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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello to everyone and finally I’m back from the vacation and If you haven’t seen the previous video about travelling to Greece Island Crete… Yeah, Yeah, we understood, let’s hefesto ;D Best exercises for hefesto All of you know that hefesto can be perfomed like from the back lever, different width a lot of types of grip and regular hefesto on the bars I’ll show you my top 5 exercises for this element What will really help you and with this exercises erlier or later you’ll learn the hefesto So, let’s begin with the simpliest and the most available exercise (-s) for the beginner or for the guy which not the first day doing calisthenics different types of pull ups more better to do various muscle ups until explosive muscle ups, 1 arm pull ups and etc This will be a really good boost for learning hefesto The 2nd is Pull Ups under the bar Better to do this exercise with a small p-bars Or it can be p-bars at the streets but they should be low enough to be able to do this exercise beginner can include this exercises like the main one advanced can use it for a good warmup The 3rd exercises I recomend to learn Hefesto hold esier to do it on a p-bars, 4-5cm in diametr This is a lot easier than a typical bars Ok, you perfom it in a static position Try to hold your waist near the bar and when you’re tired you just slowly lowering down The 4th I recomend hefesto with a resistance band This is how I learned Hefesto Very quickly Khm… Too quickly ;D (a few trainings) and the last 5th exercises is the most obvious attempts of hefesto let it be half Hefesto or negative variation of hefesto slowly lowering your hefesto on the p-bar will you lowering on 50%, more or less or even from the bottom to the top bu it’s a lot harder No Matter The most important that you do such attempts the more attempts the more chances to learn it soon But be careful and don’t overtrain you should feel your body and find the balance between rest and workout And now a bit of the bad news This element is quite, KHM… TRAUMATIC because there your wrists will be under the big pressure pay more attention for warming up your wrists otherwise you just regret it and also warm up your shoulders especcialy if they are just wooden, like mine (stretching) Warm up your wrists, shoulders and biceps better! 1st exercises for example That’s everything, thank you for watching I hope it was useful for you or may be for your friends If’re here for 1st time consider subscribing If you’ve been subscribed already then take my bro fist The next top content coming soon So, don’t miss it and good luck!

31 thoughts on “BEST Exercises For Hefesto

  1. Видос как всегда топчик😍🔥

    Никита сними видос о тренировке которая прокачает базу (просто для силовых статических елементов у меня слабая база, хотелось бы увеличить её)

  2. i love those short tutorials dog!! peace from Orthodox brotherhood Greece! please a video for straight arm press or planche press!

  3. Хорошая обучалка,молодец,что упоминаешь про попытки,ибо это самое главное

  4. Mistakes in the video : making them in english is just easier for everyone and everyone can understand it faster which gives you too more views. 2. The first tip wasn't that clear for me. You should have demostrated some excercises. But it was still a great video and had a lot of info

  5. лучшее упражнение быть метр с кепкой и тащить на изи всю статику

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