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What Exercise Burns the Most Fat Best way
to build muscle Hey guys it’s Justin from the Under 20 Workout
here to answer the question, “What exercise burns the most fat?” Start off by saying,
compound exercise will burn more fat than isolated. You’re asking yourself what’s a
compound exercise? Great example, I’ll show you an isolated first. The curl is an isolated
exercise. You’re isolating on your biceps only. The trampoline, that’s a compound move.
Every muscle in the body is working. That’s the key to burning fat. You want every muscle
in the body working at the same time, put a huge demand on energy and also gives you
something called the ‘after burn effect’. The demand is too much for your body so over
the next 24 to 48 hours your body is still burning energy. There’s a test I want to give
you today, three exercises and I’ll show you exactly what I mean.
First off is the squat. Squat in itself is just using the lower body. It’s a compound
exercise but a light compound. So squat is here. That’s my son in the background. I want
to do 10 of these, 10 squats just up and down. I’m going to show you a full compound exercise
now which is the trampoline. After you do 10 squats, try 10 of these. From here, you
go down a squat and go as high as you can. Every muscle, your core, your arms, 10 of
these and you’ll see how much work and demand it is. That’s test 1.
Test 2 is the jog versus the sprint. Jogging, I want you to do a jog in place for 30 seconds
while I’m talking. It’s using your calves, a little bit of your hamstrings — that’s
it. Change that to a 30 second sprint. You should be finishing up your 30 second jog,
probably not breathing hard at all. Now try 30 second sprint as fast as you can. Every
muscle of the body, the core, arms, from your ear to your hips, as fast as you can. Bring
those knees up. Another great compound exercise, the third
one and most important because so many people make this mistake and want to burn fat. The
bench press in the gym — the bench press is working your chest, your shoulders and
triceps and you’re basically paralyzed from your chest down. You’re wasting great, fat
burning muscle — your core, your butt, your back and your thigh will burn the most muscle.
Here’s 10 bench presses. And then push-ups, you’re engaging your entire plank, your whole
body. I’m going to add one crazy thing so we can get the core even more. We’re going
to do a hydrant push-up which you push your knee down, like you’re peeing on a fire hydrant.
You’re going down. See the difference that makes? That’s fat burning. Why is the bench
press so popular then over the push up? Because some people, body builders spend hours and
hours a day in the gym want to bulk up. If you’re looking for fat loss, compound exercises
over all the rest every time. I’m Justin from Under 20 Workout, breathing
hard. Subscribe to us today.

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