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Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist, together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet in our opinion of course Bob best exercises for sciatica pain relief herniated disk and or spinal stenosis Right you can get the same symptoms pain down the leg with all of these diagnoses. That’s the common denominator The big thing is how do you cure it? Yeah, because the thing is with each one of these quite often you may do something quite different, Yeah, we didn’t mention piriformis, Bob How could we forget the piriformis? Piriformis is another thing that can send pain down your legs so it’s a little small muscle in your butt That can cross over the sciatic nerve and put some pressure on it, and that’s not good. I like to say buttocks Okay, good for you Brad. There are some people out there. We forgot it. Oh Yeah, if you are new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on How stay healthy fit pain free, and we upload everyday Also go over to Facebook because we’re bringing this back now this week if you like us an angel’s gonna get its wings or a Devil is gonna get its horns. Oh, yeah Brad you forgot. I forgot There we go, a lot of people don’t know we’re on Facebook. It’s Bob and Brad Just look for Bob and Brad on Facebook. Say no more. Good job Brad boy you’re right on the ball today Yeah, well Bob you know Once in a while we get lucky and that happens alright Let’s start to talk about the first one Brad what we’re gonna talk about a bulging herniated disc right so you’ve got that pain going down the leg as a matter of fact just yesterday treated a woman with this all the way down to her heel and You know you need to figure out what’s it from and as a therapist we’re thinking right away There’s a number of options We just mentioned but in her situation sitting Was very much irritating, going from sit to stand she could hardly bend forward in her case bending backwards was very uncomfortable and the symptoms were classic so I Went through the evaluation and the first thing actually the second thing that I tried that she can do at home To help alleviate the pain was traction, in other words pull on the spine Lonnie can you catch this bulging disc right here? This is just a model of our spine with the the red bulging disc now Bob can you pull on those two femurs down there so if we pull, put a little pressure it’s gonna pull the bones apart and take a little bit of stress off the disc and Hopefully sometimes what they used to say is it provides a centrifugal force Oh really, yeah I know you don’t believe that One way or another if we can get the pain out of the way we’re doing good And this is exactly what happened to this woman And this is something you can do throughout the day, you don’t need to do it like once a day you can do it every hour if you like So what you do is if you got two good sturdy chairs Just like this You said she did it with a walker? Right Yeah, she didn’t have a good setup, and I had a walker that wasn’t, it worked out well And I just let her use a walker She’s gonna take it home and use it for a while and when she gets better you know hopefully she’ll bring it back And this is all she’s doing she’s holding Locking her elbows out and kind of relaxed in the stomach muscles and right now I’ve got very little toes You can see the weight through my toes and feet are very minimal Yeah, you don’t have to lift the legs all the way up You don’t have to do that, right and she was an older lady or not, 60 years old so and she was able to do this yeah, and she was doing this and immediately The pain in her leg went from a 4 pain level down to about a 1 and it’s just you know the look On her face like oh that feels good And so with her when she put weight back on it would come back but with her She’s gonna do this throughout the day every hour And she’s gonna hold it for about 30 seconds until her arms get tired and do that a few times And then she’s gonna start doing the next exercise. Should I show that Brad? Along with this and again throughout the day you can do this But a lot of times people have trouble getting down and doing this during the day That’s why that’s a nice option but if you can if you’re able to You’re gonna want to be able to do these every hour too, and this is the McKenzie technique. We’re only going to Briefly touch on it today You start off just laying prone like this laying on your stomach And then eventually you might just get up on the elbows again You’re looking for the symptoms to, you want to point this out Brad? Yes Symptom to stop going down the leg and actually start coming on up. We call it centralizing. Yeah so like in this case pain all the way down to the heel if we can get it up and in her case we Could get it up above the knee that day, so it goes out of the foot out of the calf Yep And you just feel it from the knee and up or you might get it to the point where you Feel it in the buttock only. But then eventually you’re gonna put your hands below Underneath the shoulders then you can start working this way and this helps try to push that bulge back in basically Precisely Bob, so eventually you could try to get all the way up But you want to make sure you’re not doing this you’re not lifting your pelvis up Now in her case Bob I just wanted to carry through she’s right now using the pillow. Oh, she is There’s some people can’t lay prone It just doesn’t feel comfortable yet So they start off with a pillow or two so her goal is to get Rid of it do some mini press ups, can even work some press ups like this and then eventually get the pillow out of it and then start press ups that way so if you know it is a Herniated disc you probably want to look at some of our other videos. Just type in Bob and Brad herniated disc or sciatica Quite a playlist on there and you Got a very good chance of figuring out a way to be successful to get rid of it so the next one if the sitting doesn’t change things and these symptoms aren’t consistent with the herniated disc we just talked about This one you can try very easily just