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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

so in today’s video I just wanted to
talk about our golf and the top things we can do to prolong our golfing career
let’s do it first things first I’m not a doctor I’m
not a physical trainer so any exercise you do talk to your doctor first okay
make sure you’re physically fit I like to start my day with a little jog get
the blood flowing maybe you can or you can’t run there’s some other key things
that you can do for your health and your body to make sure your golfing career is
in top shape okay so here’s my my morning ritual I’ve
got my probiotics here hmm those are so good for you super disgusting
and I’ve got my cod fish liver oil here this is like eating something straight
out of the low tide all right so here’s what I do I’ll leave links below for all
this now I won’t leave a link for the avocado you you could figure that one
out all right cod fish liver oil oh yeah
how’s it gross and then uh avocado superfood full of potassium it’s great
for your muscles it keeps your muscles from cramping helps you lose weight if
you’re allergic to avocados you probably don’t eat them do something else it
lowers your blood pressure it reduces inflammation in your joints helps up
relieved you know arthritis tempis they’re loaded with fiber and reduces
blood sugar spikes this is great to put in your body before you hit the course
for practice they also help you absorb nutrients in your body I’ll save the
second half for later I usually put that the scene in there and wrap it up keeps
it done helps preserve it keeps from getting Brown we wouldn’t play golf as
long as possible this is a great way to make sure you’re staying healthy and
taking care of the body that God gave you all right okay another thing you can
do for your physical health it’s gonna be really good for you you know as long
as you you know you can do it it’s get your stretch on little yoga goes a long
way in the golf world I’ll leave a link below to the yoga person I follow I
don’t know they don’t even know me they got like two million subscribers so
they’re rocking so after you get that blood flowing and
your muscles loose it’s a great time to hit balls practice or even hit the
course so after you’ve exercised or warmed up
your muscles and taken care of your body through you know what you put in it then
you’re ready to practice or play but after all that’s done there’s one more
thing that’s super critical that you need to do to make sure you’re taking
care of your body okay so what I like to do after all that’s done is really soak
my body in Epsom salt and take nice Epsom salt baths this stuff is full of
magnesium which is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body so we need
to replenish that and this stuff it will help just revitalize your muscles and
your joints it reduces swelling and joint pain so if you’re hurting this
stuff will really help it also help give you better sleep and reduces stress and
helps with your digestion so you can’t go wrong don’t knock it till you try it
all right just put I don’t know I put about a cup or two in my back I’ll leave
a link below for this stuff it is gold golfer’s gold right here well there you go just a little video on
golf help this is kind of my routine what I like to do that take care of my
body works really well let me know what you like to do comment below like share
subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already now it’s time to soak they’re already sorry you have to see me
like this you’ve seen worse

21 thoughts on “Best Exercises for Golfers! Golf Health and Fitness

  1. When you were lounging in your tub you looked a little like Tony Montana. Say hello to my little friend. HaHaha.

  2. i like to have a plate of pancakes (pecan or blueberry) and 3-4 pieces of bacon after a round. try a cup of espresso during your bath and a good cigar

  3. for anyone wondering what the exercises are it's:
    Drugs, booze, fast cars, women, and Rock n' Roll.

    Just ask John Daly!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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