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Hi everyone, in today’s video, I’m gonna
share with you 12 simple ways to love your body and feel confident as a skinny girl. I’m 5’6 but my weight is only 95 lbs. My body measurement is 29-23-34, and that
put me right under size triple 0 category. As you see, I’m naturally very thin, I don’t
have curves and I have a flat chest. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?! I’m okay with being thin, having no curves
is not a problem and I fucking love my flat chest. But before getting to this point in my life,
I used to hate being skinny. You may think it’s easy to be skinny. And sometimes it is—I can eat a lot of desserts,
I don’t have to wear a bra, and whenever I try to go to the gym, I’m always being
told that “you’re already skinny enough.” But you don’t see the part where I am shamed
for being skinny. Everywhere I go, people say stuff like: “How
come you’re so thin?”, “You’re sooooo bony”, “Do you even eat?”, “Does your
family feed you?”, “You’re a walking skeleton”, “you’re gonna be blown away
in the wind” , “You should eat a burger” It hurts, you know. Constantly being told you’re abnormal takes
a toll on you and it makes you wonder if there’s anything fundamentally wrong with how you
naturally look. So when I say I get it, I get it! I understand that loving your body can be something so difficult. We’re all guilty of being overly critical
of our own bodies, especially with photoshopped images of curvy, well-endowed women that we
see on a day to day basis on social media. I used to look in the mirror and see plenty
of things that didn’t fit into the physical ideal that I had in my mind — I have no
curves, no boobs, and plenty of stretch marks here and there, my skin was not the smoothest,
my nose is flat and round, and there were just so many other things that I was insecure
about. I told myself that if only these things were
fixed, I would be happy. At night when I went to bed, I secretly daydreamed
about what it would be like if I woke up and had a perfect body and face, and if that happened,
everyone would love me and more importantly, I would be able to love myself. The unhealthy perception I had of my body
often held me back from doing the things I wanted. I didn’t dare to wear clothes that are revealing
or provocative, because I thought that I’m not sexy enough. As a skinny woman, I found it so difficult
to feel sexy and feminine for years. I found most of the clothes I tried on while
shopping was too loose in certain areas, especially around the chest and the butt. I also realized I subconsciously compared
myself to a lot to friends, family and famous people and influencers. Just 4 months ago, I still wanted to change
my weight to look more ‘curvy’ or more ‘proportionate’. I tried everything I could but my weight still
remains the same. It wasn’t until I started making small changes
in my mindset that had a hugely positive impact on how I see myself and my body. Now I’m completely happy with my weight. Because I’m healthy, I have a great relationship
with food, and I know I can make myself look good, so clearly there are no reasons I have
to change myself or how I look to fit into society’s standard of what a normal body
should look like. So that’s my story, and maybe you’ll find
some parts of it relatable to your own story. If you’re a skinny girl like me and sometimes
feel insecure about it, I want to share with you these 12 tips that have helped me tremendously
to learn to love my skinny body, and I think you will definitely find them helpful as well. With that said, let’s dive right into the
tips. Tip 1: Be conscious of who you choose as inspiration
Do you follow celebrities/ influencers that don’t look like you at all and make you
feel self-conscious whenever you look at their perfect pictures? If you do, it’s time for a change. One of the biggest things I did for myself
was reducing the time I spent on social media and unfollowing accounts that made me think
any less of myself. Since I started doing that, I saw a significant
improvement in my mental health and my body image. And also keep in mind that the vast majority
of the pictures you see online are not a true representation of how average people really
look like. These images are created and altered by beautifying
filters and apps and are not realistic goals to achieve. The person you are looking at has most likely
been airbrushed and altered to look “perfect” and they may not look like that in real life. You’ve got to decide to focus on yourself
and love your body because your body is real and whenever you see an image in a magazine,
ad, or social media, remind yourself that the image is intentionally created to make
you feel self-conscious so you would feel motivated to buy their products or services. Tip 2: Do not compare yourself to others. We all have that person whose physical appearance
we envy. This habit of comparing can be dangerous. When you become absorbed in comparing yourself
to another person, you’re damaging your sense of self. Not only will it make you feel jealous or
competitive against the person, but it will do no good in helping you love yourself. Remember the very person who seems so perfect
in your eyes has their own list of insecurities and body image issues. Don’t waste time and emotions staring at
pictures of perfect bodies and wishing to be one of them. If you need visual inspiration, find photos
of you at your best, not someone else at their best. Tip 3: Focus on the things that you’re grateful
for – instead of pointing at the things you don’t like (I know that’s always easier)
pick the body parts you like and learn how to embrace them and feel comfortable and happy
about having a healthy and perfectly functional body. Appreciate what you have and love your inner-self. Do not let the number on the scale or your
clothing size define who you are or what you are capable of. Nothing good will come from being mean to
yourself when you look in the mirror. I learned to love my body when I turned my
focus from my insecurities about my appearance to gratitude for everything my body enables
me to do. I am so fortunate to be able to walk, dance,
run, do yoga, Zumba, even have sex and basically everything I want to with my body. Every time I do something active, I think
about how grateful I am to be able to do so. “A healthy and active body is a beautiful
body.” Count your blessings, not your blemishes. Tip 4: Surrounding yourself with positive
language and inspiration. I truly believe in positive affirmations. If you don’t know what they are, affirmations
are positive statements that are meant to be repeated until the mind starts to believe
them as true. Verbalizing what you like about yourself helps
your brain to remember more easily than just thinking thoughts silently. I know that it may feel weird at first, it
may take some time to believe, but in time you will re-train your thought process to
be more positive and loving towards your body. When a negative thought about yourself enters
your head, take a deep breath, release it, and repeat your positive affirmations in its
place. You can personalize your daily affirmations
to whatever you see fit, just make sure they are positive statements. Write down a few simple phrases or words like