lay on your back and start stretching that piriformis And what I do is I just test one side to the other. I do the same thing So what he’s saying is It’s a little muscle in the buttock like we talked about and What happens is if you have one side that’s involved it tends to be tighter on that side so Very easy the way to test it is just to go ahead and bring the knee up and to the opposite shoulder So that piriformis muscle is right in here so this particular stretch stretches it so yeah I do it with this side And then I try it the other side and this one, oh this one feels much tighter and maybe even recreates the pain Then yeah that stretch would be good for you to be doing right and you’re gonna hold it you know 10 to 20 seconds it depends on how it responds, and how tight it is and you’ll do repeated stretch You know you could do the pressure on pressure on pressure on pressure off typically up to 10 repetitions is the most you’ll need at one stretch, but that’s a nice way to Do that, the other one why don’t you stay laying down Bob you can do the figure with the knee up? So I’m putting my ankle across the
opposite knee and I’m actually pulling this leg up like this So this is he’s doing the right leg right now. Yeah It really does do it and here I’m going on the other side and pulling that one up. This is one more You know if you’re tight in the hips or you’re a little older Sometimes this figure four is a little more difficult to get the flexibility But you can do the knee to the opposite chest for sure, the thing that I found that worked the best Brad with this is Actually my sister who was just suffering from this since she had emailed me, and I said we had given my mom one of these This is the Pure Wave massager It actually does percussion so it works out really good people really like this thing anyway I said go over mom’s and Borrow it and so she did and she was just gonna go ahead and she’s gonna work that muscle and massage that muscle You can even do it in this position here right and it’s because The best success I’ve had with my patients is when we’ve done massage Brad And the thing is it’s very difficult to massage that area yourself especially for any length of time because your hands just get too tired So that’s why it’s great to have an external device That’s gonna do the work for you right, so we got this listed down in our Amazon products. I mean again We all love it. We all use it. We endorse it. We give them to our family members for presents Yeah, that’s right. We know they’re gonna like it so That’s how that works and the next thing Bob is stenosis Typically stenosis is with people who are older, but certainly not always I’ve got stenosis if you got spondylolisthesis There’s a good chance that stenosis is gonna get involved with that a really common symptom Is if you’re just standing like grocery shop not grocery shopping, but shopping in the store I’m watching my wife try You know go through things getting bored and all of a sudden that down my leg, and I’m getting or walking longer distances Oftentimes will cause that leg pain with stenosis, but if you bend forward like this, feels better Or you sit down pain goes away very relieved That’s a very strong symptom of stenosis and the nice thing about stenosis is it’s a little easier to treat Simply lay down on your back, go ahead Bob You want to? Yeah absolutely. He just got back from vacation He’s kind of catching up on the world so you start off usually single knee to chest Brad Yep, single knee to chest and see how it responds to that and you can bring this knee down, but a lot of times I’ll have my knees up like that to get a little more flexion in that lumbar spine But you do what feels best and the same with this you can do pressure on Pressure off pressure on pressure off and then we’re gonna go ahead And you know maybe do the other side single leg, but eventually you want to try to do Both legs and when you do this it should feel good if it’s the right exercise It’s gonna feel relieving right away. It’s gonna eliminate that leg pain and stretch it out, stay down there one more time Bob I want to show this next thing That we did you could take a towel roll, or if you happen to have One of the six inch foam rollers this works the best, you can roll up a towel nice and tight To about six inches we got this little model we made here with some red duct tape We put sheets and towels together, and it’s a nice firm roll, it’s solid But we’re gonna show with this because it does work a little better with The six inch roll. This is from OPTP. We really like this particular roller because it’s just it’s built well, and it’s comfortable now You’re gonna put it on the sacrum below the belt line so it’s gonna be right about here And when you put weight on it do you feel that? Yep it’s kind of pushing me into flexion a little bit That posterior tilt which opens up the gaps and relieves the stenosis, and then when you do that it looks a little uncomfortable So when you’re doing this do you start just doing this Brad or Do you go right to the knees too? No I’ll just start like this That’s what I was thinking. Yep. Yeah, it looks uncomfortable. It’s not at all it actually feels good Yeah, and you need a roll that’s a little softer not the real hard one This one’s more definitely the lower density lower density, yeah Go ahead and start pulling one knee to the chest and you don’t have to get aggressive because it’s already Putting that posterior tilt on the pelvis. I really enjoy this, I could go both knees to chest, if you’ve got stenosis I’ve got a patient that I’m working with and she’s doing this exact same stretch too, it’s a different one I don’t have stenosis but It’s still very comfortable to me. It’s not an issue. I don’t know how this might feel Worse if you have a herniated disc Yep, then if it hurts and it doesn’t give you relief right away Yeah, this is not something no pain don’t gain, don’t be doing it if it hurts Precisely Bob. You’re right on the money for just getting back from vacation Got the fog out of my head hopefully so Alright, thanks everybody for watching

