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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Hi, My name’s Catherine. And in this video, I’m
gonna show you two exercises to help relieve upper
back pain and stiffness. I’m going to do this using a foam roller. You will need one of
these for these exercises. You can pick these up online
or in most sport stores. Pain in your upper back can
originate from stiff joints. Joints get stiff from too
much sitting, for example, in the car, or at your desk at work. This exercise will help
open up the upper back, improve posture, and release
stiff joints and muscles. The first exercise. You want to place this foam roller underneath your upper back. So, Alex is going to help us show this. If you could lie back on the foam roller. The next stage is to pop
your hands behind your head, and then lift your backside
a few inches off the floor. Now here you want to roll
up and down the upper back. Some common errors are to go too far, into the lower curve of your lumbar spine. So you want to stick within
the top half of your spine. Another error is lifting
your backside too high. You want to keep it
nice and low, mid floor. Another error is also extending
the neck too far backwards. You want to keep that
chin tucked and support your head to avoid injuring your neck. Do this exercise for two minutes. If you find particularly
tight areas, focus on these. The second exercise,
if you can just sit up. You need to place the
foam roller horizontally. So, the hardest part of this
exercise is actually getting onto the roller. So Alex, if you could pop there. Lovely, and lie back down. You will need your spine
and the back of your head in contact with the roller
during this exercise. Sometimes if the roller is
too short, just get a few pillows and support your head and neck. For this exercise, you want
to close off any gaps between your spine and the roller. The next stage is bringing
your arms back at 90 degrees, and just relaxing your
elbows towards the floor. You should feel a good
stretch across your chest. Hold this for two minutes,
with nice deep breathing. If you want to advance
the exercise slightly, you can arc your hands
upwards to above your head. All the way, straightening the elbows. And then come back down to 90 degrees. During this, do not let
your lower back come off the foam roll, and try
and keep good contact. Repeat this exercise 20 times. We really hope this exercise
helps with your upper back pain and stiffness. If at any point this causes any pain, please consult your
health care professional. My name’s Catherine, thanks for watching.

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