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Hey, what’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj here of and And in this video, I just wanted to quickly
outline for you guys my recommended multivitamin product for a bodybuilding or fat loss program.
Now, you’re going to hear varying opinions on the use of multivitamins, some people support
them, some people don’t. I personally use a multivitamin. I think it’s a worthwhile
addition to a well-rounded supplement plan. The product that I use is “Life Force Multiple”
by “Source Naturals.” Now, I don’t have a specific affiliation with this particular
brand. This is the one that I really use. There’s a lot of really crappy multivitamins
out there to be honest. Most of the standard one-a-day formulas that you find at, you know,
the grocery store, are highly under dozed and use very low quality forms of the various
vitamins and minerals. See, most people think that Vitamin B6 is Vitamin B6, and Zinc is
Zinc, and Vitamin C is Vitamin C. But that’s not the case. They come in different forms.
And your body absorbs and utilizes the different forms in various ways. So, when you’re choosing
a multivitamin, not only do you want to find one that has adequate potency, but you also
need one that delivers the vitamins and minerals in bio-available forms that your body can
actually use. So, this product here has a very good profile. It’s very well-dosed. It
provides high quality absorbable forms of the different ingredients. This is a 180-tablet
bottle. The recommended dose on this is two to four per day. I use two a day. So, this
particular product will last me three months. And it’s about — depending on where you order
it from. I normally order from I’ll link this in the description box below.
But it’s about $30 or $35. So, on a monthly basis, it’s not a bad price. Obviously, the
use of a multivitamin is going to vary a bit, in terms of its significance, depending on
your particular lifestyle and the diet that you’re following. For example, if you’re in
a calorie surplus, there’s a better chance that you’re going to be receiving higher amounts
of vitamins and minerals through your diet. Whereas, if you’re in a cutting phase and
you’re in a calorie deficit, then a multivitamin becomes increasingly more important or it
could depend on your activity level. If you’re largely sedentary outside of the gym, your
need for a multivitamin might be a bit lower as opposed to somebody who’s working in construction
and training four days per week, and doing cardio and perhaps other activities. So, I’ll
leave it up to you. I personally think multivitamins are a useful addition. I’ve always used one.
I recommend them. They’re fairly inexpensive. And it’s a good overall insurance policy for
your diet to make sure that you’re getting optimal levels of the various vitamins and
minerals that you need for all of the small processes that are going on within your body.
So, I’ll link this in the description box below. You can check it out. I’ll also link
my complete supplement guide as well, which outlines all of my recommended supplements.
It’s separated into, what I consider, “The core essentials” and as well as, what I call,
“Tier two or tier three items.” So, it’s all categorized depending on your budget, and
depending on how detailed you want your supplement plan to be. So, I’ll link that below as well.
So, thanks for watching this video lesson. I hope you found the information useful here
today. If you did find the information useful, please make sure to hit the like button, leave
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for watching this video. And I’ll talk to you again soon.

36 thoughts on “Best Bodybuilding Multivitamin For Muscle Building & Fat Loss

  1. I take animal Pak vitamins along with animal flex vitamins.They really help me with my recovery from the gym and help me get the nutrients and vitamins and minerals that I need daily. Thank you for the awesome video.

  2. Definitely agree that the vitamin quality is what matters. I make sure I buy food based multi vitamins and supplements. I definitely notice a difference in energy when using food based.

  3. Kinda sucks when u go to and it says not available in you store! Its a multi! Why have an issue sending it to Australia?

  4. wow… My multivitamin ting ran out and I was getting ready to reorder the same one I've been ordering since 2008. It's one of the multivitamins that Sean recommended on his old TTABM program.

    Before ordering, i thought let me search "Sean Nalewanyj Recommended Multivitamin" and THIS NEW VID POPPED UP! So happy to see you're back old friend.