27 thoughts on “Best Exercise For Sciatic Pain Relief, Herniated Disc, & Spinal Stenosis

  1. Just watching you gentlemen helps relieve my sciatic pain. Thank you for the upload. I've had bad sciatica for four weeks now.

  2. I have both spinal stenosis and sciatica. I get relief by sitting down for about an hour after standing for 2 hours. And get relief from sitting down by standing for an about an hour. Is there any way to get relief from both, or should i minimize the pain from my sciatica first and then work on the stenosis or vice versa. Its been going on for about 6-7 years. Also, have hip pain amd hip feels like it is out of socket. Just a side note if anyone can guide me in the right direction for that. Thank you guys for the time to read, and hope the best for you gentlemen.

  3. Thank you so much for all you do. This was a perfect refresher, coming off vacation with a bit of a concern and will be doing these daily and sharing!

  4. I had a laminectomy done almost 8 years ago. I’ve been have sciatic symptoms again for several months. A chiropractor inflamed the issue. I’m trying to avoid another surgery and these exercises will help immensely!!

  5. Hi pals…. Pls make a video how to tone and strengthen the leg to someone who suffers from herniated disc … Preferably in gym …

    To ask concisely, temme the exercise for leg day at gym.. I never find video in did in this topic.. hope you will do it

  6. The piriformis exercises work well for my stenosis too but the very last one on the foam roller is heaven, the relief is brilliant! ♥️♥️

  7. I have spinal stenosis and SIJD (which I had an ablation done on both sides about 3 & 5 months ago). When you did the exercise for the piriformis where you laid on the table and brought you knee up to the other side I tried it. It felt pretty good on the right side, but I could not even lift my left leg all the way up let alone to the side. What is my cause for concern with that?

  8. I have been doing those cobra stretches. I still have major tingling in my left leg. it start right about mid-thigh, goes down my leg to the toes. I hate it, it's very annoying. I do alot of other stretches too.

