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44 thoughts on “BEST 10 min Lower Ab Workout IN BED to Burn Belly Fat!

  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. Have been procrastinating but finally decided to do this with the tiny motivation I had in me. And the fact that it's so hot nowadays and I don't want to keep wearing sleeves and pants cause of my flabs so let's do this :")

    Day 1 : THE WIDE U GOT ME GOOD. When I'm at the leg extension to the side, wooh! So close- so close to give up DX. Let's see how long I persevere-

    Day 2 : I thought I was doing fine cause I wasn't sure the whole day like I would when I start working out in the past. Until the night, hit me like a brick- my dog went under me when I did leg lift so is it cheating when I land my leg on her for awhile 😂

    Day 3 : have been sore for these few days, but doing it while looking at the ceiling helps. Just not my judgemental dogs staring at me 🙄🙄

  3. I just did that in my bed but I did not feel any burning but when I do that on the floor I feel a burn … a few months ago I did the workout and it burned but not now am I doing wrong?

  4. Omg I wasn't expecting to sweat! Thank you so much for this video! I live over the road in a truck so finding work outs that I can do from my bunk is a prayer answered! Thank you times a billion!!!!!!

  5. I'm going to do this everyday for a week so wish me luck
    Day 1: weight 113
    Today was super difficult but my abs were burning😭🔥

  6. I'll try to update. I'm trying to recover from B.E.D.

    Day 1 : it burns. I was almost screaming at the end. No pain, no pain.
    Day 2 : my period starts. I wasn't able to do it.
    Day 3 : it's still difficult but I know I can do it!
    Day 4 :

  7. In my first try my lower belly hurts until the next day and when I worked out on my second day it still hurts is it really normal???

  8. Is it strange that I observed her bed and the cool and the brand of her bra ….em and the comment section…….than the HOLY EXERCISE

  9. Wow this workout is intense.
    Going to do this workout for 30 days.
    I'll keep you posted on how it goes!
    Oh and let me tell ya.. IT BURNS!! 🔥

    Day 1: Done! ✔ I'm sore… But I hope it's worth it! 💓💓

  10. I've been doing these for about 4 days and I've already noticed a difference. I've got a big belly so there's no excuse. The fact we can do it from bed should be even more motive to get moving.

    I struggled and still struggle to do 45 seconds so for those beginners like me. Start off slow just do each exercise in sets of 10 reps then have 15-20 seconds rest before moving onto the next. Then repeat 2 or 3 times.

    If I can do it then so can you.

  11. i do this workout like a lot, i look for different workouts But i still come back to this one, idk, i loveit, I'm going to start doing it everyday Before bed and mixed with cardio and a long stretch, wish i can be persistent, wish me luck 🤞🤞🤞🤞

  12. Every day i do some exercises on bed. I've always loved exercising. Now my body is beautiful. Me and my the best friend practice every day.

  13. Day 1: sooo hard but completed.
    Day 2: harder. Last one really got me but I feel good.
    Had to quit in between so restarted.

    Day1 : Burned soo much. It was a tiny bit easier than before. Happy that I restarted

  14. first of all sorry for my bad english 🙁

    I've been doing this exercise for almost a month and I can see the change. my waist become smaller. I can see my abs too.
    previously my waist size was 28 inc but now it has changed to 26 inc. I'm very satisfied !

    Thanks Emi !!!

  15. Okay I'm going to document my little journey here 😂 Unfortunately, I didn't do any measurements, which now that I think about it, would have been a good idea 😔😔

    I did these all on a yoga mat rather than the bed…cause I don't really wanna sweat in bed…so 😂

    Wk 1/D 1/Morn/ 21 Oct – Way more intense and difficult than I thought it would be. Got through the whole thing but had to put my legs down so many times halfway through sets 😂 There was like a low, intense burn throughout the second half of the workout and always had to engage the lower abs, rather than letting my legs do all the work.

