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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

How bad do you want it and what are you willing to do Are you willing to fight? Back to my mind again Chris Aceto told me Shawn just put your blinkers on and stay in your own lane Send me pictures every day and we will deliver something that yet to be seen and everybody kind of laugh when I say that You know someone once called me a one-hit wonder.. It’s like how many times can that one-hit-wonder hit again? The only thing that we need to do here for this year Olympia is to bring the best Shawn Rhoden ever. Cuz if you bring the best Shawn Rhoden ever it’s gonna be very hard for anyone to beat you and I believe You unleash everything that you have and give it everything that you have Going beyond what you thought you’re capable of doing I did not come here to talk… that is me every freaking day. I walk in and put my headphones on and for me it’s like it’s time to go to work. I’ve been going at this Olympia for a while and I think my best package is going to be this year at the Olympia. Pushing yourself till and beyond the limit. The SACRIFICE.. In your cardio.. The sacrifice in your diet.. And the title of 2018 Mr. Olympia To our WINNER… And NEW OLYMPIA CHAMPION There it is, it has happened. I wanted it so bad. Thank you guys so much for continueing to believe in my when everybody else stopped.


  1. be an Olympic or professional level bodybuilder, they are fully coded in
    your genes, as the talking therapist and doctor are not even aware of
    it, so the whole world will soon find out. Tolga Aksoy Master Genetic
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  2. Beyond a point anything works opposite. Being fit too. Being fit, lower heart rate. Stamina. High oxygen capacity. All these are signs of healthy man. Not necessarily chiselled bulged muscles.

  3. Tomara q Brandao se inspire nele e continue com fisico simetrico e desnso q tem nao dilate barriga e que nao fique desproporcional com resto do corpo.

  4. Mr Olympia should represnt bodybuilding. That happened now in 2018. He is humble, hard working, abs…..aesthetics.

  5. এই সালারা কি কবরে মারা মারি করতে পারবো

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