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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

You probably think that you’re better now Would it give you and Today today, we’re in Taipei. I Can do the thing many of you want another fat workout A lot of you guys are lazy because a lot of you like my ABS ones that I did a few weeks ago So I thought today I’ll do a Lix workout in bed Wow, which a lot of you actually requested So I thought cuz you’re lazy a lot of times and I don’t feel like getting out of bed But I still want a really good burn in the side The laziest and people think of lazy is will stay in bed not anything We’re lazy, but we want to take care of our body. It’s good That’s great this workout is also perfect If you have very limited things at home, you can definitely do it on this is single bed Like the one I have at home. It doesn’t have a king-size bed It’s just easier for me to film and show you guys So before we start the workout the one has talked more about the workout clothes that I wear in my Videos because a lot of you always ask me where do I get my act up where you guys know that I don’t like anything? that’s Overpriced which is why my protein is one of my favourite friends and everything that I’m wearing in this video to all from my protein Because recently, I just got a lot of new thoughts from them But these shapes seamless leggings and also the purple pride that I was wearing. They really have the prettiest bit It’s just really good support for all the workouts that I do I especially like the mesh here. Oh Can you guys see sexy man? She the mesh is not just for like looking sexy it’s really how Secluding especially when a workout that’s like intense and you start to sweat a lot and also it does flow better in my opinion And this time I also got these power shots Which are which are really good for super sweaty HIIT Whenever there’s a lot of chomping included and I always wear these and I also put this Casual, which best it’s really comfy. I’ll also show you guys after workout. So if you guys are ready for the workout, let’s go You don’t need to get out of bed for this workout All you need to do is get on top off your blanket or just put in a site so you can focus on this workout distraction-free First one as we kick to warm up and check out our legs to facilitate the burn you feed it Especially in the sides the harder you cakes the more burn you get Lying on the bed with hands below your bum bend your knees towards your chest Knees apart forming a mini V then kick right leg up to its top right direction Come back down and kick left leg up to a top left direction as if there’s a big imaginary V alternate sides for 45 seconds as you can see here and really putting in a force into every single rep to kick as hard as I can Just like anything you do in life. The more work you’re willing to put in the more results. You’ll get so first exercise Let’s start this strong. Give it a good kick That was definitely a good start let’s keep it going Second exercise looks quite similar, but with a more intense burn This time licks together extend it out with a slight bend in the knees Then Bend one knee towards yourself follow by kicking it up towards the ceiling Alternate between sides. This is just like the reverse motion of riding a bike, which is why it’s called a reverse bike Again, the stronger you take the more power you give to this imaginary bike the more burn you get you can feel it especially in The back of your sides working the hamstrings keep going We’re seeing bye to the flabby Bates only a couple more seconds left I’m sorry to tell you that we need to get up into all fours for the next exercise But the good news is we are still staying in bed Hence directly under your shoulders and your knees I repeat under your hips. We’ll first start on the right side for 22 seconds And then we’ll switch sides Lifting right leg up and extend it behind you while clicking your foot up to the ceiling then lower it down to 90 degree angle But keep it off the bed and go straight back to the next rep right leg It’s not touching the bed until we switch at 22 seconds to keep the tension You should feel it in your booty and fly keep it controlled and balanced remember your back and spine should be neutral Good work fourth exercise We’re staying in all four position as time for fire hydrant to work on the inner thigh outer thigh and booty Same starting position Again, we’re starting with right side keeping the right knee bent at 90 degrees angle Squeeze your booty to lift your right knee up to the side until it has parallel to the floor Lower it back down but not touching the bed This is one rep repeat on the side for 22 seconds and switch side We’re really working our sides and squeezing upwards Every time our knee is lifted up to the top point keep the body stable and just focus on using our sides and booty for The movement to make sure we’re getting the burn in the right path Take a quick break. This is my favorite many of your favorite Sue but late cake. We’re working on the left leg size fool kick for the first 22 seconds and half kick after Elbow bent and a 90-degree angle Supporting your torso up then work your side to lift your left leg up as high as you can This is one rep of the full ballet cake repeat for 22 seconds Let’s wish the half the late cake by having your upper side pointing towards the sky First bending your knee and then kicking your foot up for every rep again the more force you put into each rep the more results You’re going to get for your side’s focus guys will one set through this workout remind yourself why you’re here Remember your goal and give yourself that extra push Next is the same movement this time. We’re working on our right leg Same thing but this time lie on your left side and left your right leg working the whole off the side First 22 seconds