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What’s up, everyone? I’m trainer Amy Jo, bringing you exercises
today of how to get a tight butt. Let’s do it! So our first exercise, you’re going to need
a resistance band, and you can tie it around an object, a pole, a door; anything that allows
you to get an anchoring down. One foot goes in – these are kickbacks,
okay? So we’re going to focus on the glute. Standing, the other knee is bent, locking
you in place, and kicking you back. We’re going to go 20. So this is more of a pulse motion, versus
full extensions. Tight glutes happen when you’re pumping the
blood and the muscle. Six, five, four, three, two, one. Good. Making sure your muscle-mind connection, thinking
about that glute. Other leg. This leg is slightly bent, holding you up,
and squeeze. So you see how I’m not coming all the way
back to my beginning position? Pump it, pump it, and pump it. Enough resistance allows for that pulse to
happen. Squeeze. 10 more. Eight, seven. Four, three, two, one. Great! So that small range of motion really adds
resistance to the glutes. Next one, moving onto using a stability ball. You’re going to roll forward, and these are
considered Froggies. So, out here I’m down on my forearms, my heels
are touching, and I’m pushing my heels to the ceiling. Squeezing, contracting my glutes every rep. This is kind of a small exercise. Once again, pulsing. You can go faster, double-time it up. And 15, 14, 13. So we’re doing 20 reps on all these exercises. These are more high-rep, pulsing exercises
that pump blood in the muscle, and create a good, tight, round glute. Three, two, and squeeze, one. Okay, moving on using a kettle bell. Our third exercise, these are deadlifts. So, the target is the hamstrings and the glutes,
right underneath the tie-in. so you’re going to go deadlift, and contract. Go again. Contract, go again. So really, I’m not coming all the way up. I’m coming just high enough – squeeze – to
go again. Keep the hamstring and glutes pumped the entire
time. Good. And we’re doing 20 reps once again here. I’m halfway. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,
three – 19 and 20. Last one. Excellent. Good. And I like using a kettle bell because it
keeps the weight right in, close to you and centered. So it’s a great one to use for that. Okay, moving on to our fourth exercise. I’m going to use a round resistance band,
on your butt. These are great. You can take resistance bands with you anywhere. Traveling, hotel rooms, or just at the home. Right here. So these guys are going to go up on your toes,
and you’re going to close when you come down. When you raise up you’re opening, hip raise
up. Down, and I’m never actually touching the
floor. Keeping the glutes tight the whole time. Squeeze. 20 once again. 19, 18. Open at the top. So it’s working my outer glute, as well as
I’m hip raising. It’s using my mid-glute. 12 more. 11, 10. High rep. nine, eight, seven, six, five. Stay on those toes the whole time. Three. Open it, and one. There we go. There you have it. Four great exercises to help you get a tight
booty. What we’re all after, right? So listen, it’s all about the blood pump. Increasing blood to that muscle area, to the
muscle cells, which is going to create a bigger glute muscle, and it’s going to be what you’re
after. So try these four exercises, leave us a thumbs
up, comment below, let us know how you guys like it. Thanks for joining me, and we’ll see you next

13 thoughts on “Best Exercises for a Tight Butt (MAKE YOUR BOOTY POP!!)

  1. Please do some more videos with the round resistance bands, there aren't enough videos out there with them specifically. Good workout by the way, will incorporate them on my next leg day. 👍

  2. the thumbnail showed a tight butt that still had slight cellulite on it and I am so into your channel now for showing non Photoshopped results!

  3. I have been working out since January of this year and I have been thinking about getting a physical trainer to help me along the way. Could you train me? Or work with me on how to get my body to look like that please.

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