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Hello friends, How are you? I am Suman chauhan. Welcome to my channel Health city. Today I have brought to you a very interesting video very important for the mothers Important for all Ladies, who have their breast hanging You will notice after pregnancy means after delivery you must have felt your breast must have hung down somewhat . Means that tightness absent and some looseness comes For them, I am going to tell some exercise you can do these at your home not very difficult to do , you can do that easily Whenever you get time, you can do the exercise and you can make your breast tight what has been loose , you can lift your breast If your breast is hanging whatever your age is 30 ,35, 40 if you do these exercises continuously You will get lot benefits you can see the difference very fast your body will have a sharp shape Whatever dresses you will wear will suit you Let’s see what are the exercises to lift your breast So, let’s start No 1 exercise is First put your hands like this At first you have to do this exercise for 1 minute Means you will do one exercise for one minute If you do for less time than 1 minute won’t be effective But start with one minute, then increase as much as you can Keep your hand over your face and close your elbows again open fully Do like this for 1 minute This is your first exercise Whenever you do this must do pranayam before this If you want to do this in the day, you can you will do it before lunch but before that you can’t do pranayam because you do pranayam empty stomach in the morning You can do this in the day time but if you do in the morning , must do pranayam This is the first one 2nd is , bring your hands like this and like this This one is also for one minute Take 10 seconds rest between After rest 3rd exercise Tie your hands with each other like this If we do this with the hand it’s effect falls very much on the area of our chest Our breast gets loose and hangs because of muscles as muscles become weak But if we do exercise as well as pranayam that muscles start to become strong We are making our chest to do exercise Thus, our hanging breast starts to lift and comes in shape This too for 1 minute Rest for 10 seconds 4th exercise is bring your hands back this way Open your hands as much as you can do Attach your elbow as much as you can and bring backward as per you can This one is also for 1 minute Rest for 10 seconds then 5th exercise Grab your hands each other And lift your hands as much as you can This one is also for 1 minute at the beginning Slowly increase your time All can do this Number 6 exercise Attach your hands like this You can do these 6 exercises easily No problem or difficulties you will face and anytime you can do even in the day time And you can convert your breast in perfect shape what has been loose Do it continuously and see the difference can’t see the effect just in one day increase time slowly If you have liked the video hit like and share And who is yet to subscribe subscribe. See you again in the next video . Till then, bye bye and take care

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  1. Acha. Aap ko pochna hy under arms may fat hojata hy feed karny wali maa ko us ka kya karon 4 sal se hogaya akhri bachy k bad

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