drauf! Danke für das Video💪

  5. I really want to try the rings sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad but I've only got 40 euros and these cost 70 xD

  6. Si I’m just starting calisthenics, I’m working out 5 days/week. But I’m not sure if I should break my days into specific muscles..
    Ex/ Mon for arms, Tues for Back, etc..

    Or, should I do full body workouts everyday??

  7. How much shoulder mobility is needed to perform the "Skin the Cat" movement safely without killing self on first attempt?

  8. Hi! I just bought myself a pair of rings after watching your videos and tried. Here are my questions! 1. Do you retract or protract your scapula and 2. tilt your pelvis forward/backward during ring dips? It looks like you protract your scapula and tilt your pelvis backward in other video, but I felt like it worked out my chest rather than triceps. To target my triceps, is it better to retract my scapula and tilt my pelvis forward? or would this form cause injury? Thank you for all your videos, they are really informative and motivating. 🙂

  9. Im almost 12 and just got my dad to buy me some rings cause I am a self taught gymnast. This was extremely helpful for me because I'm not that strong and I am aiming to go to the olympics

  10. Just got some rings about 3 weeks ago and everything is such a challenge! I love it.
    I’m excited for the doors that will open up through using them. Cheers to a great video and an amazing channel. Thank you for the inspiration and instruction. Peace.

  11. Just finished building my outside pullup/chinup bar yesterday, now all there's left to get is the rings. Can't wait! 🙂

  12. very inspiring video, im looking to buy some rings any recommendations 1.1" or the 1.25" thickness and the strap 1" or 1.5", and the wood pine birch or ?

  13. Is there a level zero? I have problems with shoulder injury from the past and I want to take it really slow.

  14. Does anyone of you guys have some tips how to Master the dip Hold, I am still very unstabile in this Position…
    Thanks, Joey

  15. I freaked out when I couldn't do dip support hold for even 10s.. And I could do around 15 dips on bars.. 😂 TY for the video. Very helpful! 😁

  16. Ich hab jetzt zu Weihnachten Ringe bekommen und gleich mal losgelegt. Jetzt hab ich das Problem, dass außen am Unterarm die Ringe drücken (fast schon wie ein blauer Fleck)
    Geht das mit der Zeit weg oder stütze ich da falsch drin?

  17. Hi i love your mobility program! I have been working on the rings, i found it was more challenging . I do the things you have showed. I have not tried the last exercise ( complete rotation on the ring) mainly out of fear. How many days a week can i work on the rings? it! Is it like weight training where you should give yourself a day to rest that muscle group?

  18. Alex thank you so much for your wonderful videos. I am handicapped and this has helped me tremendously!!!

  19. I'm 42 years old, I was morbidly obese for almost half my life, recently I had enough, true enough, and I've been healing myself, going to the gym and keeping a strict diet, it's being 5 months since I started i have lost almost 50lbs currently at 248lbs and 3sizes of waist down, I know and I'm finally at peace with the idea that I will never eat the way I use to, and that I need to keep exercising from now on. I do weight training and elliptic cardio because in my current state is what I can do, but my goal is to be able to do calisthenics, should I keep the weight training till I'm light enough to start trying calisthenics, there is something I can start doing to begin strengthening? I have never hurt my knees but I was sedentary AF and they are weak, I can't hold a crouch position longer than a few secs, pls guys any tips are welcome.

  20. kommt mal nach wiesbaden. wir haben der stadt einen calistenicpark aus den rippen geleiert. wirklich schön. ihr seit herzlich willkommen.

  21. just started using rings this week, and I like it better then bars my hole torso is being worked, and skin the cat is helping my shoulders mobility 🙂

  22. Hey. Fantastic video.I've got a question: after muscle up on the rings and full lock out of elbows i have a pain in both elbows. Is that normal? If not how to get rid of that?

  23. I've never been more impressed with people doing ring work since I got a pair of rings for myself. I'm ashamed at myself with how much I discovered I suck.

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