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100 thoughts on “Best Carb Foods For Muscle Growth! | Maximize Your Gains Without The Fat!

  1. Hi Scott, the bread I eat is called “Wholemeal”, is this the same as whole grain? Btw it’s made by a brand called Braces

  2. Basically in short…

    Complex Carbs is best to keep your metabolism fast for building muscle and losing fat;

    Black Beans (bag/not can), Lentils, Brown Rice, 100% Whole Grain, Oatmeal, and Quinoa.

  3. "muchas gracias" From Ecuador lol
    All this information should make losing fat easy. Honestly thanks. One question though.. Start the day high in carbs end low in carbs? I used to do IMFasting in the morning but am considering to do it in the evenings. With lowest carb count at dinner. Would this help at all?

  4. I make my own bread, and yes whole grain whole wheat flour is used. I also like good ole potatoes, which I recently learned that when they are refrigerated after cooking, many of the starches convert to a prebiotic fiber

  5. I'm just annoyed & happy at the same time how I naturally tend to eat low carbs…which is good but when I'm trying to get big sucks cuz i struggle on filling the increase in carbs in my diet😭.
    I'm like carbs are what are making Americans fat af yet im here strugglin to eat them😅😭

  6. Instead of quinoa i also recommend millet cost much less and taste good.

  7. 1. Beans (especially black ones).
    2. Lentils – better than beans.
    3. Sweet potatoes – better when boiled.
    4. Brown rice.
    5. Whole grain bread
    6. Whole grain pasta.
    7. Oatmeal.
    8. Quinoa – even better than brown rice.

  8. So it’s ok to eat complex carbs after a workout? Thought u needed that big insulin spike after gym, like eating simple carbs?

  9. Scott all I can say is you are a brave man to be on You Tube with more people dissecting your accent instead of noting your excellent advice . Sheesh! (And continue to be yourself : awesome )

  10. Why has no one mention Christopher Walkers at Anabolic men and his research? Why? People in fitness and health are used to always refer to some ne study or comment on som Youtubes claims about something but no one has mentioned Christopher Walker…????!

  11. Can you please explain the process in which a person gains fat? If you eat, for instance, a donut which will cause an insulin spike, would your body store fat immediately after, or would you have to spike your insulin multiple times a day to accumulate fat?

  12. Glicemic Index is useless and that's is fact. Just compare index for pizza and rice. That's mean pizza is healthier than rice?? When you add fat to any food then glicemic index changes.

  13. also worth noting that wholegrain bread is also 5g of protein per slice. I like peanut butter sandwiches using such as a good snack (although ive given bread a miss lately as bloating) as 30g of complex carb and 20g protein which a nice side of good fats

  14. I've watched this several times (like a lot of Scott's videos) – I'm gluten free (I'm coeliac), so can't eat whole grain bread or pasta, and REALLY dislike lentils & sweet potato, so I'm almost limited to rice & beans ☹️

  15. The highest wholegrain bread I can find is only 30% percent. There is one other that says "wholegrain wholemeal" at 50% . Should I keep looking?

  16. Carbs are absolutely not essential. You can fuel your body with fat through ketosis. In some ways, running off ketones is better, especially for endurance athletes. We have all been taught the importance of carbs in our diets, but some smart people eventually asked why the Inuit could live healthy lives eating almost entirely animal fats and proteins, with levels of fat generally considered "unhealthy." High levels of body fat are probably not good for anyone, and you can become obese on any diet regardless of macro proportions. There is a lot of debate surrounding ketogenic diets and the presumed need for high carb intakes, but we know you don't actually "need" a high carb diet, even for weightlifting. The debate centers around what is better for us in the long term. People should really try to be open to new ideas and accept that the things we have been taught and accepted as true may not be.

  17. I use “quick oats” which are still 100% whole grain rolled oats. Is that ok vs using the oats you have to cook? Thanks

  18. If Bill Burr had a psychological breakdown like Edward Norton in fight club, his Boston Tyler Durdan would be Scott Herman lol

  19. the best part is most whole grain loafs is just 52% whole grain. cant legally say its whole unless its above 50% (bread technician)

  20. Maple and brown sugar oatmeal packets were all I use to eat, thinking i was eating a healthy breakfast LOL that was until I really dug deep into nutrition and realized I need to cook my own oatmeal hah

  21. Haha the anti nutrient in all these plant foods, the only reason for plant foods is for caloric needs. Your talking about complex vs simple. But it really comes down to be able to digestion. Brown rice has fiber but fiber is indigestible n is not needed for bowel movements. So extra inflammatory brown rice vs white jasmine more bioavailable n less in oxalates. You cant win!

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