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Hey what’s going on guys? Troy here with
I want to talk to you guys about my three favorite bodybuilding supplements and I want
to tell you guys why I think you guys should be taking them, why I take them and some of
the numerous benefits all of them have. Let me just first say these are my three favorite
bodybuilding supplements. I know there’s four things here because this is a variation of
branched chain amino acids which I’m going to get to in a bit. This is like a bodybuilding
multi-vitamin which I’m going to discuss in detail and this is buffered creatine. So you
notice I don’t have protein powder on the list and the reason is because I think the
best source of protein is from whole foods – like chicken and beef and fish and eggs
and all that kind of stuff. I don’t think that you should constantly be supplementing
with protein powder and neglecting the whole food sources. So that’s why protein powder
is not one of my top three favorite supplements. Now I do admit I take protein powder daily
but I might have a lot different dietary needs than you guys – I’m in the gym a lot more,
I’ve been training a lot longer than you guys (chances are). My body just requires more
protein to constantly build new muscle mass. When you’ve been training for like five to
ten years, you have to really push yourself outside your comfort zone. You really need
to start changing things up. So if you’re in the first couple years of your development,
make sure you get your protein sources from whole food supplements, or from whole foods
in general. First off I would classify this as a bodybuilding
vitamin. And what I mean by bodybuilding vitamin is it’s going to be a lot more complex than
say a vitamin that you buy at the grocery store or at a Walgreens or a CVS. So this
is MuslePharm’s version of a bodybuilding multivitamin. Highly recommend it – it’s called
Armor-V. So what this has is kind of like your A through Z; all the vitamins that you
need. It’s got an Omega 3-6-9 complex, it’s got a green and vegetable blend, it’s got
a fruit and vegetable blend, it’s got antioxidants, it’s got pro-biotics and immune enhancers.
It also has an Armor Blend, which is like ginseng, stuff for natural sources of energy,
and it also has system matrix (a detoxify matrix) like soft palmetto and really healthy
stuff for your colon. There’s a few variations of bodybuilding multivitamins; Orange Triad’s
a really good one. I believe Animal Pak’s a really good one but I try to stay away from
that one just because you have to swallow so many pills. This one’s pretty easy – I
just swallow six of these little capsules a day so it’s really easy and convenient to
take. And I recommend this because I know some of you guys don’t eat a lot of fruits
and vegetables; you don’t have a really balanced diet. And even if you do, you probably don’t
have it every single day of the week. So you’re in the gym – you’re training a lot. You’re
sleeping less. Your immune system is just a little bit lower. So I’ll take a quality
bodybuilding multivitamin every single day just to have backup; just to have assurance
that my body is getting all the vitamins and minerals that I need to perform at my optimal
level – to build muscle, to increase my energy and most importantly not to get sick.
Because if you guys are sick and your immune system is down, regardless of what you eat
and how you train, you’re not going to be able to build muscle when your immune system
is down. Just keep your immune system really healthy – take a quality bodybuilding multivitamin
every single day. Next up on the list – I have buffered creatine
and this one is so crucial for you guys looking to build muscle mass. Especially you natural
skinny guys – who may not have the perfect genetic situation to build the optimal amount
of muscle mass. You want to be able to lift the most weight possible so taking creatine
before you work out so it’s going to help you put the most overload possible on your
muscles. It’s been proven by science that creatine supplementation before you work out
helps you put more overload on your muscles, helps you get stronger, and the more overload
– the more weight you can press, the more weight you can bench, the more weight you
can squat, the more weight you can barbell row, (and all these great compound exercises)
the more muscle tissue you’re going to break down and the higher your anabolic hormones
are going to be. So the more weight your able to press in the gym, your testosterone and
your HGH and your insulin and all these great anabolic hormones – they’re going to be
sky high; you guys are going to get stronger and the stronger you get the more muscle mass
you build. So it’s kind of a really predictable scale – if you guys notice, when you get
bigger you usually get stronger. You’re not going to get bigger unless you get stronger.
Creatine is the best supplement in world history for helping you guys get stronger. So if you
want to get bigger, focus on getting stronger – take creatine pre-workout. And last but not least, this is branched chain
amino acid powder and this is one of my favorite supplements because especially when you’re
dieting down and you’re reducing your calories, it helps you maintain muscle mass. Basically
it always helps you increase your protein synthesis. So I just take it throughout the
day. It’s great to take it before your training. It’s even great to take while you train. It’s
a very anti-catabolic so it helps keep your body in an anabolic state basically throughout
the day. So the great thing about branched chain amino acids is that it is metabolized
in the muscle instead of the liver. So it’s constantly able to being utilized to create
more protein/energy. Why I have this out here is that a lot of supplement companies make
flavored BCAAs. This is Xtend. So basically what this is, is it tastes like chemical Kool-Aid.
It’s kind of a bad example but I don’t mind the taste at all. This one is Orange Dream
and they have like a million different flavors so what this is, is basically electrolytes,
branched chain amino acids, citrulline and l-glutamine. That’s all this is. It helps
you build muscle, burn fat and it helps you recover faster. I notice it also helps me
diminish my cravings for sugary drinks. It’s kind of sweet tasting. If there’s one knock
on stuff like this, they do use sucralose. Which it is what it is. It’s still calorie-free.
It’s still going to help you increase your anabolic hormones – increase your protein
synthesis so you got to take the good with the bad. I know a lot of fitness models and
bodybuilders who will drink this throughout the day. It’s especially great to drink during
your workouts. I’m trying to stay really lean and I’m still trying to build a little bit
of muscle mass – I don’t want to lose the muscle mass I have. I never want to lose the
muscle mass that I have so when I’m dieting down and want to get super lean, I will take
this stuff 3-4 times a day. I recommend 10-15 grams of BCAAs or you can throw it in your
protein powder post-workout. But I’d say for like for each 150 grams of body weight, I’d
recommend about 10 grams of BCAAs. So there you have it guys. Those are my three
favorite bodybuilding supplements. I highly recommend that you guys take all three. I
think it will help you guys tremendously make gains, increase strength, increase your overall
health and just be a better stronger you. So if you guys are looking to bulk-up and
gaining muscle mass, check out Thanks guys.

12 thoughts on “Best Bodybuilding Supplements: My Favorite 3 Supplements

  1. What are the 3 best bodybuilding supplements?

    Fitness model Troy Adashun shares his 3 favorite muscle growth supplements in this video. 

    These 3 supplements are powerful muscle growth catalysts that will help any naturally skinny guy pack on lean muscle gains. 

    Best Bodybuilding Supplements: My Favorite 3 Supplements

  2. What are the best bodybuilding supplements for toddlers? And don't say creatine. I tried that with my son and he got really sick.

  3. Peak anabolic protein fusion!
    Because it contains a lot of glutamines, bcaas AND got 91g protein per 100g.
    Taste is not the best , but it is much more effective than golden standard and it is very cheap. ( 20 bucks per kilogramm)

    BCAA + protein + glutamines at once for a low price, i think nothing can beat that. 

    It tastes like very cheap chocolate milk…but you add dextrose anyways so it doesnt matter (dextrose makes the taste much better)

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