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What’s going on nation? I want to start doing more videos on individual supplements so I can help teach you guys not only what they do But also if they’re worth your [hard-earned] money so today, we’re going to talk about Glutamine now glutamine is the most Abundant amino acid in your body And it has many functions and since we’re talking about gains You should know that 60% of your skeletal muscle tissue is made of glutamine Now glutamine is claimed to have all these amazing benefits But I’m going to tell you today what I believe to be true and what I think is just hype it Is a fact that your levels of glutamine decrease when your body goes through stress and stress could mean trauma surgery anxiety or intense physical exercise for example When this happens your [body] can take glutamine from your muscles causing catabolism and making you lose the games You’ve worked so hard for it’s also believed that since your immune cells need glutamine to function you could weaken your immune System when you exercise heavily causing you to get sick more often I should also mention that low glutamine levels have been associated with overtraining And that glutamine is a big provider of nitrogen for your muscle tissue Since nitrogen is what you use from the protein you eat to internally synthesize amino acids needed for Muscle Growth Glutamine is very important for gains when you look at all the important roles of glutamine in your body It’s pretty easy to see why all these amazing claims are being made for [example] glutamine is claimed to [have] the following benefits prevent Muscle Breakdown help with immune system function promote protein synthesis or muscle growth and Even help you secrete more Human Growth hormone Which is super important for gains and fat burning now after reading and researching countless articles and studies and using glutamine for a while myself Here’s what I have to say one I don’t believe [the] human Growth hormone increased claim And this is just because just like testosterone you [would] have to create a massive increase in hgh To see a difference in your gains also studies have shown temporary increases in hgh But did not prove that they last You should be skeptical of any natural supplement that claims to increase your hormone levels Most of the time if they increase anything at all the increases are not big [enough] to impact your gains from where I’m standing usually if you see a difference It’s because you already on the low scale of what it means to be normal and because now you’re supplementing Something in it’s bringing you a bit higher on that normal range But nothing above that number two when it comes to glutamine helping your immune system I believe that the benefits only really apply if you had a serious injury or trauma Or if you’re a hardcore endurance athlete like a marathon runner for example Studies have shown that these athletes do have less infections when taking glutamine But for moderate athletes glutamine levels in your blood don’t get low enough after exercise to impair the function of your immune cells So if you’re just the average athlete looking for something that boosts your immune system. I don’t think glutamine really do the job Number three the most important part for me is actually preventing muscle, Breakdown And that’s the reason why I take glutamine now there are mixed reviews on this one guys some studies show no difference at all in muscle Catabolism in some [showed] clear preservation of Lean Mass with glutamine supplementation [there] are also studies on hiv patients that show that glutamine has made a Significant difference in [reducing] muscle wasting so here’s my personal opinion on this one Glutamine is an amino acid which is a building block of your muscles And if I can make sure I have plenty of what I need as an insurance to make sure I don’t lose any muscle tissue That’s what I’m gonna do and now I’m sure that if you are getting enough glutamine from your diet You should [be] okay without the supplement but in my opinion If I am doing anything that would cause me to be depleted or to be in a stress situation I would take glutamine some examples would be if you’re in a calorie deficit because you’re trying to lose weight if you’re an endurance athlete it does prolonged exercise You suffered an injury or a trauma you’re cutting for a specific reason you do intermittent fasting Or you’re fasting for religious reasons [in] these cases I would definitely take glutamine now in terms of side effects Studies show that there are no significant issues at doses up to 30 milligrams a day So taking it’s not going to hurt you to me as a natty athlete I work extremely hard for my gains So anything that can help me protect them is a win for me the other positive note is that glutamine increases cell hydration and Volume which is very important for muscle growth. This is because low cell volume is believed to inhibit the mtor pathway Which is an important muscle growth mechanism as far as dosages go I take 15 milligrams a day I like taking it in doses of 5 milligrams at a time [one] when I wake up one before and one after Exercise to help with hydration and to boost glutamine at the time of the most stress You can obviously adjust the space on your needs to guys before [I] end I want to talk about a couple of things First the Transport of glutamine in your body is sodium dependent So if you’re cutting sodium from your diet, which I myself don’t do this would be useless Second the bioavailability of Powder or capsule glutamine is about [30%] so keep in mind that you are actually getting much less than you’re Taking the bottom line is if you are concerned with muscle Wasting I would make glutamine part of your stash as an insurance Policy to make sure you’re not losing muscle, but if you are looking to get any of the other benefits I think they’re more hype without any science really backing them up to prove anything if You want [to] make sure you’re getting glutamine from your diet some foods that contain glutamine are beef pork chicken milk Ricotta cheese Cottage cheese raw spinach and even yogurt now if you want more detail [on] this topic I am putting a link to some of the studies I reviewed down in the info [section] below [now] one last thing guys Remember that you should always consult the nutritionist to discuss your specific nutritional needs So there you have it guys if you enjoyed this Make sure you put a comment down in the comment section below and let me know what supplement You would like me to review next For more exercises tips recipes and meal plans be sure to join us on And if any of you guys looking for online coaching, I’m gonna put that link down in the info section below as well Hope you guys have a great day and as always more good stuff coming soon. 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100 thoughts on “Benefits of Glutamine: Do You REALLY Need It?

  1. So in summary, would you recommend only taking glutamine after a strenuous workout? I've seen plenty of videos and read many studies saying its completely useless. I have my degree in Exercise Science and see some physiological benefit. How many grams would you suggest taking?

