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The one line I always liked was “I’m going to do today what other people aren’t willing to so I could do tomorrow what other people can’t.” I always loved that line of like, like whenever I’m training by myself you know? Kind of always like running lines like that through my head when I’m suffering. People aren’t willing to do this right now. You’re the only in one here. And then when I get to a competition, and I’m able to outperform someone on something I’m like okay, I did yesterday with what you didn’t so that I can do today what you can’t Just knowing that Trusting the hard work I’m putting in right now, it’ll pay off. Maybe not today and you might feel like shit tomorrow but it’ll pay off. What are you doing when no one’s looking? My Dad was a pairs figure skater. My mom was a singles figure skater. My dad, from what I’ve been told, had just split up with his partner. Was kind of taking time off from pairs figure skating and was looking for a new partner. Saw my mom in a skating rink went up, and was like hey My name’s Don I think you should try pairs figure skating with me She was not allowed to at first and when they finally Got permission from her parents. They started skating together and started dating and Went from there. They were pairs figure skating team in the ’76 Olympics in Austria On the competitive side, I think I got the best traits from each of them My my mom was all about the The training, the working hard preparation, all that stuff and my dad was just a pure performer. Loved getting in front of an audience And that was… that got him going And I didn’t realize until later on but like I made it a joke one time, We were trying to get my dad to start exercising a bit. I said something to my mom, I’m like “you know I think once he gets back to the routine you know it’ll just be like back when he was skating you know once he started Got it part of his regular day. You know he would enjoy training again.” My mom, she’s just laughing “Are you kidding me? Your father hated training.” Like she she was like It was like pulling teeth to get him to the rink early in the morning She was like like “If there wasn’t an audience, he had no reason to do it.” But then my mom on the other hand was just like Like put in that work like when no one like the work gets done when no one else is watching type thing So luckily I got the good traits from both of them See I know I know the importance of You know when when you’re on the competition floor, it’s just a reflection of what you’ve been doing all year long] You know, that work that gets put in is when no one’s looking. You know, I’m down here by myself doing rowing intervals. I’m down here by myself squatting. There’s no one here to cheer me along, pat me on the back But then at the same time when I get to regionals, or the games and there’s people watching That’s like, I want to perform like when there’s a crowd cheering, like you want to show off There. That’s evidence. So I’ll probably save the lifting stuff like the dedicated like power snatch, snatch pull, back squat till later I’ll show through some of the some of the metcons, kinda get warmed up, get going Yeah, I mean I’ll start out with that just ’cause it It’s paced cardio, so you kind of told what to do so there’s no real thought into it so it’s just easy paces Just get a lump Get the lungs warmed up And then and then I’ll go into the Metcon Like actually having to push it and kind of grip through it. And then after that I mean everything else, it’s numbers, there’s no like trying to work through it – it’s like nope these numbers hit, you can kind of just check it off the list more or less Yeah and today’s a lighter day I feel beat like from… being on the road for so long. Sleep got really screwed up the last couple days on the road and then, yesterday Yesterday my training… is affecting me today. And I knew it would… It’s just the way it goes, but so I’m feeling super slow today [Do you just kind of grind it out on those days?] I mean like the workouts I did, I know I’m not going to be performing at my max potential. But you know instead of like my goal being like the fastest time I’m capable of like when I’m fresh just pick something. So it’s the one work out it’s like If I’m fresh, I could have probably shaved off like the minute 45 secs something like that, but instead I’m like okay I’m not going to be able to do that. Just go on bro. Don’t let go of the bar, that was my goal. So slow down the cycle time Try to stay consistent on the row Just pick out a different goal for the day, something that I could work on, something to focus on Okay, I look at my medal from 2015 and I hate that fucking metal Because because I didn’t do it right you know. It’s like second place. I got second place in 2015 I should be proud of that result, I was the second fittest man in the world. But I just look at that and I’m just like… fucking hate that year Because I’m not proud of the effort I put in. I’m not proud of the corners I cut you know I really like 2014: I had the same results 2014, 2015 at the exact same results completely different feeling about both seasons 2014 I was so excited because I felt like I had won second place 2015 exact same results I felt like I had lost and gotten second place I just put the effort you put in, the expectations you set for yourself and so 2016 you know quit cutting corners Started doing it right The results showed for it mmm. So as long as I’m training, I’m going to keep trying to do it that way and see what the results reflect

100 thoughts on “Beginnings | Mat Fraser: The Making of a Champion – Part 1

  1. Do you think Mat Fraser will win the 2017 Crossfit Games?
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  2. A crossfitter on's channel? yup, that's just how badass Fraser is. And yeah, 2017? He's got this.

  3. I like cross-fit for other sports – like if you are in the military or a first-responder, or if you're training for hunting or outdoor activities. But in itself? A sport? No. I would never watch someone else work out.

  4. People like this should run our government and the people who run our government right now should be working sanitation or dog catching.

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  6. Mad respect for crossfitters but where do they get the notion that competing in Crossfit games proves you are the fittest in the world?

  7. Is there anymore stuff from him? I’ve seen all of the videos from this series I guess but is there more stuff about him

  8. I don't really know why this came to my head while I was watching this but… What if guys shaved everything and girls looked like Mat. K. Also awesome video!

  9. I googled intestinal fortitude and found a picture of Mat. Looking forward to you crushing 2018. You have also inspired my 50 year old fat ass to get off the couch and do something about my sloth-like state.

  10. Man listening to him talk about his medals at the end of the video was awesome to hear. Fantastic video.

  11. Athletes are boring… they live to train. And training is not exciting – the results can be, but not the actual daily grind. Being fit is only actually worth it, if you are doing it so you can enjoy the end results! (time spent relaxing with friends/hobbies – that is the real prize – not competition results)

  12. Fittest Man on Earth. I bet there's some U.S. Special Forces guys that WOULD beg to differ who owns that title. Lol.

  13. The negativity & hate towards CrossFit is annoying. You don't see people from the CrossFit community bashing on the bodybuilding, powerlifting or any other weightlifting community. Each is to their own & just enjoy what you do. No need to spread negativity. As for those claiming that CrossFit causing injury just know injury can be associated with any sports & exercise.

  14. It's hard to believe these people take this stuff seriously. Throwing around all this light weight and weighing 200 lbs and calling yourself "fit" and thinking you're a legit bad. So delusional.

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  17. Your mom was stating the mindset of her father….that mentality is male mentality. Your father is flamboyant wants attention which was his drive

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  20. The making of a Champion???
    Why does this guy gets the title of the World's greatest and strongest athlete ???
    Its not what you do ! … but why how and you do it ? …

  21. I'm not a crossfit fan, but I love this guy. I'm a hooper, I play ball, but the mindset of this guy and his desire to take things to another level is unreal, and it's so admirable. Loving this series.

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