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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “Best Couple Workout Motivation 🔥 Fitness Couple Workout

  1. Am i the only one bothered by that one girl whos not TYING HER HAIR

    like i have hair as long as hers but i have it in like 2 braids whenever Im at the gym

  2. I had to quit the video after 6:26 to comment that I LOVE this compilation!! Great video. Now I just need a girl like that… ; ) Thank You all who motivated me back in the game!

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  4. This is an amazing video!!
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  5. like a walking sex p*** film could you imagine looking at them you f*** up want to cut your throat why would you go to with help club but had them is members you never going to be them although I was close when I was young

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  10. My boyfriends workout almost everyday and he wants me to join him. I am chubby so i thought he started to feel ashamed of me. I came here to get some inspiration and motivation. Its not like i don't want to go. I am just scared what will people think if i go inside gym with him and how he does everything easily but i will struggle, be breathless and red.

    But i admire these couples. They really are amazing😍❤

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