    D2/Morn/ 22 Oct – Abs didn't feel sore until I moved and THAT'S when I felt them. It wasn't too bad but when I tried the workout again, had to drop my legs a few times in the first half and the second half was just… Man I couldn't keep my legs up half the time 😅 I gave myself some leeway though, took a few seconds in the exercises as breaks but I'm hoping next time I'll be able to do it without dropping my legs in the first half!

    D3 – Rest Day

    D4/Morn/ 24 Oct – I was so unmotivated to do it today after the rest day yesterday BUT I got up and did it anyway (I admit I did drag myself out of bed to do it…). It felt a lot easier today and I managed to get through the first half without putting my legs down. I did go a little slower though because my left leg was sore when I tried to extend it but going slower just made me hold the position longer when I had to put my leg down (which ended up burning my abs quite a bit). I had about a 1 minute rest after the 'leg extension to the side' exercises and finished the rest pretty easily. That hold at the end is still a killer though but today wasn't too bad! Idk if it was me or the weather, but I did sweat more than I usually do today. I've realised that I have become much better at engaging my lower abs, especially when I go a little slower than Emi, so maybe try that out if you're doing it for the first time 👍

    D5/Evening/25 Oct – I tried going at the same speed as Emi today and died in the first exercise 😂 I had to drop my legs so much more today and I don't know why. I don't know if I can see any differences yet, and I don't know if I feel any different but what I'm noticing is that my stomach/abs aren't really sore the next day.

    D6/26 Oct – Not very good at keeping this up 😂 Didn't manage to do this today after work.

    D7/Morn/ 27 Oct – I did a different workout today, or tried to anyway 😂 – it's Emi's ultimate plank workout and I admit, my arms were more tired than any other body part. I could only do 30 second exercises rather than the whole 45 and some were really hard to do cause I got sweaty palms near the end and my hands slid 😂 (I've got tiles in my house, I dunno how Emi stays up). But I just chose to do something different today because I need to change up my exercises at some point.

    D8/Morn/28 Oct – Did this exercise again today – still hard 😂 but I think I took less breaks this time? But those "wide u" exercises and the "leg lift in 4 strokes" are still killers. I don't know if my stomach feels any flatter (I do have quite a bit of fat, ngl) but it does feel stronger because these exercises weren't as bad as day 1 👍

    Conclusion: I think this exercise does work, it's just I have a lot of belly fat so I'm going to have to do it for a longer period of time to see better results 😂

    Edit: Just kidding, I just took a look at my photos a week apart and from the side, my stomach is MUCH flatter. Front view still kind of looks the same but you can see a difference from the side 👍👍

  16. I started it today 28th October
    I'm exhausted tbh because I don't practice sport usually , I'm skinny but I have a belly and this is unbearable .
    I am committed to do it every night since today and u can join me 💜🌸 be motivated! !
    2nd day √

  17. I am gonna keep track and let you know, how I feel each day.

    DAY 1
    I am literally ,,dying,, and it is soo hard, but I will keep going. Abs are burning. But No excuses! It will be worth it.

    DAY 2
    It is actually much easier, even though my abs are burning and when I streched in the end, I felt hard pain. It is still hard and put my legs down once, but it is progress.

    DAY 3- It is again, much easier, but still burns the abs. I was stronger than yesterday, learned how to do it more correctly, and didn't put my legs down anytime. So happy that of my progress
    I don't think there is a change in a look of my abs, but it is only the 3rd day. Not quiting.💪🏻

    DAY 4- A bit easier again, I am sweaty, but I hope it will be worth it. I don't think there are any visible changes on the belly yet, but I am patient❤

    DAY 5- I was very lazy today, but still did it. No changes yet. No quiting. 😀 Not that intense anymore.

    DAY 6- I am quting and starting full body excercise ( which is from the same youtuber) which really makes me sweat , and burn calories and help losing weight.

    ❤If I can do it, you can do it too, believe in yourself.

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