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100 thoughts on “Best Ab Workout In 10 Min ♥ Tummy & Muffin Top | Virginia Beach

  1. This routine is no joke! I always comeback to your videos when I want to increase my core strength and endurance. Man I feel out of shape. Had to modify and stop a few times. Will do this everyday!

  2. I love all your videos but This work out gets me sweat like a pig every single time. I love it so much. 10 mins burns more than an hour at the gym. No excuses!!! You're amazing and inspiring teacher

  3. Wow! Fantastic workout to aim for being able to do fully without rest. Great challenge! Thank you Boho Beautiful! 😃👍

  4. thank you so much, angel! i've got so much benefit from your videos!! God bless you for promoting a cruelty-free and healthy lifestyle!

  5. This is one of my favorite core workout from boho beautiful. My core muscles look and feel so much tighter after just the first time. I’ve done this workout for at least five times now and I feel so much stronger. I went from having to pause after every singe exercise to pausing only once. The progress I have made is so satisfying which makes this workout so addictive. Thank you girl!! ❤️ Btw I just can’t say how much I love the music. It feels like dream. Perfect.

  6. I'm not the weakest potato but damn, I was sweating a pool doing this, lmao. I also had to stop a couple of times because I just couldn't hold it anymore, but it was fun and I definitly recommend this.

  7. i just did this now at 7am…definitely a challenge!, simple and gets your cardiovascular system going in morning, thank you 😀

  8. Hi Juliana!! I've been doing your workouts for 2 years now and I figured its about time to say thank you for all your awesome workouts!! Also…. let me know if you ever come to Florida! 🙂

  9. Are there any tips for avoiding strain in the neck? When I do the crunches and bicycle kicks, it just hurts my neck. Am I doing something wrong or is it just a strength thing?

  10. Wow! This workout is amazing and tough 😄 this is the 2nd time I’ve tried it and can only get halfway through. I’ll keep at it as I can feel how well it works. Can’t wait to be able to complete it ❤️

  11. Wow Superman workout for most of her video rather then Super amazing targeted abs. The muscle is like wow the arms

  12. i simply love your videos, they help me find my inner balance and strengthen my whole body, i love you guys! keep going!

  13. I have been watching the videos for the past two day is amazing!
    I like the way she explains on each video, it’s easy to follow very good work out!
    Definitely is a totally different level to work out I love it 💛

  14. just finished and this is way harder than her workout i dd right before it (or maybe BECAUSE i have just done one immediately before this). either way, AWESOME game-changer!

  15. This is REALLY hard! I had to pause it so many times it ended up being like 15 minutes! You are so strong Juliana!! Namaste ❤️

  16. longest an most painful 10 minutes of my life!! Even if you're a pro this hurts!! Thanks though, I needed this.

  17. Whoa, nice wake up call to make me realize the old abs and core need more work! Glad to have discovered this one and will make it part of my travelling routine! THANKS!

  18. This I just AMAZING. 🦋🌞🥰..very intense..especially if you are a beginner. Thank you! Great exercises.

  19. Please show exercise after c section delivery ( especially for belly n thighs)

  20. Awesome workout! I lose 10kg by your video!
    This video is my favorite ❤️
    And I wonder the soundtrack of this video! It’s really nice!

  21. Wow! i sweated a lot and feel great! loving seeing your gorgeous playful dog in the back, the music and the beach. Thank you for creating such a nice atmosphere for us. Namaste!

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