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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

today I’m going to be giving you guys a workout plan that’s going to make you go from this to this in just one solid year and we started that right now what’s going on guys living proof fitness back with another video just go ahead and jump right into this thing gonna give you guys a workout plan for monday through saturday and it’s going to be a six-day routine to pay close attention if you want to make gains and make optimum you should be hidden each body part twice a week that being said monday is going to be legs tuesday is going to be chest triceps shoulders and traps Wednesday going to be back and biceps Thursday going to go back two legs friday back to chest triceps shoulders and traps and down saturday you can hit you back and biceps again Sunday we’ll take it off you repeat that process now if you guys want to look down in the description below i’m going to leave all the exercises that you should be doing for each of these days and then i’m also going to put a link to the videos that i’ve already posted showing how do all these exercises so for all you do for getting up in the gym and have no clue what the fuck you’re doing because leaving about there’s a lot of people out there that just have no clue what to do once they get up in the jump so for those guys were in that position this is going to be great help for you this is going to be a step-by-step guys from day one till the end of the week and if you stick to this keep calories high key protein high do everything that’s gotta do nutrition-wise then you will be making some games for this shit is not rocket science it’s never been rocket science this shit is actually pretty simple quit wasting time get up you ass you got to gym membership you ready to make a change and make these gains go ahead and follow the instructions that are being provided to you right here in this video and still before you know it you’re making games for you are going to come to improve it is possible to make always fucking game ok make most your gains in the first year the first year is the best part is the funnest no need to drag this on any longer follow the tips become living proof don’t forget to Like comment subscribe for more advice to make the game also don’t forget to click that belt so that way if you guys are subscribed to actually get notifications whenever a video is uploaded you can be updated with everything that we provided on this channel so making games breath are you

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