  9. hi there guys i got a pain in my lower back on right hand side bending forward or sitting down it hurts or lifting leg while stiting down or standing i have had this for about a month its not going down my leg just in lower back on one side is this siactica ? when i do inversion therapy seems to decrease the pain ? thanks

  10. In all of your videos that I've watched, a lot of them btw, where you reference herniated disc it is always mentioned in conjunction with sciatica. I have am diagnosed as having two centralized herniated discs. I never have the pain go down my leg. Do your herniated disc videos still apply for someone like me w/o the leg pain? Is there anything better or different I could be doing? Thanks

  11. Hi, great channel here:) have a question. this might be hard to get a diagnosis from text but still i want to try because doctor here cant find what is wrong with me. i have back pain for some time now and its getting worse fast. the biggest problem lies in the right flank at the bottom back. pain goes up a little too. the muscle just feels overused and is realy sensitive. but the most anoying part of it is that it signals off a nerve (or at least i think) in my front right side abs which then causes cramps and stinging pains in this area. the stinging pain makes it very hard to get some proper rest. tention goes down the right legg as well and there is a sensitive point not at the outside of the thigh but near the pelvis at the point of the bone.
    as a cab driver my right side gets most stress i guess, but i wouldnt want to miss my job for the world. what could this be and how to minimize these cramps? any ideas? sry for bad english btw.

  12. good as always – you guys are in great shape-could play for the timberwolves- in my opinion of course m,k wis.

  13. After rupturing my L4-L5 twice within two months, being partially paralyzed, and living in severe pain for the last 6 years, I am finally getting some relief! I've been watching your videos and have learned so many things! I'm feeling as if there is life ahead of me instead of just steady pain. I was not offered physical therapy after my surgeries. My surgeon wasn't even sure I'd be able to straiten my left leg again. I did manage to figure out how to walk again, and with out much of a limp, but your videos on herniated discs, sciatica, etc have made SUCH a quality of life improvement for me! I'd love to hug you both and tell just what a difference y'all are making!

  14. luve u guys.. can a ruptured or damaged L4 L5 be reversed ? can the damage be reversed with those stretches and exercises ?

  15. Any thoughts on the yoga trapeZe.. basically a hammock that u can invert and traction your own spine…ita great for instant relief for me😍

  16. Brad similar to you, I have been diagnose w/ Chronic bilateral L4 pars defects with Grade 1 "Anterolisthesis" of L4 over L5… I can not  seem to find any information on it. Is Anterolisthesis the same as  either Spondylolysis or Spondyolistesis ? I have been managing pain down the right leg for decades and as recently as fall of 2017 now experiencing left buttocks pain while getting up from a sitting position and for the first few steps.  Looking for anything to help stabilize my Grade 1 slippage from advancing to a Grade 2.  My CT  scan shows almost no disc to speak of between L4 and L5 so I guess I don't have to worry about a herniated/ bulging disc when it comes to certain exercises..?

  17. I am 22 years old and have had a painful herneated disc for over a year and a half now and I have went through 18 physical therapy sessions, 6 chiropractor visits, an epidural injection, acupuncture, i take olive leaf, turmeric, omega 3 oils, I use an inversion table, i have improved my diet and stopped drinking soda completely, and nothing has helped so far. I dont have foot drop and the pain doesnt go down even to my knee, but considering how long it has been happening, should I consider any other options? I dont know what to do. Any help is appreciated

  18. In previous videos we were advised that the McKenzie technique was not good for spinal stenosis, but here it's recommended. Can anyone please clarify?

  19. Hi Bob,
    I have lower back disc prolapse & sciatica fro 2 years. I need to sit for meditation for 2-3 hours.. and my pain starts to act up.. what do I do. I cannot stop pose for meditation is siddha asana. ..sort of cross legged sitting position. I do put a cushion under my pelvic seat.. but paid dose come back..
    Also is my meditation posture coming into he way of my healing?

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