Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s the best cardio? Well, first of all cardio is great and a very important part of any workout routine because it’s the best and most efficient way to burn fat. If your goal is to burn extra fat that’s stored on your body. You really want to start with cardio. I know there’s a lot of people like to lift heavy instead. Weight training is important and all of those things are great but they’re great in supplement to a cardiovascular based exercise routine. So you really need to get your basics down before you start doing anything extra like weight lifting. Because that will make you stronger and that will help you build muscle but the number one thing that is important for fitness just in general is your cardiovascular fitness and as you shed fat You’ll be seeing your the muscles that are already naturally there and you’ll be that much more motivated to Build them up and make them stronger. So, what is the best cardio workout in my opinion? I love running. I think there is no workout that can beat running in terms of calorie burn, in terms of fat burn, in terms of feeling great feeling strong, and feeling accomplished. There’s also something called a runner’s high. When you finish a great run you just feel absolutely Amazing and I think There’s no feeling better than a great great run. Running is so good because it works out your entire body. Number one, of course, it’s a cardio workout. So you’re working out your heart, you’re sweating hard, Your heart rate is up, you’re working intensely. It’s a high intensity exercise. But you’re also working the muscles of your entire body. Think about it. You’re working your legs because you’re running. And you’re working all of the muscles in your legs: your glutes to speed you up, your hamstrings, your quads, your calves, Everything is working in your lower body. And the faster you go the more you work them and you get these lean, toned Beautiful runners’ muscles instead of these big bulky ones that you would build on weight training machines. Then the next thing that’s so great about running as a cardio workout is it works your abs and your core. Who doesn’t want a great abs?! Because there’s two parts to it. Number one. It’s going to get rid of the fat around your middle. It’s gonna get rid of that belly fat because you’re running and Always your body’s trying to be more efficient. And so if you’re running a lot, your body’s going to shed that fat around your middle to make it easier to run and to make you leaner So that it’s just easier for you to run overall and better and a more pleasant experience. So it’s a it’s an ab workout, a core workout and your back too. Very important for balance, great for balance, great for your abs and Lastly it’s also an arm workout because you’re swinging your arms back and forth. You’re doing these small movements and you’re gonna get these beautiful Toned lean arms instead of if you lift weights You’re gonna get those bulky muscles that are concentrated on one side or the other. So you might get huge big biceps but your triceps are ignored. Whereas running is a very functional move. It’s functional training. And so you just get this beautiful lean body overall and it’s functional and your body feels great. You look great and you have a tons of energy. Running is just so so good for you and Actually the last bonus thing that’s great about running is it works almost as a meditation. So when I run I literally have no thoughts in my mind. It’s so clear and peaceful and The faster you run, the faster you get to this state of just absolute Zen and It lasts after it and that’s what I mean when I talk about a runner’s high. Your body feels amazing and your mind itis just so clear and It’s just great.

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