‘I am beautiful’, ‘I deserve to be confident’, ‘Different is beautiful’, “I am perfect
in my own way” and put them on your mirrors or places that you can see easily every day. Every time you see the affirmation, stop and
say it to yourself. Also, when you get ready in the morning or
before you go out, look in the mirror and say “I am attractive”, “I look amazing”,
“I am confident”. Keep that up and eventually, you will see
yourself in a more positive light. That’s exactly what I did to build my confidence
in less than a month. Do you use positive affirmations, let me know
in the comment! Tip 5: Look at yourselves in the same way
others look at you: Do you know that you are 20 percent more beautiful
to other people than to the woman you see in the mirror every day? Why? Because when you look at your reflection,
all you see is your physical form. You’re looking for flaws.” But when others see you, they also take in
your personality, style, intelligence, sex appeal and wit—the whole you. They don’t see all the flaws that you obsess
with, in their eyes, you’re beautiful, and I hope you can see yourself in the same way
that others see you. Tip 6: Treat yourself as your best friend:
It can be all too easy to be critical and hateful toward your own body. You have no problem criticizing your flaws,
but would you say the same thing to your mother or your best friend? Probably not. Make a point to stop speaking to yourself
differently than you would to those you love. Make a point to treat and talk about your
body in a way that aligns with how you would treat other people in your life. Don’t forget to give yourself compliments. Having love in your life starts with loving
yourself. You should view and treat yourself with the
same kindness and admiration you would with someone you love. Don’t hesitate to compliment yourself, go
easy on your mistakes, and forgive yourself when you mess up. Drop the self-hatred, and replace it with
understanding and appreciation. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself as
your best friend. Tip 7: Surround yourself with people who love
themselves. You develop the attitude and behaviours of
the people who surround you and people who you follow online . If you keep positive influences
in your life, you will adopt those attitudes which will help you love yourself, inside
and out. Look for people who are optimistic, kind to
other people, and most importantly, love and respect their body Tip 8: Steer clear of negativity. Going hand in hand with tip #7, stay away
from people who criticize your appearance or often rant about their own bodies. Their insecurities can rub off onto you and
get you thinking about what problems you have. Life is too precious to waste time self-loathing
or knit-picking about your body, especially when your own self-perceptions are usually
more critical than what anyone else thinks. If someone starts to bash or criticize their
own body or life, do not engage in the negativity. Instead, change the subject to something you
both can appreciate or make your exit. Tip 9: Flaunt the features you love – Love
your legs? Show them off. Have a nice small waistline? Show them off. Proud of your sexy neck and collarbone? Show them off. Wearing clothes that accentuate the body parts
that you love is a great way to shape your mind into becoming more positive and focused
on the beauty of your body. If you want to know what types of clothes
that look best on skinny girls with small boobs, check out my latest video “9 styling
tips for small boobs” right here! I’ll see you there Tip 10: Do things that make you feel good:
Think about all the things you could accomplish with the time and energy you currently spend
worrying about your body and appearance. Instead, treat yourself to activities that
make you feel sexy and confident. Take a long, hot bath and lather yourself
with coconut oil. Sleep in a sexy nightgown. Spend an afternoon going on a nature walk
or taking a calming yoga class. Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself
and the negativity and self-hatred will begin to diminish. Tip 11: Exude confidence. When you act like you have confidence, you
will feel good about yourself. Even if you don’t feel like you have any,
pretend. Pull back your shoulders, tilt your head up,
and smile. Smiling is one of the biggest things you can
do to improve both your self-image and the way others see you. If you hold yourself confidently, inner confidence
will follow too. I hope that through following these 12 tips,
you can start seeing the perfection in your so-call “imperfection”. Wanting to look perfect is one of the biggest
thieves of joy. It trains your brain to think you’re not
what you should be. But listen, There is no such thing as a perfect
body, and trying to achieve one is impossible. God created us for a reason and we look the
way we do because it’s meant to be. Everyone has their own unique shape that should
be embraced and not criticized. Your body is part of what has taken you through
life, and that is something to love. I hope you can treat yourself with the utmost
respect, stop obsessing over obtaining the “ideal” body, and instead focus on the
way being healthy makes you feel and what it gives you. You don’t have to change anything about
your body if you’re healthy and you take good care of yourself. You’re beautiful just the way you are. There’re no needs to follow society’s standards
and put pressure on yourself to look like someone else. We define our own beauty. If you’ve watched till this point of the
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heart that you make it this far to the end of the video. (wow that was a long sentence). Okay, thank you, and till next time, “Love
yourself, be kind to yourself, and treat others the same way”, bye!

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    And THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for 800! ❤️❤️❤️ it. means. more. than. the. world. to. me. Thank you thank you thank you (really how many times can I say thank you in this comment 😂❤️) I love you sooo much. I’m trying my best to reply to every comment and message, so please don’t be mad at me if I haven’t got to your message yet. I WILL!!

    I love you I love you I love you I love you! ❤️ Let’s foster this community and love each other:

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    But now that puberty's hit and I've gained confidence, I realize that I am perfectly happy with how I am, I wouldn't want to be any other way, and I've gotten into modeling. The same body I was so ashamed of, once i learned how to love myself and take care of myself, has become something I am proud of and feel beautiful in, and I've made new friends who compliment me on the very things I used to be insecure about! Those who made fun of me in the past now envy me, but i've long left behind the negative vibes~
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  43. You've got plenty of "curves". Curves is just another word for "fat". Despite all the phony "enjoy your fat" videos . . . the truth is noobody likes fat. It's unhealthy, ugly, and reeks of people who cannot control their appetites. You look excellent. Stay skinny.

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