lifting the whole leg and switch to half away kick Two Powerful cakes everyone, even though we’re still in bed. We’re not slacking. There’s a reason why we decide to do this workout today So stay committed make every single rep worth your time And We’re done with appellate kicks sevens lie on your back for frog pump It looks funny, but it’s another one of my favorite especially for the booty Feet together facing each other size apart pump up and down and let you tap the back without really resting your bum down Squeeze the booty every time you live it up live your booty higher and squeeze more you’re doing amazing so far Eight is super simple, but a great exercise to intensify the burn from funk Here feet hip-width apart on the bed knees bent Hands by your side lift your butt up as high as possible and here we’re not coming back down We’re holding our booty up in the air for 45 seconds be mindful to really squeeze your booty together the whole time You should be forming one straight line from your knees hip and shoulders keep it up Don’t drop I’m staying here together with you every second enjoy the fun in the side booty and just your whole legs We’re more than halfway through guys And we’re moving on to our 9th exercise split houses You might want to close your bedroom door in case someone walks in and wonder what you’re really up to Jokes aside lie on your back Hence, the lawyer bomb both Lakes raise up to the sky then. Here’s flip them to the side How low your Lexington goal depends on your flexibility start pulsing up and down as you work your inner and outer thighs? The FAFSA and the more you post the more burn you’ll get in the side The key here is to really engage your thighs for every single rep. You’ve got a That was fun, I know you secretly agree with me Next is public left with circle, but first work on our left leg in these 45 seconds Lie on your right side with your right elbow bent and a 90 degree angle to support your upper body then bend your right leg A 90 degree angle as well straighten your left leg and extend it off the floor Bracing it up and down in small and quick motions Your food is off the floor throughout the whole exercise To keep the tension in your side after 22 seconds switch to rotating your leg and small circles By adding circles on top of the left this helps burn the thigh and all angles. You’re feeling the burn it means it’s working being impact doesn’t mean we’re late and I’m put up next to important your name people gonna say when you walk by Great work guys Only one side of this walkout left next same movement this time. We’re lying down on a left side to work on the right side First 22 seconds lick left and then switch to lick circles. Remember to keep your legs straight No dropping until timer is up. Don’t quit on me guys. We’re getting closer to the end You see I keep the with it For more exercises to go 12 for me is probably the hardest especially doing it on the bed a single lick hit race But that’s really set for the booty and the thigh. So let’s go Lie face up your knees bent and feet flat on the bed We’ll first start with right leg up and bent forming a 90 degree angle While left leg down at the same time lift your hips off the bed and throw your left knee hips and shoulders form a straight line What the thigh and squeeze your booty heart at the top then lower your hip to lightly tap the bed before going up again Switch side after 22 seconds be mindful not to let your butt rest on the bed for too long so we can keep the tension In the booty and size feel the burn and raise it almost there 13 we’re continuing the burn with single lick hip raise hold so same movement as last one But this time we’re doing it as a whole Basically once you lift one leg up engage your thigh and your booty to just hold it up there in the air for 22 seconds Without coming down after that switch to the other side During the whole focus on working the side and the booty to love your hip even higher P21 six less than three minutes of this workout. Give it your all 14th as bottom like left to give your inner thighs another good friend Well first work on the right lake lie on a right side with right elbow bent at 90 degree angle to support our upper body Right leg straight as we cross a left leg over a right leg and Planet on the bed in front of her body Then working out right inner thigh Raise right leg off the floor as high up as possible Lower is down by lightly tapping the bed before coming back up again and we’ll switch side This is not the easiest but it really helps burn the little areas in the inner thigh that we normally ignore So keep it up. This is not the time to Fleck And were finally on to last exercise donkey pulses this is sort of similar to the donkey kick with dead Get onto your all fours But this time as you’ve left your right leg up Extended straight to the back parallel to the floor and just slip it up and down and passing motion without letting it come down This can really focus a burn on the back of the side Hamstring a front of the side our quads and of course also a booty switch the left leg after 22 seconds If you’re just breathing out here focus your mind back to really think about working the flag for the houses and not just Mindlessly moving your legs because that’s not gonna work push it Done good job for putting in the work You could have just lied in bed and did nothing but you’ve gone up and finish a 15 minutes like walk out with me So well done to you before you get on with your day or go back to the seat Remember to stretch out your legs Here are some simple ones that you can follow or you can also head over to my complete strategy videos Subscribe Comment like and push the bell button so that you get all the new notifications that we really appreciate it new videos, correct So hungry we You want to watch how the hilum block I’ll link it up

