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Howdy folks I’m Bob Schrupp, physical therapist Brad Heineck, physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet in our opinion of course Bob, today Brad we’re gonna talk about the best exercises For sciatic pain relief, now that sciatic pain can be from a herniated disc or from spinal stenosis Right so we’re not really going to get into details of the two, we’re just gonna talk about some of the symptoms each one has Some typical symptoms, you know for example herniated disc, often times people when they’re sitting Long term sitting gets that pain going, and down the leg it goes, all the way down to the ankle, much worse with sitting generally Oftentimes standing or walking can be helpful, on the other hand if you’ve got stenosis It’s usually the exact opposite, right people will talk about standing and walking Having a lot of back pain and down the leg and when they sit Everything gets better really really quick, in fact they sit to relieve the symptoms And by the way Brad let’s get this done If you are new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us, we provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain And we upload every day, a subscription button here or here I just saw some lady was having trouble finding it It’s on the screen isn’t it? It typically is Bob but sometimes you know how those computers can work, and also head over to the Facebook and like us, because Brad and I like to be liked I’m feeling more liked every day Bob, oh Yeah I’m sleeping better now too All right we’re gonna start with the herniated disc, yes the herniated disc If you do have a herniated disc, and I just have a patient right now He says it’s the weirdest thing, if I can go for a walk I feel so much better but when I sit it gets worse So what is his home exercise, number one thing is I want him out walking but I want him walking on the flat surface You know avoid hills particularly going up hills so if you can find a flat surface to walk on That’s where we want to walk, on the flattest surface, I had a fellow therapist He worked at a back clinic, that’s all they saw were back people and that’s the first thing they would do is they’d start getting them walking Now again spinal stenosis You’re not gonna do that because it’s gonna make it worse, it’s gonna provoke the symptoms and so we’re talking about herniated discs here The next thing, this is a simple thing that you can do and i’ll do this with most of my people that have herniated discs Actually this I may do with either herniated discs or spinal stenosis What we’re looking for is two solid chairs or you can do this with a Cupboard surface but you need two solid surfaces here and you need some upper body strength So if you don’t have that it may not be for you but I’m just simply gonna unweight My legs and right now you can see my legs are loose and relaxed, you don’t need to have the feet actually elevated You don’t have to stay on your toes I think people kind of even lean forward a little bit don’t you And then you take the weight Very lightly onto the toes, right so I can do it like this But again we do it slowly, don’t just go too quickly, go slowly and as you put more weight on You’ll know it’s working because that leg in the back will start feeling better it’ll be like Oh that feels good, I’ve even seen the cue Brad where people just bend their knees a little bit Go forward and then just bent like that So here I got weight as we bend the knees, more weight through my arms And again you gotta have good wrists I’ve got someone right now who did this just yesterday but she had carpal tunnel that flared up It wasn’t an option for her but you know most people It’s a nice thing you can do intermittently throughout the day, and it might feel ok with spinal stenosis Yeah it’s worth a try, you’ll know because it’s gonna give relief right away, it’s not like if I do it for Three days in a row it’s gonna help, all these things, that’s what we’re looking for, really immediate relief Not looking for something after the fact, if it’s not helping right away it’s not helping Okay you want me to do this one Brad? Yes please So we’re gonna do extension in line This is really the key exercise we do with most people, Yeah it’s very typical Yeah so you put your hands underneath your shoulders And a lot of times you might even just start like this, right matter of fact patient I have right now He just laid like this, he says boy that’s really comfortable, my leg pain is gone So it was an easy one, some people we even have start like this and some people We have to start with even a pillow underneath them But eventually you’re gonna work up to this, you’re gonna start doing some half pressups And again this should be reducing the symptoms in the leg Eventually you’re gonna work up to a full press up, again the idea is you never lift up the pelvis like this, You’re keeping the pelvis down It’s like it’s glued to the bed And you’re gonna work your way up, and you’re gonna get more and more bend You can see how he does a nice job, and Bob is relaxed, you wanna make sure you’re breathing with this And then eventually if this starts going well, you can use a Rolled-up sheet or towel to add a little extra pressure, right, yep We’ve got one here, we put that around here Now we’re gonna get some extra pressure on different parts of the back Easier to use the Stretch Out Strap or Yoga strap too that you can see we have our preferred products down below In a link and if you take a look We got a Yoga strap down there that we think is pretty cool and It works really well for something like this because you can put your hands in through the loops and Especially if you again have arthritis or something like that and you can just go ahead and get a little extra pressure like this And you can work your way down Get more and more stretch, so what the strap is doing is You’ll find out when you move it on your back where the right place is because it feels the best and It’s gonna eliminate the pain the bets And then you’re going to work maybe five to ten repetitions of that as long as It continues to offer that relief And the next one we’re going into is roadkill Brad So this is one where you actually you’re gonna stick your leg out like this and Put it kind of up by the other, foot’s by the knee, so he’s got the bottom of the foot is up by the knee here I know that’s kind of hard to see on the camera And then this knee is up, I always tell people It’s like When you were a child and you’re crawling on the ground If you’re getting relief this way and with the over pressure, there’s no reason to do this The only reason you’re trying this is because the other two didn’t work, this is one for those stubborn And usually it’s the leg that you’re putting up on the side of the pain, yep if it’s going on the right leg Typically It’s always the right leg that’s gonna offer relief and when you bring it up it’s gonna start feeling The leg pain often times will start to disappear even in that position, then you can add the press up with it And you won’t be able to press up as high You’re gonna get a half press up with this What’s your next one? Extension and standing You wanna do that with a strap Brad? If you can do this, put your hands like this or like this Typically at that beltline area for some support and you extend backwards and if you do that and the leg symptoms start to improve Boy that’s a great way to do it, most of the time with my experience We have to go to the floor and get it out there and then this Is more towards the end of the recovery and then And that’s been my experience as well, this is usually way later in the recovery It’s really a good Sign when they can start doing that because then it tends to stick better too I think You Know the results when you can do them weight-bearing, and also with this you can either use a towel Here you use that on your white shirt You can use a towel and Then you can also put some support Where you need it, yeah you can work different levels of the spine on this one So you can see how Bob is pushing I’m doing the same thing we’re pushing forward and up and we find that that feels good And it relieves those symptoms even faster You like that don’t ya? You can actually angle it too, sometimes it’s better to go up like this And it really gives some interesting kind of molds to your back right yeah It is and you really are better with this than the towel because that sticks to it, It’s more specific If you’ve got stenosis That’s easier to treat in general, all’s we’re trying to do is what we call Gap the facet joints, open up that foramen, and here can I show these Bob? These always feel good to me because That’s what I’ve got So the first one With this is simple, we’re gonna start out with one knee to the chest and you can just work that And you’re gonna do 5 to 10 repetitions, make sure you do the other knee but then also Try both knees and If both knees feels clearly better than one knee, you don’t even have to do the one knee if you don’t want to And you know pull it up and you could hold it A few seconds and if It feels good and is continuous and consistent you can hold it longer for whatever Your body tolerates as long as it’s relief and it feels good. This would work also for your Spondylolisthesis Really most of these right? The same for spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis because typically if you got spondylolisthesis There’s some Stenosis Naturally occurring with that and again Brad you could if you have trouble getting your legs up and I just had someone yesterday, she was unable to Pull her legs up like this because she was weaker and she had some things just proportionately were that way but this could get in there and Use the arms and you could actually relax your legs, you get a better stretch this way and sometimes people when they pull their knees up, the the contraction of the hip flexors creates back pain Where this Right you can make it a more passive event Precisely, precisely, then we’re going to the figure four Brad, I’ll get this way so you can see Right ankle on left knee and we’re simply gonna pull up Now this is not gonna be for someone that is maybe not real flexible This should feel like a good stretch, this would be good for a piriformis too We’re throwing all sorts of problems in that you can take care of Bonus you know Bob, we like to throw a little bonus in there, all right then you got seated flexion Brad? Yep If you go forward like this, touching your toes and it feels really good Don’t hang out like that for a real long time but you know 5-10 seconds, a few reps throughout the day Open that up and it should feel good right away For me it always feels good, i’m happy to do that, and you’re gonna see people with spinal stenosis they’re gonna feel better Like when they’re walking if they’re hanging on to something and they might lean forward to give themselves a little bit of relief And the final thing you’re gonna show a little abdominal strengthening Brad? Right because when you have The forward flexion of the spine Relieves that, You want to actually Strengthen the abdominals so you can change the posture slightly to relieve it, well i’ll take the orange one actually You can use the big ball but i’m going to show people with the small ball cuz Everyone pretty much Has a small ball or a pillow you could put between your legs And then i’m gonna flatten my legs and I’m just gonna do this to help And while you’re doing it, it should feel real good because it opens up those face joints, opening up that foramen and strengthening at the same time so it’s a double bonus, So what say you Bob? I Say You know who does hook shots? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. There you go exactly, that’s a name from the past, a lot of people won’t know that one, yeah if they’re 15 or older they might Thanks for watching you