  5. Hey guys, just a quick note to let you know that I do my very best to respond to the questions that are posted here, but YouTube doesn't notify me of everything that is posted and with the hundreds of videos on this channel I can't possibly keep track of them all. If you don't receive a reply to your post, it most likely means that I simply didn't see it. If you need a guaranteed way to get in touch with me, please join the Facebook page and post your question there:

  6. Whats your thoughts on Orange Triad compared to this? Im using Orange Triad. Thx in advance and great videos man…appreciate the time.

  7. great review great mutli, right now I am taking orange triad but I will be ordering this multi very soon..are there any multi packs you recommend?

  8. hey sean i just wana let u know that i watch all your video and learn t alot and your an awesome dude! and honest 🙂 im gona buy this off ebay cause i cant buy it from cause im from Australia and cant get it for some reason, i got a quick question is it possible to get too much vitamins and minerals ? atm im in a small calorie surplus eating around 3000 calories, i eat 90% clean and 10 % whatever i want as long as it fits my macros, should i take 2 or 4 tablets ? and im also taking MTS greens + multi, will i be getting too much? i train 3 days on 1 day off if that helps thanks man 🙂

  9. @Sean Nalewanyj Hey Sean, I'm taking Citadel Nutrition Athlete Vitamin and i was wondering if that will do or will i need to add another multi to it. The reason i ask is because the Athlete Vitamin i take, only has about 5 ingredients in it. 

  10. Hey Sean, I was doing more research on multivitamins & dosages & i stumbled upon an article where where certain vitamins in multi's have competing interest. For example,

    Saying Zinc interferes with amino acid absorption & Copper uptake
    Saying Iron interferes with Zinc absorption
    Why you should take Zinc, Magnesium another time of the day like the evening not together with other vitamins
    Calcium interfering with Zinc, Iron & Manganese absorption
    High Phosphorus levels because its already in diet
    Missing &/or under-dosed vitamins like Vitamin K, Iodine, Chromium, Copper
    Wrong forms, dusting, add ons & more.

    Here's the original article:

    I'm not affiliated with this guy, but I trust your word more since you've helped me out tremendously. He also uses non-bs, real science.

    I wanna know your opinion on this please. Thanks.

  11. Hi, great video so should I take two a day as well as the vitamin D3 tablets in your other video as Life Multiple has Vitamin D3 in it also? Thanks Alex

  12. Sean where is that PDF or word doc that you had where you recommend the list of supplements to be taken? can u pls give the link? cheers

  13. THINK ABOUT THIS: No animal can fully digest and turn into energy, anything that has not passed through a plant first! If all of the plants on Earth died tomorrow, every living thing on this Planet would soon die of starvation, and no scientists synthetic vitamins could stop it!

    A Whole Food Multivitamin: Very important you understand this
    concept…The FDA purposely overlooks it because they are so stridently
    against anything that competes with their hold over our health.

    So all of the nutritional bases are covered, why Whole Food vitamins?
    Because 99% of vitamins on the market are "synthetic." And nature is not
    dumb enough to allow any animal to eat dirt and live off of it! As far
    as your body is concerned "synthetic is dirt."

    Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.

  14. Diet Plan called Fenoboci Diet Plan kept showing up here on different youtube and I thought they were scams. However after my mate follow it, and finally lost plenty of weight by using it without starving herself. I'm persuaded. Don't take my word for
    it, search for Fenoboci Diet Plan on the google search engine.

  15. So Sean would you recommend taking a Vitamin D supplement in addition to the Life Force Natural supplement you recommended here? Or does the Life Force multivitamin provide an adequate amount of Vitamin D? Thanks.

  16. Hey Sean, Love Your Videos!! What Do You Think Of BB.Com’s New Multi Vitamin They Just Released Under There “Signature Series”? Thanks Bro

  17. I work out at home daily.I'm a middle aged single man without kids.I'm a vegetarian too.Do you both middle aged men and vegetarians need to take them to stay healthy?

  18. Is 4 pills safe?All vitamins+minerals seems to be in decent amount at 4 capsules serving.Other than vitamin A.Which is 12,000Iu…You don’t think that much A is harmful????

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