100 thoughts on “BEST 15 min BURN THIGH FAT (NO JUMPING) WORKOUT IN BED: Slim Inner + Outer Thigh & Whole Leg ◆ Emi ◆

  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. Each like is a reminder for me to exercise, I will update Each Day.

    Weight currently: at 36.1.
    Hight: 142.
    Age: 12.
    Was: 49 before 2 Years.
    goal: To get fit as possibe for school (2 weeks left) And I want to stand for 30.0.
    Day 1: 1:13Am My legs aren’t sore but its hard.
    Day 4: (FOrgOt) 7:53Am I saw some changes at my legs but I don’t know if I am looking wrong
    Day 5: 1:31Pm I have a feeling my legs got slimmer but I will weight Tomorrow.
    Day 6: 1Pm I Did it, but not till the End.
    Day 7: Not Complete
    Day 8: Not complete
    Day 9: Not complete
    Day 10: So I just weighed myself And now I am at 36.2 like I don’t even EAT suger Not even junk food
    Day 11 3:18 Am: So I just decided to do this order since I have a problem with eating, I have been eating anything & Everything comes in hand so here is the lish I will be doing over 1 week:
    Break fast- 1 Apple 3 water bottles
    Lunch- No lunch
    dinner- Any fruit besides Mango and avocado

    Please don’t change this order

    in case of change, You have to do squades 50 per 1 take at a time.
    this is the last thing I try after all, please stay strong with me

    Done with day 11 ✅
    I am hungry💔💔💔
    Day 12: so I changed the eating order thogh i dont eat lunch no snacks between i eat heavy dinner no oil no suger with salt with kabab 😖😖😖
    I can’t stop I need help
    oh and by the way, I started doing random arm exercises so like in case.
    Done with my day 12 ✅
    Day:13 I did them but not all
    Day 14: I ate rice and I regret it with no exercise
    Day 15: Rest ate rice
    Day 16: ✅ ate rice
    just weighted myself amd its 34kg💕
    but I am going till 30!


  3. Im gonna try this and give you guys updates😊

    Day 1: I did it and it wasn't too hard since I do exercise quite often.

    Day 2:

  4. Omg my legs were like 5 times my hand ! No kidding after like 2 weeks I actually realised that it became slimmer and I was like this is the best thing ever thank u so much emi u are the best!

  5. I love you emi! I’m doing your workouts for couple of days I’m feeling so good. The only thing that i can say is 感谢你❤️

  6. It is currently 3:15 a.m. I have just done an an workout twice. Now I've done this once. I will do abs and legs later. Right now I'm gonna do split pulses for a while until I get sleepy. It's a little hard to do this on a bunk bed, but I figured out how to make it work.

  7. Okay i'm doing this exercise every night before sleep and gonna update daily for a week. See how this goes. I'm also doing other workouts as well 3 times a day 30mins each! Plus this at night.
    🍓Day 1: i did everything 105mins of workout in a day! my whole body feels sore but it's good no changes yet ofc!
    🍓Day 2: okay Just finished this and imma go to sleep but today my leg muscles were really sore and couldn't even sit properly but no pain no gain right?
    🍓Day 3: ok the soreness is kinda gone but when i'm doing the exercises it really burns. I Just wanna lose some fat from my thighs i'm really trying my Best.

  8. I’m doing this again💓
    Heyyy, so I’ve been doing this workout three times a day plus I’m 13 and very active but haha my thighs r thr knly thocccc part! Ive been doing this all summer and I’ve went from a l to a m! Highly recommend this!

  9. Am also like you I wear small but my body is like Lisa blackpink nd I still feel like my legs aren't pretty I hope this will make me have pretty legs 😂😂😂😂nah just joking I don't need to do that it's because my whole body is slim exept my legs like why 😠

  10. Dear Emi and Chad,

    Thank you Emi for always pushing me through this and being positive in this world you are amazing and a beautiful girlie! Thank you Chad for making be laugh and making funny jokes about how lazy we are 😂 I LOVE you guys and thank you!

  11. So I’m gonna try this for 3weeks result will come in insta

    Day1: omg it hurts and I’m doing this for 5min stay strong Okay now 8 minutes after when do I finish this okay 5 min after only 2 min stay strong 2 minutes after yes i did it I’m sweeting but I did it hopefully tomorrow I don’t have pain but no pain no game
    Day2:i’m back i did have a lot of pain the day after but today did’nt feel the burn that much
    Day5 like so I will get notification

  12. I am in dire need of slimming down my legs Bec whenever i gain weight it's like it always shows on my inner and outer thighs, outer especially 😂😂😂😂

  13. Day 1: The burn felt nice lol💖
    Day 2: Felt the same, feeling changes but not seeing (feeling better about exercising and more motivated)
    Day 3: Just finishef the exercises and man im exhausted. I was too tired before doing this,but i didnt let that stop me from it! If you get a night where you're exhausted, think of the end results!
    Day 4: I wasnt able to do it because i had to work early that morning and i do my exercizes at like 9-11 pm
    Day 5: My sister left earrings on the floor and i had stood on them so i didn't do it
    Day 6: I'll be doing it twice today because i did miss yesterday! overall im seeing a small change, ill update after i do it!

