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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet


  1. Hey man you have an awesome body but why your abs have that form? It's like if 1 is upper than the other , like stair or Idk
    Can some1 tell me?

  2. Hello Chris, I have the THENX app and i am excited to take my body to THENX level. My question is how can i push to keep working pass the burn? I want to get results but i have a hard time getting through the pain.

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  4. Hola, he estado siguiendo tu canal soy de Guadalajara peso 100 kg y es una gran motivación ver tus videos y la música que le pones saludos.

  5. I have been doing dragon flags for a month now and does it help me develop my abs or it just develops my core strength?

  6. Hey guys i have a question; should i train obliques with exercises like russian twists or do most isometric holds like L-sit work obliques enough that they will develop along with the rest of your body? Thanks

  7. Can you show us meal plan and what you eat? I already have your app. I want to know what you eat before workouts and after

  8. i wanted to ask, for the dumbell is there a specific weight that you are supposed to use ? or does it just depend on what you would be comfortable with

  9. Found you on YouTube about a week ago and man you have really inspired me. Watching you do this makes me push myself harder. I have a lot of respect for you and for what you're doing. Keep it up Chris👍👍

  10. I'd like to be built like this guy more than any of the hundreds of other YouTube guys giving bodybuilding advice. Not too thick (most guys are too wide), Not too thin. Totally ripped and great overall aesthetics. Being built like him, you could still look good in a suit and not like a gorilla stuffed into a sausage casing like I see so many bodybuilder guys looking like. The worst are the Olympia type guys with the huge bubble guts (which they get from roids). They look like they have 40 inch waists. Totally not aesthetic. Why would anyone want that? They can barely move and don't appear to be athletic at all the way this guy is.

  11. Man I’ve been doing the L sit holds for almost a month now, and I’ve improved a lot, but it still kills me to hold it for that long, Thnx for the vid, big fan here!

  12. Is there the possibility to download the THENX music from the app or from anywhere else? I really like it btw! Great Job! =)
    It really motivates me!

  13. i honestly did not like the music and there is like only 6-7 trucks in the app yall should make more trucks. i like kinda chill yoga acid female vocal type

  14. Hello Chris, your abs exercises are super effective. I am following your "6 PACK ABS For Beginners You Can Do Anywhere" almost every single day (at-least 4 days a week) and the results are awesome. I am doing this from the last 2 months and results are already visible.
    This "BEST FAT BURNING ABS WORKOUT" might be little advance than "6 PACK ABS For Beginners You Can Do Anywhere" and I am very excited to start doing it from tomorrow.Thanks.

  15. People ! abs appear when less than 12, 11 % of fat in the body. Doing abs will only grow your weist definitely not necesary. Just diet and that's it. I have 6 pack, not doing abs for sure hahahahah i do omad and that's it. Eat one hugh pig meal (calories controlled) before sleeping and that is. Sleeping like a baby, eating WOW and 6 pack, Ou and spending less money too in food hahahahah. Try it.

  16. That is awesome advice about mindset! 👍💪Anything worth doing is worth doing bad. That helped me a lot as any of my hanging exercises are BAD right now still… 😃

  17. when I do this workout someday, I'll be doing these exercises without equipment and I'll be doing them at home, I'll improvise, so I'll do half-turkish get-ups instead of dumbell sit-ups and I'll be doing plyo pushups instead of the ab wheel, and the last exercise I'll be doing normal leg raises instead of the ones using the bar

  18. 15 seconds rest behind every exercise
    L-sit pull 45 seconds
    Ab wheel 45 seconds
    Dumbell sit ups 45 seconds
    Dumbell leg raises 45 seconds
    Plank out in 45 seconds
    Dumbell russian twist 45 seconds
    Hanging corner raises 45 seconds
    Hanging mountain climbers 45 sec.
    Leg raises 45 seconds
    Knee raises 45 seconds

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