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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, I’m Chris Freytag, national health
and fitness expert. So when it comes to strengthening the lower body, there three exercises that I would recommend that
cover the entire lower body. First off a squat. Squat will help to lift
those buns and firm your legs. Feet are about hip width apart and you want
sit back into an imaginary chair. I’ve got hand weights for extra resistance and
that’s just an option if you’d like. but I’m going sit down into that imaginary
chair. Squeeze your buns. You want your knees to track over the top of your
shoelaces. Keep your spine long. Tuck your pelvis under
slightly and then squeeze up through your glutes. Inhale and Exhale. Chin lifted chest
lifted and that a good squats and a good way to firm your buns. Lunges
are my other favorite. One leg back, one leg front. You’re on your back toe, and you to come down. Bend you back knee. Front knee tracks over the shoelaces and then backup. Chest and heart lifted. Down and up, and you want to do that on both legs.
Really strengthens and tones your legs. And then a dead-lift, another great
exercise especially for the hamstrings and the buns. So you wanna slightly
soften in your knees, feet about shoulder-width apart, and start to hinge over from your hips,
nice long spine. Come forward. Hand weights were really
great on this exercise and you really stretch down. Don’t bend
your back. Just slightly soft on your knees. When
you pull up, the key to pulling up is making sure that you’re using your
hamstrings and your buns and not your back. Again, over, breath course and then back up, squeeze through your buns.
Alright so that’s three great exercises to tone and tighten your lower body. For more tips on
fitness, go to

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