  14. I did this for the first time today after your 10min Ab workout and at the end when you say “thanks for joining me for this 15 minute workout” I though ‘WAIT WHAT!?!? 15 minutes!?!’ It didn’t feel like it but I DEFINITELY felt the burn. Thanks for making this video~!! 💕💕

  15. Please Emi I want to know that if I want to lose only thigh and leg fats and tone it up so can I do that regulary and if yes then as you know I may get cramps and pain so what should I do for that??? Or else can I do only legs and thigh exercise skipping one day but daily ?? Please tell me I really need to work on my thighs
    Waiting for your reply

  16. But my thighs are the problem I just don't have fats In my body that much like only in Wednesdays and Friday and Thursdays I eat non health but there is salads and vegetables but I wanna know why it didn't do anything with me I tired like 6 times and nothing happens or maybe am doing it wrong or when someone comes in my room they check me and I pretend like nothing happened I don't know

  17. 😭😭😭 in love with emi's workout plans; I have wrist and breast surgeries, so very limited to move and all, but your workout plans aren't required for the strength (and put a pressure) in my wrists nor strain my breasts that much, therefore there are so many moves to do ✊✊

  18. I'm doing a 30 day challenge with an abb one (not from Emi)
    And I see some progress. I've been eating sorta alot yet below 2k calories and it's like 75% good eating and rest bad.
    Day 4: legs feel stronger and I feel great. Workout is easier and quick actually. ( I have huge thighs btw like 24 in. On one and 25 on the other)

  19. i've been doing a workout similar to this one for 2 weeks and the results were amazing:my legs looked much much slimmer and toned and i lost about 10kg,ofc with diet

  20. It's so funny that everytime I go to the comments in a video, there's always at least 10 BTS ARMY people commenting something😂 BTS and ARMY are taking over the world💜💜💜

  21. Started doing this today

    Day 1: ✔️ (At 3 AM. I can't sleep + when I woke up)
    Day 2: ✔️
    Day 3: ✔️
    Day 4: ✔️
    Day 5: ✔️
    Day 6: ✔️

  22. Keep pushing yourself guys if u need to take a break take a break but set a timer and keeps increasing the amount of strength u put in every exercise

  23. im so insecure about my legs the MOST
    im 125 pounds… TT
    i hope to lose leg fat… so i can wear the clothes i want without feeling guilty.

  24. I’m gonna try to do this, but I can’t promise that I finish. I have tried to workout probably 2-4 times before but I quit the fourth day because I thought to myself that it was unnecessary. It’s not, I have a bit big thighs and I want to get rid of the fat. So here we go:

    Day 1: I did it and I was tired! But because I’ve done it before it was not THAT hard

    Day 2: I almost didn’t do it because I thought to myself again “its unnecessary” but I did it, and because I’m still a kid I had to hide in my room, i was so close to get caught!

    Day. 3:

  25. So I planned to do this till the end of 2019..
    So I'll leave this comment here and after I'm done I'll tell the results ❤️
    (Doing 4 of your videos, 10 minutes plank workout, 10 minutes slim legs workout, 10 minutes ab workout and 15 minutes leg workout! Im also stretching after those workouts, stretches by emi and by Alivia D Andrea to grow taller, hope this helped! 😉)
    – started: 9th of October 2019
    – just so i remember –
    – 2020:

  26. I'm gonna do this workout in 1 week … Please support meee!

    Day 01: I done! Eishh My legs are trembling all the time😂 i can't even walk properly…
    Day 02: Done Workout! Feel soo tired!

  27. Good luck to everyone that’s doing this! I’m motivating you! No pain no gain, you can do this! Reach your goals 💕

  28. Mini guide
    V kicks
    Air bike
    Donkey kick
    Fire hydrant
    Full+ half ballet kick
    Bridge hold
    Split pulses
    Leg lift+ circle
    Single leg hip raise
    Single leg hip raise hold
    Bottom leg lift
    Donkey pulses

  29. I’m gonna do this I’ll update!!
    Day 1my thiGhs hurt, no result yet obviously x
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13
    Day 14
    Day 15
    Day 16
    Day 17
    Day 18
    Day 19
    Day 20

  30. Does this slim the legs without making them bulky? Because I already have bulky legs and calves and I’m afraid workouts will make them ever bulkier

  31. I started doing these before bed and I’ll update everyday. Also Chad is soooo right about being lazy 😂👌

    Day 1) I found the workout pretty fun and the burn nice knowing the exercise was working. Although the fire hydrant one hurt so much and I had to take a break for a few seconds

    Day 2) Sore but the workouts were easier than yesterday. I made it through the fire hydrant without stopping. No difference yet but that’s not surprising since It’s only day 2.
    I also started working on the lower abs workout for a flatter stomach

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