Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What is the best alternative to whey protein? Part of that answer is going to depend on
your diet and your preferences. What type of diet? I’m trying to gain weight. If you are vegan, there are vegetable based
proteins like those based on soy or peanut flour like Veggie Elite. Nutrilite is based
on soy protein. I’m not vegan. In fact, many body builders
seem to be carnivores, though I’m not. Nature’s Way Alive and Now Foods make protein
drinks made from peas. No peas, please. Whey protein tastes bad enough
as is. Some of the mixes are unflavored, and you
can add fruit or flavorings to improve it. Others have vanilla or dessert flavors to
improve it. I’d rather eat raw eggs. Don’t risk salmonella. MLO has protein shakes
based on milk and egg protein. That is a better option. And it’s gluten
free. Garden of Life makes a mix that is said to
be milk free, soy-free and whey-free. It’s a shake for those who have tons of food allergies
or are on detox diets that prohibit those foods. I’ve never heard of a raw shake for those
trying to build mass. What could they put in it? They could put nuts in it. Their product says
much of the protein comes from sprouts. Ugh. I could just eat sprouts in a peanut
butter sandwich instead. Or drink a glass of milk. And if you’re
set on living off shakes, get Jarrow protein based off goat’s milk. Or I could go with the soy shakes. Or just add peanut butter powder to a fruit
smoothie or green goddess shake for protein. Or sit down and eat a bowl of cottage cheese
for protein. That’s where whey comes from. When you read Little Miss Tuffett, they make
it sound like she’s eating something way better than cottage cheese or whey.

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