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  13. Hi guys thanks for another great video. so glad you mentioned that little pesky muscle the periformis. I've found that when I get an attack, not often, sometimes to the ankle, sometimes not, the first thing I do is start to drink a lot of water. Not sure if there's any connection but I'm thinking I need to hydrate myself. Then I do that stretch you just demonstrated where you bring your knees to you while lying on your back and hold. Then I message the periformis which is located in your buttock, if I'm not mistaken, I rub, really get in there till I feel that twinge, then I hold , still pressing hard for c20 seconds. Boy will you feel it, but it helps release that nerve spasm. I do a variation of this so I don't kill my fingers, lol . I go up against a wall with a tennis ball against my backside, and roll the ball around till I feel that nerve, then I really push into the wall and hold for c20 seconds. Wow. You'll see stars, but it really helps. Thanks again for all your great work.

  14. Why would you compress the disc even more by pressing up with your arms? Doesn't that make a herniated disc worse? If pulling a ball up between your knees feels good and opens up the compression, then pushing up with your arms (or any other exercise that compresses the discs) seems like it would result in the opposite result.

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  21. I don't understand if I have sciatica from spinal stenosis or piriformus. It doesn't hurt till I walk. I've only hurt over last 6-10 months. I've had scoliosis fairly severe since 12 and had no problems but I also suspect that the imbalance at my age over 65 might be part of problem. Also I started working out with a trainer once a week 16 months ago. It's mostly based on resistance training with weights and kettle balls (not very heavy). And I do sixty minutes on a stationary bike at interval levels. This is twice a week. My sciatica is only usually left side in front or back of thigh. Not lower or buttocks and I use ice and Tens unit on lower back to relieve.

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