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100 thoughts on “Best Beginner Routine To Start Calisthenics

  1. Great video! I have a question about it, here we have the exercises but, what would be the structure of the training with these exercises? Would work in circuit format, or making continuous series of the same exercise over and over again?

  2. yall relax..just like we girls enjoy looking at chris body guys enjoy looking at her body…shes very pretty

  3. This is a great beginner video. I like that she included so many modifications and kept saying “If you can’t do ____, try_____.” I feel like it makes finding a starting point way more approachable than other beginner workout videos I’ve seen

  4. 6:35 If You Don't Have Something To Jump On,Than Jump On The Bed With Your Partner😂😂😂😈😈😈

  5. The guys complaining about her clothes are the same guys that work out in speedos but don’t let woman work out in clothes made for working out lol grow up we’re all here for the same reason

  6. If I could already do pull ups and the rest of what is "demonstrated" here, I would not be looking for a beginner's routine.

  7. Ok, I'm from Russia. I'm gonna learn hardest calisthenics moves, come to USA, join Chris's team and take this girl's number.

  8. I was always terrible at leg raises. It looks like you get to throw your back into them. It looks more like you're trying to swing on a rope, instead of just bringing your legs straight up into the L shape. I'll be trying this soon. Thanks!

  9. No matter, push-ups are the best exercise ever. You feel a beginning of depression and then you slowly start for 150 reps army standard pushups. I must not be not normal but cute girls disturbing me so I should be aggressive if I had a coach with this look. She would need to be a real monster who wants to kill me. Image is a double blade.

  10. I try to keep my mind not thinking about women, that's why I like to watch Chris, she is hot and my brain just can't resist. By the way this is my ego expressing his nature

  11. Good motivation for the girls. I’m thinking to transfer my clients to calisthenics. And then such a paradox: the trainer trains in the gym, and he trains with his own weight 😀

  12. If you want to jump to specific parts:
    0:41 Pull-ups
    1:32 Australian Pull Ups
    2:02 Dips
    3:45 Hanging Sit Hold
    4:34 Hanging Leg Raises
    4:56 Push-Ups
    5:29 Knee Push-Ups
    5:53 Box Jumps

  13. I really want to be able to do a pull up and I see the beginner option. However, I don't have a bar to do this on. Not even close! No nearby parks have them or anything. Are there other options to do this?

  14. I like that she is strong and still keeps a feminine figure… That is what I want for myself. I want to start calisthenics but I do not want to look like a man, most girls end up looking like a guy :/

  15. The first calisthenics video I’ve seen was one with Chris Heria in February this year and I thought by myself: "that’s awesome. I wanna do the same incredible things with my body like he does." Now a few months and 1000 videos later my bedroom looks like a gym with a pull up bar and a dip station and resistance bands hanging in the doorframe. Chris is the one who inspired me to start my calisthenics journey and I’m so glad I did. Running once a week between 3 and 5 km to complete my training. Thanks Chris for motivating people.

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