  2. Great information, great idea for an extended series. I'd be interested in hearing your extended thoughts on the following supplements: ZMA, glutamine, l-arginine, BCAA's, dessicated liver, and creatine, preferably in video form because they're extremely entertaining!

  3. I've watched a a decent amount of supplement reviews and this is the first guy I've come across who actually talks about studies and breaks it down to situations where it may be needed and where it isn't needed. Guy knows his shit and on top of that, knows how to explain it. Definitely the type of information I need while I work on my weight loss journey. Looking forward to watching more videos.

  4. best shirt ever you rock man, I know a lot of what you talk about, but I am also learning a lot! Thanks again! Hopefully can make some good clean gains!

  5. Glutamine works for me. Even today, when my muscles hurt bad I took glutamine and yeah now I feel better. This is the most underestimated suplement.

  6. Thanks Scott. It's pretty much like when I really wanna know about a specific topic and I need to 'trust' the person giving the advice, I look it up in your channel. thanks for being so genuine. (Y)

  7. If you put your voice on mute and add some martial art music, this could actually look like an instructional video for that lol

  8. Hey Scott. Could you please talk about BCAA and pre-workout supplements if you got the time? Like do you actually need them etc. thank you so much mate!

  9. if you bodybuild and lift weights 6-12 reps range. Glutamine is very beneficial in avoiding being catabolic and it does help lose weight. HGH i totally agree with you.

  10. Hey scott! thanks for this video. Could u pls tell me that does glutamine heal leaky gut or ulcers? I have some digestion issues thats why i am asking u. kindly reply. thnks

  11. I take BSN glutamine to help prevent muscle tissue breakdown because I tend to lose muscle when I put a lot of miles. So yes, runners should Def be taking it, especially obstacle course racers who run in mountains and need to lift heavy during a race.

  12. I just bought glutamine because i have a fast metabolism and my body eats my fat/muscle like crazy. I feel like i need it to sustain my gains, plus i also have to anxiety and stress so it helps.

  13. how much are you taking I take a tablespoon with every meal and have had amazing results in muscle gains

  14. yet another parrot who talks scientifically whithout having a fucking clue about what he saying.. ill skip this non sense

  15. Hi what are your thoughts on this my gf is a pro bodybuilder and Dr she says that she sees no benefits for glutamine

  16. Being natty i really push myself when im bulking and from this week I'll be cutting and im pretty sure i won't be able to pick those heavy dumbells. So i was wondering that whether i should take glutamine during cutting or bulking?

  17. Thanks for the info! It was clear, easy to understand, and I love the citation of research you provide. Keep up the good work. By the way, I recently started working out. Almost immediately after starting a glutamine routine, my soreness went away allowing me to get back into my workout the next day-yay!!

  18. Scott help me out bro… Confused that what should I take pre and post workout… In pre confused b/w creatine or bcaa and in post should I take glutamine or not

  19. All you guys out there if yr BMI is high & low body fat take this product / or you will get sick all the time , I do iron man races and high intensity, Cardio work out for that + my Bodyboarding cardio as well.

    The matter what supplement glutamine it is just take glutamine because it stops you from getting sick trust me because like I said I do Ironman dresses and I always forever getting sick if I don't take glutamine so he is wrong in this aspect and it's proven fact taking glutamine every day even as a normal person it helps to keep your immune system strong.

    Other than that is pretty much on the topic, and it also helps with fatigue. It helps your muscles to last longer and more efficient in whatever workout you doing.

    But if you don't ever want the flu or chest infection on those infections have a glutamine how about 20 grams a day that's how much I take I haven't been sick for 10 years as soon as I stopped it a week ago I got the worst chest infection and nasal infection I've ever had my doctor told me go straight back on glutamine.

  20. This is "BRO" science…..before you start giving medical advice you should get your PHD/MD, until then PLEASE STOP!

  21. Just a very honest and real video. I do intermittent fasting for over a year now. Lost alot of weight in a good way. And you just answered my question about glutamine and taking it is soooo important for me.

  22. I stopped taking L-glutamine for a few weeks to see if anything would change. I definitely lost a sense of well being and look of fullness. Also recovery was not as good. I’m back on it now. I believe it works. Taking 5g twice per day.

  23. 4:49 doses up to 30 milligrams I think you meant grams bro since the usual dose in glutamine supps is 5 grams = 5000 milligrams. Honest mistake I believe good video though will keep using glutamine since I'm doing intermittent fasting.

  24. 2:57 – Serious injury you say? Shit I should be taking this stuff to speed up my muscular atrophy + acl and pcl tear in my leg.

  25. Hey Scott, couldn't a person just take a BCAA powder which has things like Glutamine already in it instead of strictly taking Glutamine?

  26. Scott, I think around 5:23 mark you mentioned that you take about 15mg/day when you meant to say grams. 🙂 Very good video otherwise.

  27. You said 30 mgs… which is nothing! You said you take 15mgs a day. Don’t you mean 15gms??? 15mgs is nothing.

  28. D aspartic acid normally found in test boosters is proven to increase your testosterone up to 40% if you take 3000mg or more daily but that increase is temporary and will go away after 4 months of using. This is also why test boosters are such a controversial topic

  29. I had taken glutamine in the past. Just time before going to sleep and my heart beat so fast that i rushed immediately to the hospital. Next i read an article in mayo clinic site saying that there are cases of having a rapid heartbeat when taking glutamine.

  30. I read somewhere that your organs don't like sharing glutamine with other bodyparts/organs. Is that true?

  31. 30 mg … are you kidding. You do not know the difference between grams and milligrams and you are giving a supplementation advices – you are a joke!!!

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